Taiyeb ul-Asr wal Heen
Abul Qaasim Maulaana Imaam Taiyeb (as) - The noor and rehmat of Haqq

Preparation of Da’wat-e-Haadiyah for Daur us-Satr


By the guidance and directive of 18th taajdaar of Imaamat, the Imaam of Aal-e-Mohammad (saws), Maulaana Abu Tameem Mustansir Billlaah (as) and his son, 19th Fatemi Imaam Maulaana Abu Qaasim Musta’ali (as),  Saiyedna Ali bin Mohammad as-Sulayhi (aq), Saiyedna Ahmad al-Mukarram (aq), Saiyedatona Hurrat ul-Malekah Arwaa binte Ahmad (aq) and Saiyedna Lamak bin Maalik (aq)did the groundwork and firmly laid the foundation of the Fatemi Da’wat in Yemen and reinforced it during the time when Misr was becoming bitterly unfavourable for the further course of command under the reign of Fatemi Imaam (as). They collectively devoted themselves in promulgating the Walaayat and Mohabbat of Imaam uz-Zamaan (as) and glorified the hearts of the mumineen with it. Mumineen quenched their thirst with the Elaahi Ilm of Imaam uz-Zamaan (as). They were protected and guarded under the canopy of truth and forbearance.

After the inteqaal (demise) of Imaam Musta’ali (as), his son and Noor-e-Nazar Maulaana Abu Ali Aamir (as) ascended and glorified the throne of Fatemi Imaamat on 17th Safar 495 AH. Period of his Imaamat is 31 years and he died on 4th Zilqaad 526 AH. During this time Saiyedatona Hurrat ul- Malekah (aq), because of her Khidmat (service) and ‘Ilmiyat (knowledge) was sanctified to the supreme rank of Hujjat of the Imaam (as). Saiyedna Lamak bin Maalik (aq) and his son Saiyedna Yahyaa bin Lamak (aq) did the khidmat of Maulaatona Hurrat ul-Malekah (aq) with full devotion and perseverance. They dedicated their life in strengthening the foundation of Fatemi Da’wat in Yemen.                

During this time, under the guidance and advice of Maulaatona Hurrat ul-Malekah (aq), Saiyedna Lamak (aq) and Saiyedna Yahyaa (aq) imparted all the Zaahiri and Baatini knowledge of Da’wat to Saiyedna Zoeb bin Moosa (aq) and Saiyedna Sultaan al-Khattaab (aq) who became competent and capable of accomplishing every minute and responsible work of Da’wat. Saiyedna al-Khattaab (aq) was the milk-brother (born to one mother but having different father) of Maulaatona Hurrat ul-Malekah (aq). There was a curtain of Elaahi Hikmat (divine wisdom) veiling a reality behind Saiyedna Lamak being preparing two Saiyedna in dealing Da’wat’s most necessary affairs. The reality soon surfaced up when Saiyedna Lamak (aq) died on 27th of Jumaadil Aakhar 510 AH. Within the span of 10 years, Saiyedna Yahyaa (aq) also expired on 28th of Jumaadil Aakhar 520 AH. Saiyedna Zoeb bin Moosa and Saiyedna al-Khattaab (aq) left no loopholes in taking care of all the Umoor (proceedings) of Da’wat. They assisted and worked hand in hand with Maulaatona Hurrat ul-Malekah (aq) and acted as unswerving guardian of the Fatemi Da’wat.

  An Unparallel Character of Maulaatona Hurrat ul-Malekah (aq)

Period of 12 years, from 520 AH to 532 AH, was the most difficult time full of trials for Maulaatona Hurrat ul-Malekah (aq) as she was evidently strained by multiple responsibilities, both private as well as of Da’wat, but she bravely stood steadfast and whole-heartedly adhered to the cause of the well-being of Da’wat. There were very few loyal and trustworthy people left around at that time. In spite of all the odds, Maulaatona Hurrat ul-Malekah (aq) being a woman, remained unshaken against all the hardships and testing times along with Saiyedna Zoeb bin Moosa (aq) and Saiyedna al-Khattaab (aq). Simple in leading life, straightforward in the approach, resolute in following the principles of Shari’at, soft by heart, highly agreeable and empathetic by attitude; Maulaatona Hurrat ul-Malekah (aq) was stronger and able-bodied than thousand men. She was proficient enough to deal with any magnitude of complexity of Da’wat with her knowledge and keenness. She was complete and absolute in the matter of knowledge, worship, justice, character, benevolence and following the faraa’iz of Shari’at. She was honoured by all the sects and businessmen of Yemen. She won the title of “Bilqees ul-Islaam”, and the historians address her with the name of “Malekah”, which means ‘Princess’. Her khidmat and resoluteness was also commended by Imaam Aamir (as) of who she was Hujjat.

  Imaam is born with the noor of Imaamat
  Masarrat of the Birth of Maulaana Imaam Taiyeb (as)

We come across several occasions in the succession of A’immat-e-Taahereen (as) where an Imaam (as) has appointed his son as the successive Imaam in the young age. 20th Fatemi Imaam Maulaana Aamir (as) declared about the birth of 21st Imaam Taiyeb (as) and propagation of Nass-e-Jali on him, to the people not only in Misr (now Egypt) but, through Du’aat ul-Balaagh (aq), at all the places where his kingdom was spread. Maulaana Aamir (as) sent the bashaarat (good news) of the birth of Imaam Taiyeb (as) and Nass-e-Jali done on him, in the form of an Imaami document called as Sijill Shareef. It also contained the details to establish the Da’wat on the name of Imaam Taiyeb (as). The description of this Sijill Shareef is preserved in the books of Da’wat till now.  The contentment and beatitude of Maulaatona Hurrat ul-Malekah (aq) knew no bounds when she got the message of the birth of 21st Imaam Taiyeb (as) in Misr. She felt esteemed and blessed as she witnessed the birth of three Imaams (as) and did the khidmat of four Imaams (as) during her lifetime. She did the sadaqah of thousand of Deenars in Yemen in the name of Imaam Taiyeb (as).

  A piece of the cloth of Imaam (as) and Maulaatona Hurrat ul-Malekah (aq)

Even before Maulaana Imaam Aamir (as) could content with the jubilation of the birth of Imaam Taiyeb (as) the political scenario began to change in the Misr and the enemies had focussed their sore eyes on the Takht (throne) of Fatemi Imaamat. Imaam Aamir (as) used to foretell his death on several occasions by slicing the apple with a sharp knife and tell his Hudood that one day I would be injured in the same way on my head which would cause my death. Imaam Aamir (as) had sent a piece of cloth along with Sijill Shareef to Maulaatona Hurrat ul-Malekah (aq) but the qaasid whose name was Shareef bin Haidera, forgot to hand over the cloth to her. The qaasid returned the piece of cloth to Maulaatona Hurrat ul-Malekah (aq) after a long time. On seeing the piece of old cloth which was almost torn and turned friable, she wept a lot as the cloth was the sign that the death of Maulaana Imaam Aamir (as) is not too far away. It also pointed to the fact that the time of Istetaar (concealment, veil) of Imaam Taiyeb (as) is very near and the responsibility of appointing the Naa’ib (representative) of Imaam (as) is solely on her. She knew that this will herald the beginning of the Da’wat in Itlaaq with the succession of Du’aat ul-Mutlaqeen who will carry out the responsibility of Da’wat towards the progeny of Imaam Taiyeb (as). Fakhr ud-Du’aat Huzoor-e-‘Aali Saiyedna Taiyeb Ziyauddin Saheb (tus) is the 44th glowing star and the Naa’ib of the aal-e-taiyeb progeny of Imaam Taiyeb (as) who, with the Ta’eed (spiritual bond) of Imaam uz-Zamaan (as), carries out the responsibility of Da’wat-e-Elaahi. He is the Waseelah (intermediary) for us through whom we have spiritual affiliation and conjugation with Imaam uz-Zamaan (as).                

The hudood of Maulaatona Hurrat ul-Malekah (aq) asked her about the cause of weeping when she saw the piece of cloth sent by Imaam Aamir (as). She maintained silence for a while and osculated the cloth and placed it on her eyes. She then replied to the Hudood-e-Keraam that the delicate and torn cloth was the sign that the foundation of Fatemi Imaamat in Misr has weakened and dwindled. Imaam Aamir (as) has been enfeebled by the enemies and his death is certain in the near future. O Hudood-e-Keraam! The message which Shareef bin Haidera brought to us, mentions that, Imaam Aamir (as) has done Nass-e-Jali on 21st Imaam Taiyeb (as). Due to increasing rebellion of the enemies in the Misr and fearing deadly attack on him, Imaam Taiyeb (as) will go under concealment  with the selected Hudood, after which the responsibility of appointing the first Da’i ul- Mutlaq is on me. Listening to facts declared by Maulaatona Hurrat ul-Malekah (aq), all the Hudood were shocked and they too started weeping in the Majlis.

  The martyrdom of Imaam Aamir (as)

Within few days after this, Maulaatona Hurrat ul-Malekah (aq) got the message from Misr that the Fatemi Imaam Maulaana Aamir (as) was attacked with a dagger on the head by the enemy while he was passing in the street with his Hudood. The attack was pre-planned where, a man jumped from the terrace of the mosque while Imaam Aamir (as) was passing. By the time his Hudood went to see the condition of the man who jumped from the mosque, another man, grabbing the opportunity of Imaam (as) being left alone, attacked him from behind on his head. Imaam Aamir (as) was brought to the Palace where all the skilled Hokamaa (Pl. of Hakeem, doctor) tried their skills to save the Imaam fruitlessly. Imaam Aamir (as) told them that, ‘My time has come, and very soon the sun of my Imaamat will set’. Misr will be engulfed in the darkness. Few of my most revered and esteemed Hudood will be killed. The beauty and veneration of the Misr will be blunted and dulled by the killings within and outside the Imaami Palace.

  Imaam Aamir (as) – his last words of wisdom and naseehat

Imaam Aamir (as) did Nass-e-Jali on Imaam Taiyeb (as) in the presence of Hudood-e-Ezaam and very loyal mumineen and ascended him on the throne of Imaamat as the 21st Imaam-e-Aal-e-Mohammad (saws). Anticipating the conspiracies to kill Imaam Taiyeb (as), responsibility of Zaahiri Khilaafat (external administration) and proceedings of the Palace was handed over to Abd ul-Majeed bin Mohammad – son of a paternal uncle of Imaam Aamir (as). Since Imaam Taiyeb (as) was too young to bear the burden of all these external responsibilities, Abd ul-Majeed was commanded to return the Amaanat (all the work which he was ordained to) to Imaam Taiyeb (as) at the appropriate time. He was commanded to rule the kingdom under the name of Imaam Taiyeb (as).                

When Imaam Aamir (as) did Nass-e-Jali on Imaam Taiyeb (as), he called upon his Baab ul-Abwaab Ibne Madyan near him and appointed him as the Kafeel (guardian), Hijaab (veil) and Mustauda’ (repository) of Imaam Taiyeb (as). Imaam Aamir (as) foretold Ibne Madyan that, he will be killed after his death and simultaneously commanded him to hand over his rank and status to his (Ibne Madyan’s) son-in-law Abu Ali and appoint him (Abu Ali) as the Baab of Imaam Taiyeb (as). Imaam Aamir (as) mandated Ibne Madyan to give an injunction of khidmat, loyalty and sacrifice for Imaam Taiyeb (as), to Abu Ali and also, that he will go into concealment with the Imaam. Verily, each and every word of Imaam Aamir (as) was truth. After Ibne Madyan was martyred, Imaam Taiyeb (as) went into the istetaar with Abu Ali.


Misr sank in the vortex of chaos after Imaam Aamir (as)


The noor of Imaam uz-Zamaan (as)


But Allaah had protected the signs of His Noor and ‘Ilm – Imaam Taiyeb (as) and his progeny in the istetaar, and they continued to guide mumineen on the righteous path of Allaah. Undoubtedly they are Hablillaahil Mateen and Siraatullaahil Mustaqeem (strong cord and straight path of Allaah) for the people of past, present and future. A’immat-e-Taahereen (as) are the Imaam of every creation and the whole universe. Just like in the darkness of night, Moon illuminates the sky with its cool light reflected from the Sun.  Imaam Taiyeb (as) and A’immat-e-Taahereen (as) from his progeny who like Sun are under veil, have shone the Moon for us in the dark night. Moon is Maulaatona Hurrat ul-Malekah (aq) and Du’aat ul-Akrameen (aq) who reflected the light of knowledge (of sun – Imaam uz-Zamaan (as)) to us in the darkness of ignorance and chaos and showed us the right path.


Daur us-Satr and the preparation of appointing the Da’i ul-Mutlaq


Maulaatona Hurrat ul-Malekah (aq) remained alive for 6 years after Imaam Aamir (as). During this time she used to send the akhbaar of Da’wat to Imaam Taiyeb (as) through trustworthy and loyal delegates (qaasideen). She also used to send the Waajebaat and Hadiyah (gifts) to Imaam Taiyeb (as) in the most secret way and Imaam (as) used to reply back to each of her queries. Such was the supreme rank of Maulaatona Hurrat ul-Malekah (aq) in the time of Zuhoor (time when Imaam (as) is manifested to the people) and Satr (time when Imaam (as) is under concealment). She had strengthened the foundation of Fatemi Da’wat after the Istetaar of Imaam Taiyeb (as) with the help and co-operation of Saiyedna Zoeb bin Moosa (aq) and Saiyedna al-Khattaab (aq). All the Hudood-e-Keraam, leaders, affluent people and mumineen salutes her for her unending and selfless khidmat of Da’wat-e-Fatemiyah.

When Maulaatona Hurrat ul-Malekah (aq) sensed impending death at the ripe age of 92 years, she appointed Saiyedna Zoeb bin Moosa (aq) as the 1st Da’i ul-Mutlaq and ordered all the Hudood and mumineen to keep Walaayat and be faithful and loyal to Saiyedna Zoeb bin Moosa (aq). She died on 22nd of Sha’baan ul-Kareem 532 AH in Zi-Jabalah. With the Ta’eed and divine patronage of Imaam uz-Zamaan (as), the succession of Du’aat ul-Mutlaqeen began from Saiyedna Zoeb bin Moosa (aq) in Yemen and then in India from 974 AH. Salawaatullaahe ‘alayhim ajma’een.


Why are we called as Taiyebeen and Taahereen?


O mumineen, we are the Jamaa’at of Taiyebeen and Taahereen. Allaah has bestowed us with a virtuous and seraphic Shari’at through His Hujjat (representative) – A’immat-e-Taahereen (as) who are ne’mul waastah, sabeelul hidaayah and safeenatun najaah (best of intermediary, path of guidance and ark of salvation) for us in this world and guides us towards the grace of Allaah. The Ahl ul-Bayt (as) and the progeny of Rasoolullaah (saws) has been venerated by Allaah as they are the fountainhead of all the Elaahi knowledge and Allaah has protected and perpetuated their signs and imprints in the succession of A’immat-e-Taahereen (as) because of whose existence the world is alive. The Elaahi Da’wat will always remain on this earth because of them. Imaam uz-Zamaan (as) from the progeny of Imaam Taiyeb (as) exists in this world and he is the Imaam of all creations of Allaah.

In the period of istetaar of Imaam uz-Zamaan (as), the Da’i ul-Mutlaq – who is the representative of Imaam, carries out the liabilities of Da’wat among the mumineen and guides us to the fayz of Imaam uz-Zamaan (as). Coincidentally, the numerical value of 21st Fatemi Imaam, Imaam Taiyeb (as) is 21, and the title of Saiyedna Taiyeb Ziyauddin Saheb (tus) is also ‘taiyeb’. The birth date of Imaam Taiyeb (as) and Huzoor-e-‘Aali (tus) is also same i.e. 4th Rabi ul-Aakhar, and therefore, for all of us, this day brings the merriment of two auspicious occasions. All the mumineen gets the opportunity of didaar and qadam-bosi of Huzoor-e-‘Aali (as) and gives the mubaarak-baadi of two propitious occasions.


The historical account of Maulaana Imaam Taiyeb (as) in the works of Du'aat-e-Mutlaqeen


The historical account of Maulaana Imaam Taiyeb (as) and the Fatemi Imaamat with the detailed description of the Istetaar of Imaam (as) is found in the most authoritative books of Da’wat written in length by the Yamani Du’aat. Names of the few books are given below:

  • Risaalah Aqeedat ul-Mowahhedeen.
  • Risaalat ul-Waheeda wa Tasbeeto Arkaan il-Aqeedah.
  • Oyoon ul-Akhbaar.
  • Nuzhat ul-Afkaar wa Rauzat ul-Akhbaar.
  • Taareekh Wilaadat-e-Maulaana Imaam Taiyeb (as).
  • Kitaab ul-Azhaar.
  • Majmoo’ ut-Tarbiyah.
  • Risaalah Tohfat ul-Murtaad wa Ghussat ul-Azdaad