Ramazaan ul-Mubaarak
Shahrullaah il-Mo'azzam
    17th Ramazaan 2 AH
    (12/3/624 AD)
      First battle of Islaam, Battle of Badr fought in which Abul Qaasim Mohammad Rasoolullaah (saws) became victorious and the arch-enemy Abu Jahal was killed.
    15th Ramazaan 3 AH
    (28/2/625 AD)
      Birth of first Faatemi Imaam Maulaana Hasan (as) in Madeenah whose period of Imaamat is 9 yrs 6 months and 13 days.
    6th Ramazaan 8 AH
    (26/12/629 AD)

    Rasoolullaah (saws) left Madeenah with his army for the Conquest of Makkah.

    20th Ramazaan 8 AH
    (9/1/630 AD)
      Conquest of Makkah accomplished without any battle.
    19th Ramazaan 40 AH
    (25/1/661 AD)
      Maulaana Ali (as) was injured by a poisoned sword while he was in Sajadah in the Masjid of Kufa.
    21st Ramazaan 40 AH
    (27/1/661 AD)
      Shahaadat of Maulaana Ali (as) took place.  Period of his Wasaayat is 30 yrs 6 months and 12 days.
    10th Ramazaan 60 AH
    (13/6/680 AD)
      In Makkah, Maulaana Imaam Husain (as) received the invitation letters from the people of Kufa that we are ready to welcome you in Kufa.
    21st Ramazaan 319 AH
    (5/10/931 AD)
      Birth of 14th Faatemi Imaam Maulaana Mo’iz (as) in Raqqadah city, Tunisia. Period of his Imaamat is 23 yrs 5 months and 10 days.
    5th Ramazaan 342 AH
    (12/1/954 AD)
      Ustaad Juzar died during the time of 13th Faatemi Imaam Maulaana Mansoor (as). He did the Khidmat of three Imaams – Imaam Mehdi (as), Imaam Qaa’im (as) and Imaam Mansoor (as). He was sent to numerous places as the Wali by the Imaam. He had fought many battles. Saiyedna Qaazi No’maan (aq) completed his last rituals of Ghusl and Kafan.
    8th Ramazaan 360 AH
    (4/7/971 AD)
      This was the memorable day in the history of Faatemi Imaamat. Under the guidance of Imaam Mo’iz (as), his commander Maulaana Qaa’id Johar as-Saqali (ra) conquered Egypt. The foundation of Cairo was laid along with Jaama’-e-Azhar and Palaces.
    7th Ramazaan 361 AH
    (21/6/972 AD)
      By the order of Imaam Mo’iz (as), Jaama’-e-Azhar was inaugurated by Maulaana Qaa’id Johar (ra) in Cairo that became the Capital of Faatemi Sultanate. Usage of Misri Calendar started. Azaan was said with the recitation of “Mohammadun wa Aliyun khayr ul-basher wa ‘itratohoma khayr ul-‘itar” publicly. Faatemi law and jurisprudence was practised.
    5th Ramazaan 362 AH
    (8/6/973 AD)
      Maulaana Imaam Mo’iz (as) entered the city of Cairo and offered Namaaz in his Palace. The city of Cairo got its name from him as al-Qaaherat ul- Mo’izziyah.
    12th Ramazaan 386 AH
    (27/9/996 AD)
      15th Faatemi Imaam Maulaana Azeez (as) died in Cairo. Period of his Imaamat is 21 yrs and 1 month.
    10th Ramazaan 395 AH
    (19/6/1005 AD)
      17th Faatemi Imaam Maulaana Zaahir (as) was born in Cairo. Period of his Imaamat is 15 yrs 10 months and 3 days.
    16th Ramazaan 420 AH
    (27/9/1029 AD)
      18th Faatemi Imaam Maulaana Mustansir (as) was born in Cairo. Period of his Imaamat is 60 yrs 3 months and 17 days.
    9th Ramazaan 809 AH
    (16/2/1407 AD)
      16th Da’i ul-Mutlaq Saiyedna Abdullaah Fakhruddin bin Ali (aq) died in Yemen. His Qabr is in Hisn-e-Zamarmar. Period of his Da’wat is around 30 yrs.
    7th Ramazaan 1005 AH
    (23/4/1597 AD)
      27th Da’i ul-Mutlaq Saiyedna Burhaanuddin Dawoodji bin Ajabshah (aq) and 28th Da’i ul-Mutlaq Saiyedna Safiyuddin Shaikh Adam bin Taiyebshah (aq) went to Lahore in the Palace of Emperor Akbar where Shaikh Sulaymaan had appealed him that he is the Da’i ul-Mutlaq. Emperor Akbar, after listening to every detail, ruled in favour of Saiyedna Saheb (aq). Shaikh Sulaymaan died after some days in Lahore.
    30th Ramazaan 1252 AH
    (7/1/1837 AD)
      38th Da’i ul-Mutlaq Saiyedna Hameeduddin Shamsuddin bin Saiyedna Shaikh’ali (aq) died in Vadodara. His Qubbah Mubaarakah is in Bostaan-e-Badri. Period of his Da’wat is 4 yrs 2 months and 5 days.
    10th Ramazaan 1308 AH
    (18/4/1891 AD)
      41st Da’i ul-Mutlaq Saiyedna Fakhruddin Jivabhai bin Saiyedna Ameeruddin saheb (aq) began composing the ash'aar for the beginning (aamad) and ending (wadaa') of Shahrullaah. Till 1332 AH, he completed composing 19 abyaat which is based on the 19 huroof of "Bismillaah". Many of these abyaat are recited in Shahrullaah.
    1st Ramazaan 1375 AH
    (11/4/1956 AD)
      At the age of 24 yrs. Huzoor-e-‘Aali Saiyedna saheb (tus) went to Mumbai for the khidmat-e-ramazaaniyah and after he was  ascended to the Martabah of Maazoon-e-Mutlaq in 1380 AH, since then, till he became Da’i ul-Mutlaq in 1394 AH, he did this Khidmat with great enthusiasm.
    22nd Ramazaan 1399 AH
    (14/8/1979 AD)
      Maazoon-e-Mutlaq Saiyedi Haatim Zakiyuddin Saheb (dm) went to Mumbai for higher studies at the young age of 20 yrs. He lead the prayers of Laylat ul-Qadr in Mumbai for the first time.
    1st Ramazaan 1413 AH
    (22/2/1993 AD)
      Razaa for the Ibaadaat of Shahrullaah was given in Taiyebi Masjid at Ajwa Road (Vadodara) after it was inaugurated on 27th Sha’baan on the dast-e-mubaarak of Huzoor-e-‘Aali Saiyedna Taiyeb Ziyauddin Saheb (tus).
    5th Ramazaan 1413 AH
    (26/2/1993 AD)
      Issuing of “Safaai Card” was started for the Waajebaat.
    22nd Ramazaan 1419 AH
    (9/1/1999 AD)
      By the Farmaan of Huzoor-e-‘Aali Saiyedna saheb (tus), al-Marhoom Mukaasir ud-Da’wat Saiyedi Husain Mo’inuddin Saheb (aq) who did the Khidmat of Da’wat-e-shareefah  in Mumbai for 19 yrs came to Vadodara for the first time and joined Saiyedna saheb for the Namaaz of Laylat ul-Qadr at Nooraani Masjid.  It was during this time when Maazoon-e-Mutlaq went for the same khidmat to Taiyebi Masjid.
    30th Ramazaan 1421 AH
    (26/12/2000 AD)
      Maazoon-e-Mutlaq Saiyedi Haatim Zakiyuddin Saheb (dm) composed the ash’aar of naseehat on a single topic and recited it at Eid raat after namaaz of tahajjud at Nooraani Masjid.  The first topic was “Roti” which was followed by “Aadmi” the next year.
    21st Ramazaan 1426 AH
    (23/10/2005 AD)
      Huzoor-e-‘Aali Saiyedna Taiyeb Ziyauddin Saheb (tus), after a long duration of 27 yrs, for the zikr of Shahaadat of Maulaana Ali (as) went to Fakhri Masjid in Fakhri Mohalla along with the mumineen.
    1st Ramazaan 1428 AH
    (12/9/2007 AD)
      Razaa for the Ibaadaat of Shahrullaah was given in Faatemi Masjid at Nadiad after it was inaugurated on 27th Sha’baan on the dast-e-mubaarak of Huzoor-e-‘Aali Saiyedna Taiyeb Ziyauddin Saheb (tus).
    13th Ramazaan 1429 AH
    (12/9/2008 AD)
      Maazoon-e-Mutlaq Saiyedi Haatim Zakiyuddin Saheb (dm) took bay’at-e-Imaam-e-Zamaan (as) i.e. misaaq of Mumbai jamaa’at mumineen-muminaat where al-Marhoom  Mukaasir ud-Da’wat Saiyedi Husain Mo’inuddin Saheb (aq) came briefly in the majlis and gave mumineen the sharaf of last deedaar and Qadam-bosi.  After a short period of one month he passed away on 13th Shawwaal.
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