Allaah Ta’aala commanded Prophet Ibrahim Khalilullaah (as), “Construct a house for me on the land where people come and pray to me.” For that a special wind form known as “Sakinah" was sent which had a gleaming face and two endpoints. Wherever this Sakinah blew, Maulaana Ibrahim along with his son Maulaana Isma’il laid the foundation of Ka’bah with the designated stones scattered on that place.  Maulaana Isma’il used to fetch stones while Maulaana Ibrahim placed them in proper places making the building look like a cube.  In this way they constructed the Ka’bah guided by Sakinah. When they reached the point of Rukn e Hajr e Aswad, Maulaana Ibrahim told Maulaana Isma’il, “O my son! Please get me a stone which is suitable for this Rukn-corner.”

Maulaana Isma’il was unable to get such a stone. His father commanded once again, “Go! Search for it.”  While Maulaana Isma’il went in search of that particular stone, Maulaana Jibra’il descended carrying a black heavenly stone – Hajr e Aswad. By the time Maulaana Isma’il had reached there, Maulaana Ibrahim had already finished putting that stone in its proper position. Maulaana Isma’il was astonished and then enquired about that stone. Maulaana Ibrahim replied that, “It is not only you who is helping me for building the Ka’bah. The Sovereign of Ka’bah – my trustworthy Master has divinely sent this stone and helped me.”

Our Fourth Faatemi Imaam Maulaana Abu Ja’far Mohammad al- Baaqir (as) has said that, “Hajr e Aswad can surely be compared with Misaaq. Embracing it resembles taking a vow.”  It is not possible to be a part of the Da’wat of Imaam uz Zamaan (as) without offering Misaaq to his representative i.e. the Saheb of Divine Command (Da'i). Similarly it is not possible to complete the tawaaf of Ka’bah without embracing Hajr e Aswad. Imaam uz Zamaan (as) is the Mamsool (relating to spiritual status of Da'wat) of Ka’bah and so embracing Hajr e Aswad is equivalent to giving promise to him.  Ka'bah is the Master of all the mosques and Imaam uz Zamaan (as) is the Master of all mumineen who face Ka'bah while offering Namaaz, the best and purest of the actions.

When Imaam Baaqir (as) used to embrace Hajr e Aswad he recited this Du'aa, “O Allaah Ta’aala! I have given Misaaq to you. So make this Hajr e Aswad witness and conveyor to seek nearness to you.”  Every pilgrim (haaji) who performs Hajj and does Umrah recites this Du'aa whenever he happens to cross the corner of Hajr e Aswad. Without Misaaq of Da’i even thousands of tawaaf e Ka'bah goes futile. 

In another Riwayat it is mentioned that, Imaam saw people doing tawaaf and just returning back. He told his ashaab, “Swear to Allaah! Along with doing tawaaf the people have been commanded to do one more task which they have forgotten.” It was asked, “O son of Rasoollulaah (saws), What was that?” Imaam replied that, “It has been commanded to the people that after completion of the tawaaf, they must turn towards us and embrace us. After tawaaf they are embracing the Hajr e Aswad which is nothing but an outward execution of our Shari'at. In reality the jist of kissing Hajr e Aswad is recognising our Darajah and accepting our Imaamat by offering Misaaq.  At the time of Mehshar when they shall face us, this Hajr e Aswad will act like a witness. Their act of doing tawaaf will be accepted only by our conviction. Just like Hajr e Aswad is the soul of Ka’bah, in the same manner the soul of Hajr is our right hand that accepts Misaaq and it is the first step of our Ma’refat.”
  This Article is a translation of "Hajr e Aswad" of Mishkaat ul Haadi 11-12 1442, Issue 162.
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