A grand function was held at Daar-us-salaam on 23rd Safar ul-Muzaffar 1430/18th February 2009, Wednesday, where the members of Da'wat-e-Haadiyah assembly got together to honour the city Commissioner of Police Mr. R. Asthana who was recently applauded with special medal by the Indian Government for his untiring service to establish law and order.  This function was headed by Saiyedna Saheb (TUS) and the CP Mr. R. Asthana who was invited as a chief guest to make the event prismatic. The event was vivified when Mr. Asthana, who is also an enthusiastic in knowing history, shared his views in an Urdu language. Apart from the introductory speech of Mazoon Saheb (dm), the pride of poetry, other members namely Bhaisaheb Ahmedali and Mulla Abbasbhai also made the event colourful by expressing their poetic talents.

Mr. Asthana was deeply moved by the opulence of Daar-us-Salaam and he equally praised our historic background from Makkah to Vadodara, our discipline, our individuality, our dress and the poetic potentials of members of Da'wat-e-Haadiyah. He was so much engrossed in the event that he didn't feel for even a single moment that he had come to attend a function, and actively participated with a great zeal.  He said that, With the teachings of your Saiyedna Saheb and the morals with which he has disciplined you is overwhelming and great.  Your’s community is business oriented and we don’t listen about you people involved in any social crime.  Peace and education is the distinction of your community.

No majlis or occasion is complete without the crowning speech of Saiyedna Saheb (TUS). Saiyedna Saheb (TUS), in his lucid and spellbind speech, recollected the history of Alavi Bohra community which dates back to almost 315 yrs. He also expressed his optimistic views regarding the progress of Vadodara as well as the Gujarat State, need of love and harmony among all the religions for the strength of our country, and the economical progress of the Alavi Bohra community. The event was then concluded with all its charm. This event has made its way in the pages of history of Da'wat-e-Haadiyah.