Allaah Ta’aala has created everything in pairs in the Universe. Rasoolullaah (saws) has said that, “Imaan gets completed by getting married.” Marriage is one of the three Sunnats of Rasoolullaah (saws). Marriage is an important milestone in everyone’s life. With the changing time and need of the people the process of finding an appropriate pair for marriage has undergone various modifications with respect to the age, career and social obligations. It used to be an easy and low profile event in the past. Need of marriage has taken a back seat these days with the girls and boys choosing other things as the first priorities. Demanding education and increased job opportunities have attracted our girls and boys more than their wish for a life partner. Invasion of internet in the easily accessible gadgets like mobile phones have increased the exposure of the mumineen to the outer World. These all factors have driven our youth away to some extent from the culture and social bonding. Youth have started delaying marriages for the reasons best known to them. This has resulted in a wide gap between the mature boys who are in need of marriage and ambitious girls who wants to go further in their lives alone. To iron out these differences, Huzoor-e-‘Aali (tus) in his numerous speeches, has urged the mumineen to get their boys and girls engaged at early age.

Every Alavi boy must get engaged to an Alavi girl to keep the cultural values and integrity of the Jamaa’at intact. To reach this goal Huzoor-e-‘Aali (tus) urged the mumenaat to form a committee who would take over this responsibility. Under the guidance of Maa-Saahebah and Bu-Sahebah a committee was formed 5 years back. This committee has successfully done a Tasheel un-Nisbat – Engagement Program for boys and girls 2 years back where 3 successful engagements took place. On 9th Moharram ul-Haraam 1433 AH, Huzoor-e-‘Aali (tus) in his pivotal speech urged the members of committee to plan a similar program for Alavi boys and girls. Following his noble words, the members of Anjuman-e-Tanzeem-e-Millat Committee arranged the program on 5th February 2012 / 13th Rabi ul-Awwal 1433, Sunday, at Zenith High School ground. They started collecting data from the month of Safar with perseverant efforts.

Approximately 85 boys and 55 girls got registered for the event. Barring some, almost all of the registered participants attended the event which took off early in the morning at 0830 hrs. The event commenced with the Tilaawat of Qur’an-e-Kareem by Haddsahed Qaasimali. Umm ul-Mumineen Maa Sahebah, who also attended the event and Mazoon Saheb (dz) were welcomed by the committee members. Pre-recorded video message of Huzoor-e-‘Aali (tus) was played in the beginning in which he emphasized the importance of intra-community Nisbat of boys and girls. He encouraged mumineen to look for the religious devotion in selecting the partners for their boys and girls rather than wealth and educational qualification.

Mazoon Saheb (dz) gave an introductory speech in which he highlighted the advantage of such type of matrimonial meetings. He said that in an exclusive event like this, a boy and girl gets an opportunity to select their partners from good number of choices. He instructed that good character and conduct in the partner is greater possession in one’s life than wealth and education. It is the virtuousness and purity which makes house a real ‘home’ to live in. Educational qualification and inherited wealth alone cannot bring these qualities. Speech of Mazoon Saheb (dz) was followed by the felicitation of the donors of the event. After that, Busahebah Husbaanahbu briefly described the procedure of the whole event in a lucid manner.

Actual event started with the display of bio-data of the participants in the PowerPoint presentation. Display of boys was followed by girls. Participants were instructed to select their desired partner in the documents given to them. After the display, the information collected by the respective counsellors was exchanged on both the sides. Those selections which coincided on both the parties were allowed to meet each other in the room along with their parents. Matching procedure continued for considerable time. At the end of event 3 engagement proposals were confirmed till the afternoon. Along with that, 6-7 proposals are in the process of getting confirmed. The event concluded with the vote of thanks by Mukaasir Saheb (dm).