Dars-e-Nooraani completed its 7 years ‘Ilmi journey on 3rd Safar 1436 AH/25th November 2014, Tuesday.  Mukaasir Maulaa Saiyedi Mohammad Nuruddin saheb (dm) commenced this Daras in 1429 along with the class of Arabic Language Learning.  Many Shaa’eqeen – interested mumineen is taking benefit of it which will help them consolidate their affairs of this World and that of the Hereafter.

Mukaasir Maulaa said in his bayaan that, All creatures are bestowed with two powerful faculties i.e. Smell and Taste.  All of them use it as per their habits, surroundings and capacities.  Humans are on top of this creation chart who uses the tool of these senses to its maximum levels.  Allaah Ta’aala has made many such things which we know and we like its smell or taste or both of it.  But Qur’an-e-Kareem is the best of all things in this World and its nooraani smell and taste can be fulfilled only with the support of Ahl ul-Bayt (as).  One who believe in both Qur’an and Ahl ul-Bayt (as) is a true mumin and the one who demerit them is a hypocrite-munaafiq.

A mumin who recites Qur’an is like a “lemon”, which has good smell and taste also.
A mumin who does not recite Qur’an is like “dates”, which has a good taste but not smell.
A munaafiq who recites Qur’an is like “itr-rayhaanah” fragrance emanating thing, which has a good smell but its taste is bitter.
A munaafiq who does not recite Qur’an is like “ilyaa” bitter thing, which has bad smell as well as taste.

Majma’ hai Nooraani, Daras bhi hai ye Nooraani,
Mohammad aur ‘Ali haazir yahaa hai Zill-e-Rahmaani,
Khudaa ka Shukr hai, Tawfeeq di hai Tum ko aaneki,
Na paaoge ye Daulat dhundhlo gar Khalq ko saari.

Guzre hai Saat saal Daras key u Saath Saath,
Har Baat ka chakkha hai Mazaa hamne Saath Saath,
Rakkha hai Ahl-e-Bayt ko Qur’an ko Saath Saath,
Duniyaa ko aur Manzil-e-Uqbaa ko Saath Saath,

Jab tak hai Jaan, Jism me karte rahe Khidmat,
Hargiz na dars khatm ho karte rahe Sohdat.


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