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Hasbonallaaho wa ne'mal Wakeel : Most Excellent is He in Whom we trust

Allaah Ta’aala says in the Qur’an, “Lan tanaalul birra hatta tunfeqoo mimmaa tohibboona wamaa tunfeqoo min shay’in fa-innallaaha behi ‘aleem” which means, “By no means you shall attain righteousness (reward of Allaah) unless you spend (in the way of Allaah) of that which you love; and whatever of good you spend, Allaah knows it well.” (92/3) One of the things of this World, which most of us loves or opts for is wealth and money. It is the means, granted by Allaah, in this World by which we accomplish the obligations of Life. With the grace of Allaah and du’a of Huzoor-e-‘Aali (tus), Alavi Bohras have progressed to a great extent in the field of education. It is only through this achievement that our Jamaa’at has prospered and progressed. Education has changed the face of the community, in the sense that, majority of the Shabaab (youth) of the community are either pursuing their studies in India or abroad or have settled there with their jobs and occupations.

It is the blessing of Allaah and Taa’idaat of Imaam uz-Zamaan (as) that mumineen has the feeling to work for the cause of community and help others in the way of progress. Mumineen had requested to Saheb-e-Da’wat to display the information of different Anjuman and Committees who work for the Jamaa’at on various occasions so that they can donate generously in the field they like. Hence, for the convenience of the mumineen, we have enlisted some of the Anjumans and Committees with the brief account of their work as directed by the Office of Da’wat-e-Shareefah. We request mumineen to donate generously in the way of Allaah in order get His manifold rehmat, barakat and inaayat.




The members of this Anjuman have taken the responsibility of maintaining Bustaan-e-Badri. They get the funds from the mumineen for arranging the Ta’aam (dinner and breakfast) on the occasion of the majlis held at shab-o-fajr of Urs Mubaarak of Du’aat ul-Akrameen (aq) of Jannatul Mumineen and Bustaan-e-Badri. On the occasion of Nikaah, this committee furnish mumineen with abaa, pheto or sehro against minimum charges.  A major task on their priority, in the guidance of Mazoon Saheb (dm), is to extend the present Rozah Mubaarakah so that the Qabr of Saiyedna Badruddin Fida’ali bin Saiyedna Fakhruddin Saheb (aq), which at present is in a separate chatry (canopy), comes under one single Rozah. This Anjuman needs financial support for that purpose.

Members: Bhaisaheb Qaasimali N, Mufeeduddin Bhaisaheb H, Miyasaheb Siraajuddin, Zakiyuddin Bansiwala etc.


Anjuman-e-Azaa-e-Husain (as)


This is one of the oldest Anjuman formed by Saiyedna Yoosuf Nooruddin Saheb (aq). Its constant efforts translating into the selfless khidmat for Maulaana Imaam Husain (as) since 50 years is the testimony and living example for the mumineen to endeavour for collective constructive works.  With the help of the corpus funds being collected during the ayyaam of Moharram ul-Haraam, this anjuman conducts every year the Majaalis of Ahlul Bayt (as), Du’aat ul-Mutlaqeen (aq), Mawaali-e-Taahereen (as), Ummahaat ul-Mumineen (ra) etc. with the best of sheerini or ta’aam-o-ikraam.  The committee has now pressed upon the concrete plans for arranging nisbat-engagement of the Shabaab (youth) among our community, to counter the menace of girls coming from out-caste.  Saheb-e-Da’wat is very much concern about this dangerous trend as it is increasing alarmingly day by day and has directed the committee members to work swiftly in this regard so as to safeguard our tenets, culture and moral discipline.  Mumineen should whole-heartedly do sakhaawat to get the never ending bounties from Allaah through the waseelah of Shaheed Karbala Imaam Husain (as).

Members: Bhaisaheb Qambarali N, Mulla Zoebali Rangwala, Hamzaali Popatwala etc.

E-mail: azaa_e_husain@alavibohra.org

Al-Haadi Akhbaar Committee


From the year al-Haadi deeni Akhbaar is published there arose an urgent need of sincere dedicated writers who could pen down different articles on various aspects of Shari’at as well as of current affairs.  To maintain the vividness of expression, thoughts and ideas and to cater to the needs of readers, the committee was formed some time back to take care of all this.  A part from the literary material, suggestions were also invited to channelize the funds needed for the expenses of the publishing, posting and distribution.  Every month expenses exceed the income.  To overcome this deficit, the members constantly request mumineen to contribute handsomely for this noble cause, who are like-minded for the propagation of deeni ta’leem.  Occasionally, the members bring out the variety of audio collection including Maatami Nauha, Qasaa’id of Maulaana Ali (as) and Abyaat of S. Fakhruddin saheb (aq).

Members: Bhaisaheb Ahmadali, Mulla Husainali Chinwala, Mulla Abbaasali Tinwala etc.

E-mail: al_haadi@alavibohra.org

Madrasah Taiyebiyah


Madrasah Taiyebiyah is the epicentre of the Deeni Ta’leem of the children of our Jamaa’at. It is run under the direct guidance of Saheb-e-Da’wat, at Badri Mohalla and Ajwa Road. The committee is engaged in collecting funds needed for various heads and educational deeni programmes embedded under banner of maintenance of the Madrasah accompanied with the proper appointment of sincere teachers. Deeni quiz contests, elocution competition, essay writing etc. are occasionally held which brings out the inner ability and intelligence of students.  The committee also sponsors the Ziyaarat tours for the Talebat (students) of Madrasah. Till now, the students have been to Surat, Galiyakot, Hasanfeer, Umreth, Ahmedabad, Kapadwanj, Khambhat and Dandi (Maai Saab) for the Ziyaarat. The members of the committee collect the yearly funds from the mumineen in Shahrullaah. Mumineen can donate good amount of contribution to this committee for the sake of Deeni Ta’leem of the students.

Members: Taalibali Lokhandwala, Hamzaali Etarwala, Ronaqali Mevliwala etc.

E-mail: madrasah@alavibohra.org

Masjid Sabeel Committee


This committee looks after the maintenance of the Masaajid of Vadodara (Nooraani Masjid and Taiyebi Masjid) and Mumbai (Badri Masjid, maintained by Anjuman-e-Hizb-e-Haatemi). Enormous amount of fund is needed in the yearly maintenance of the Masjid, especially in the month of Ramazaan ul-Mo’azzam and Moharram ul-Haraam. This committee looks after all the modifications needed in the Masjid for the sake of its beautification, lighting, drapery, flooring, sanitary wares, cleaning gadgets needed for the maintenance and convenience of mumineen. Each of us maintain our home but Masjid is our spiritual home and the responsibility of maintaining it is supreme than our own home. Mumineen can do this Khidmat and service by benevolently donating for the maintenance of the Masjid. It is mandatory for a mumin who offers Namaaz in the Masjid to donate from his wealth, in the name of Allaah, for the cause of Masjid.

Members: Mehboobbhai Bhaisaheb F, Lokhandwala Abbaasbhai, Sankhedawala Ahmadali etc.

E-mail: masjid_sabeel@alavibohra.org

Alavi Bohra Teachers Association


There are around 75 teachers in our Jamaa’at who are attached either to a school or operating private tuition classes. There are some teachers who have their own academic coaching classes for school going students and collegians. Under the guidance of Saheb-e-Da’wat, this association was formed for the correct guidance of our students. Seminars for career guidance were organized by the association in the past. Currently, the main purpose of this association is to provide financial help to the underprivileged students who don’t afford school or tuition fees, conveyance fees, college fees or some professional course fees. Books and other educational material is also provided to the students by this association.  The setting up of the library at Badri Mohalla opposite to Nooraani Masjid is also of prime concern and is in the final stage of planning.

Members: Ejaazali Vohra, Abbaasbhai Dabhoiwala etc.

E-mail: abta@alavibohra.org

Royal Youth Charitable Trust


Success gives birth to progress. RYCT has an interesting history. Under the direct guidance of Saheb-e-Da’wat some of the educated young boys having a common goal of working for the Jamaa’at and mumineen approached Maazoon ud-Da’wat a couple of months back. Saiyedi saheb encouraged them and advised them to form a group to accomplish the goals. 10-15 members formed a group named Royal Youth Forum and successfully organised two programmes – English speaking classes and Career Counselling Program. It was after the second event that many more young boys intended to join the group for a good cause. It was then necessary for them to form a registered trust to work systematically and responsibly. The Royal Youth Forum then transformed into Royal Youth Charitable Trust – a registered trust, in a short span of three months.

Members: Aliabbas F Tinwala, Ruqaiyah M Bhaisaheb etc.

E-mail: feedback.ryct@gmail.com

Website: www.ryct.co.cc.

  Note : Details of some other committees will be added soon.....
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