Rasoolullaah SAWS bestowed the Darajah of Imaamat by the Divine Decree to his beloved grandson Maulaana Imaam Husain AS.  This Darajah continued in his progeny and will be there uninterruptedly till the Day of Resurrection-Yaum ul Qeyaamah.  Aal e Husain AS are Ashaab e 'Ismat means the infallible people in whose hands lies the shafaa'at-intercession of their followers-mumineen.  Imaamat guarantees Shafaa'at.  Due to the purity and infallibility of an Imaam, he is assigned a great responsibility of accepting oath of Fealty-Misaaq (bay'at) and total conviction of Islamic tenets from his subjects.  Due to this oath-bay'at he knows his real believer.  Imaam is the only authority who takes Bay'at and around whom the Ahkaam-do's and don'ts of Shari'at revolves.

Like Wahdaaniyat and Tawheed of Allaah Ta'aala, His Imaam too is a part of this holy institution.  Imaam should be one-Single on this earth at any given point of time.  There is no Duality or Plurality in the Darajah of Imaamat.  Also there no bifurcation between Sultanat (duniyaa) and Imaamat (deen).  Perhaps Imaamat encompasses all the worldly Sultanat.  Imaamat is sublime above all forms of creations and annihilations.  

Maulaana Imaam Husain AS knew the immorality and misconduct of Yazid LA.  Imaam was ready for any consequences against the ill-intent of Yazid as he was relentlessly demanding Bay'at from the Imaam.  Imaam chose Martyrdom-shahaadat but never accepted Yazid's orders.  Martyrs of Karbalaa e Mo'allaa engraved on our hearts a demarcation line between True Husaini Islaam and False Yazidi Islaam by the integrity of Bay'at which they offered wholeheartedly to Imaam during the Ibaadat of the night of Yaum e 'Aashuraa.  Their martyrdom shielded the Purity of Islaam against the blatant attacks of Umayyads on the sanctity of Ahl ul Bayt AS. 

Rasoolullaah SAWS gave the birth of complete Islaam in Madinah, but Imaam Husain AS took Islaam to the level of Maturity-Bay'at through Patience and Truth, in such a way that this maturity is renewed and rejuvenated every year in these Mubaarak Days of Moharram ul Haraam.  This Bay'at is nothing but the recognition of Hayaat e Paak-life of Maulaana Imaam Husain AS.  These days of Asharah Mubaarakah gives us opportunity to revive and relive with our faith and Husaini identity.

Only doing Ma'tam, distributing Niyaaz, erecting Sabeel, reciting Nauha, attending Majlis, offering Namaaz, donating Maal etc. will not suffice.  Each of these aamaal carries sawaab as per the Niyyat.  But an important aspect of Asharah Mubaarakah is that it energizes us in such a way that, We have to follow the naseehat and advices of Aqaa Maulaa TUS in its true sense throughout our lives.  If we indeed do this then only we can claim ourselves as Husaini Mu'min.

When we think over the Haqeeqat of Karbalaa e Mo'allaa, the only thing that strikes deeply in our conscience is Bay'at.  The Soul and Centrality of every Shahaadat that took place on the thorny plains of Karbalaa was the demand of Bay'at by Yazidi army.  Today, everyone those who believe in the Husaini Martyrdom may have forgotten the tradition and essence of Bay'at but not the Chosen Ones.  By the Rahmat of our Lord, we are from those Chosen Ones whose lives gets enlightened and enriched with the Barakaat of Bay'at offered to the Aal e Husain i.e. Imaam uz Zamaan AS.  We understand the realm of Bay'at along with the Aah o Zaari of our Imaam.  There is no way out to separate them from each other.  Aah o Zaari without Bay'at is like dead body without soul.

Many around us don't know that the prime pillar of the Waaqe'ah of Karbalaa was Bay'at.  This is the perpetual part of Islaam and one who denies it, denies the sacrifice of our Imaam.  Question is for those people who remember Imaam Husain AS with reverence, but don't practice the tradition of Bay'at.  For them, who has the right to take Bay'at, from whom and why, who authorises to take Bay'at and who has given him authority to authorize others.  For them, there are many who claims authority but as per Prophetic traditions there should be only one whose hands hold such supreme position.  If Imaam is one then his authoritative deputy should also be one holding the right of Bay'at.  This is Truth and Truth is always with Alavi Husaini Mumineen.

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