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  Fankaari Mela: Talent Fair of 'Alavi Womens Home-made Items
18-9-2016 AD/17-12-1437 AH
at-Taiyebaat - Fankaari Mela- Talent Fair 2016

It is the event where Alavi Women will showcase their Talent of Home-made as well as Hand-made items. It is the Golden Chance and an Unique Opportunity for our Ladies to take their Talent at new Heights and make it recognize to masses. Hunar, Fann and Talent is there in everybody. But the way, time and place it should be exhibited and promoted is very important.  We aim to provide local artists/cooks/designers/craftsmen an opportunity to showcase their immense talent through this initiative. Each stall will be stocked with hand crafted, home-made items, 100% original and of good quality.  Be it crochet, needlework, cooking & baking, sewing, painting, crafting jewellery, making traditional topis – Everyone gets a chance to display and monetize their skills at their respective stalls. For the public, too, it will be a fun experience to shop for all these items under one roof at very attractive prices!  This event is an non-profit effort for the committee and on the contrary it will prove a profitable initiative for the Talented Women and will help them in a long way to establish themselves socially and financially.

Our Goal: In older days when children or youth had an ample time to share their feelings, daily activities, interests in form of dialogue, conversation and art, a lot many things children learnt in the homely environment.  It included ancestral skills and occupation through which people recognized families in the society.  But now these home skills like sewing, stitching, embroidery work, cooking etc are at the brink of Extermination.  Today in the time of information and communication bombardment, no one is ready to spare time to sit with elders and learn these skills.  Everything around us is slowly becoming Readymade and Instantly-prepared.  Patience to learn has evaporated and the same fate is of Skills.  We know that the things we make with our own hands is filled with energy, satisfaction and personal touch.  In today’s scenario of Stressful life, these things is the best Stress-buster.  Through this Talent Fair, we will make an effort to inculcate this in the Young Minds.

  Report of the Event:

at-Taiyebaat - Fankaari Mela- Talent Fair 2016 at-Taiyebaat - Fankaari Mela- Talent Fair 2016 at-Taiyebaat - Fankaari Mela- Talent Fair 2016

By the grace of the Allaah Ta’aala and the immense blessings of Aqaa Maulaa, on 17 Zul Hijjah 1437 AH - 18th September 2016, Sunday, at-Taiyebaat organised a Talent Fair "Fankari Mela 2016" a first of its kind initiative among the Alavi Bohra community.  This Fair was inaugurated by Umm ul-Mumineen Maa Sahebah ad-Durrat ul-Bayzaa where she spoke about the Khidmaat of at-Taiyebaat.  She said that,

“Many of the members of this Committee are too busy with their daily household chores and children.  It becomes really difficult to spare time for Social Activities like this.  I truly welcome this great move and appreciate the dedication of at-Taiyebaat in organizing this Fair in such a Huge Scale.  It should not end with this but it should rather become an annual event.”   

The President of at-Taiyebaat, Bu Sahebah Shafe'ah bu said that,

"Alhamdo lillaah with the Du'aa of Aqaa Maulaa " Fankari Mela" was a grand success. This was not the success of our team but it was the victory of our "Talented Fankars"who participated in Fankari Mela 2016. There were stalls of different types of beautiful handmade items including tasty and yummy food stalls. It was a great Fankaari fun and a wonderful experience for all of us. It is true that, we, at-Taiyebaat committee had organized it but the real hard work to make this event successful is of our "Fankars" and total credit goes to them."

This Talent Fair was conceptualized with one purpose in mind: Showcase, Create Awareness about and Nurture the Inherent Talents that Alavi Women possess. This helps create an awareness and interest among the younger generation for these small scale ventures powered by  Skills and Capabilities, which are Satisfying and Effective ways to earn a living.

Total of 27 stalls were allotted for various disciplines of Skill in Taiyebi Hall, Ajwa Road.  The articles on display and sale were 100% home-made and crafted by Alavi ladies dedicatedly working in their respective fields who came out and contributed enthusiastically with the organisers to make the event a grand success. The products on display included:

  • Quilled Paper Earrings, Envelopes and Accessories
  • Home-made Shampoo, Hand wash, Detergent and other Home-care items
  • Purses, Handbags, Saree/Rida, Pouches
  • Decorative Vases, Flowers, Paintings
  • Ridas, Salwar suits, Kurtas
  • Paintings, Drawings and Sketches
  • Pearl Jewellery
  • Fabric painting done on Handkerchiefs, Pillow cases, Bed sheets
  • Articles made out of Crochet, eg. Key chains, Purses
  • SCOPE handouts, reading material and forms for the course of Spoken English
  • Live Mehndi

The food stalls had a variety of delicious food stuffs including Cakes, Pastries, Sev puri, Pani puri, Sandwiches, Chatpati, Potato handi, Mamra pulao, Sharbat etc.

Overall, the event served as an excellent opportunity for talented women to showcase their creations and sell their goods. The exposure they gained will surely help them earn and have a business of their own, by doing something they are good at and love to do.

  Press Release: Divya Bhaskar
at-Taiyebaat - Fankaari Mela- Talent Fair 2016 - Press Release
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