at-Taiyebaat - Programs

“at-Taiyabaat”, a group of Alavi muminaat, with the assistance of Madrasah Taiyebiyah organized 3 different competitions among Jamaa’at children namely, Tilaawat-e-Qur’an Competition, Elocution Competition and Colouring Competition on 18th Safar 1437 AH/29-11-2015 AD, Sunday in Taiyebi Hall, Ajwa Road, Vadodara.  Total 168 children of different age-groups participated in these competitions.  Through the elimination round 10-10 participants who were best at their efforts were selected for Tilaawat and Elocution.  Colouring competition was held at the first floor of Taiyebi Hall.

The program started at sharp 9:00 am where Mukaasir Maulaa Saiyedi Mohammad Nuruddin saheb (dm) graced the occasion.  Ra’s ul-Hudood saheb, Hadd saheb Qambarali and Mulla Abbaasali Tinwala judged Tilaawat and Elocution competition.  Participants recited different surats starting from Surat ul-Faatehah till Surat ul-Feel and they were judged as per their clarity of Makhraj, ilhaan and tarannum.  In Elocution, contestants spoke on three topics,

1) Importance of Gratitude (Shukr) and Patience (Sabr) in Deen-e-Islaam,
2) Carbonated drinks v/s Fresh Fruit juices,
3) Ill effects of Pollution on our Health. 

In Colouring, children were given outlined picture and they coloured it perfectly and vividly by using different crayon colours.  They were judged by our jamaa’at artists, Saubiyah Shabbir Husain Chasmawala and Subhaanah Fakhruddin Kachwala.

Mukaasir Maulaa said that, “Such competitions should be held at regular intervals to instill self-confidence, competitiveness and to make them aware of their inbuilt abilities.  Today is the Urs Mubaarak of Maulaatona Sakinah (as) who showed unparallel forbearance when Shahaadat of her beloved father Maulaana Imaam Husain (as) took place in the plains of Karbalaa.  We should teach our children the lesson of Shukr-o-Sabr of our Ahl ul-Bayt (as) who because of our Najaat, went through severe oppression in the hand of Zaalim rulers who were arch-enemies of Maulaana 'Ali (as).  Allaah Ta’aala has sent 6 sakinat (peace) on this earth, each for Maulaana Aadam, Maulaana Nooh, Maulaana Ibraahim, Maulaana Musaa, Maulaana ‘Isaa and Maulaana Mohammad Rasoolullaah (saws).  We have to take barakaat from these Ambiyaa and consider this sakinat our prime source of Hidaayat through our Da’i.”

Husain Quraish Contractor stood 1st in Colouring competition, Amaan 'Ali Akbar Lokhandwala stood 1st in Elocution competition and Aaliyah Boxwala stood 1st in Tilaawat competition.  Those who stood at 1st, 2nd and 3rd position were awarded a hadiyah with Appreciation Certificate and rest of the participants were given Participation Certificate.   Along with this the power-point presentations were shown on the projector highlighting the “Importance of Deeni Ta’leem in Madrasah” and “Milk: Its Myths and Realities”. Mulla Alibhai Abbaasbhai Daruwala benevolently contributed in arranging Flavoured Milk bottles to everyone at the end of the program.

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