Bayaan of Aqaa Maulaa on Different Aspects
Deen and Duniyaa
1437 AH
22nd Zul Hijjah, Friday
  • “The Land of Karbalaa is the Raised Plain from the Plains of Paradise.” So the people who do Niyyat to visit the Rawzah Husainiyah are those who intend to go to Paradise, they are Ashaab ul-Jannah. 
  • One who recites Kalemat ush-Shahaadah “Laa Ilaaha Illallaah”, with pure heart by fulfilling its Huqooq (rights and rules) and recognizing its Hudood (stages and limits) has entered Jannat.  This could only be achieved by having special audience and understanding with Saheb-e-Razaa. 
  • In Qur’an, the word “Silm” means Walaayat-e-‘Ali, as Ameer ul-Mumineen will separate both the factions of Jannat and Jahannum.  ‘Aliyun Hubbohul Junnah, Qaseem un Naare wal Jannah, Wasiyul Mustafaa Haqqa, Imaam ul Inse wal Jinnah, which means, 'Ali Ameer ul Mumineen his Love is a Shield (from Hell-fire), Separator of Jannat and Naar, True Vicegerent of Rasoolullaah (saws), Master of Mankind and Jinnaat. 
  • The Daaman of Panjatan-e-Paak is in our hands and it is the Habl, the Strong Rope which will take us to Jannat.  Da’i e Husain gave us the Lessons of Patience and Gratefulness.  We should learn, act and propagate the Maqsad of the Life, Shahaadat and Imaamat of Maulaana Husain (as). 
  • There is no dividing factor between our Life and Death and that of our Imaam.   The Birth of a Mumin is from the Noor of Imaam and his Intiqaal is the return of his soul toward the Imaami Noor.
24th Zul Qa'adah, Friday
17 Zul Qa'adah, Friday
3rd Zul Qa'adah, Friday
  • It is the blessings and bounties on us that we have been granted and gifted with the Pure Knowledge and Unchanged Shari’at of Rasoolullaah (saws) and his Aal-e-Athar. 
  • Like Maa’edah-Jannati Thaal (Dastarkhwaan) in which we eat and take taste and benefit of different Ne’maat and offer Shukr to Allaah Ta’aala, we have been blessed with the innermost Hikmat and Ta’weel of Shari’at that our Du’aat taught us by the Razaa of A’immat Faatemiyeen (as). 
  • Our Du’aat had a direct access and dialogue with the Imaam, thus each and every line written in the books was in the knowledge of Imaam and his Hujjat.  So there remained no question to prove it authenticity. 
  • We see the flow of water from the Mountain Peak till its last destination into the Sea, the same is the case with ‘Ilm, starting from the Imaam till the Mu’min.  With us this course of ‘Ilm is evident but with others it is ambiguous.  Due to the lack of the ta’eed of Imaam and his authority, people and their leaders have mistook the Shari’at for granted and a toy to toggle the mind-set. 
  • Spirituality and Originality have been veiled with the drapes of Materialism.  To build a Sultanate and to favour their subject, Islamic rulers made their own halaal and haraam never bothering about the Farmaan of Shari’at.  Our A’immat knew this, so during the time of Faatemi Hukumat in Cairo, they never brought sultanate or politics between the people and Shari’at. 
  • But Du’aat were highly trained to spread the true sense of Deen by making Ahl ul Bayt, the base of every walks of Mu’min’s life.
25th Shawwaal, Friday
  • The Imaam of the Time has in his capacity to make understand the Oneness of Allaah Ta’aala.  This is the centre-point of the Wisdom (Hikmat).  Right from the first Day till the day of Justice, whose Master will the Imaam of Aal-e-Mohammad (sa), Maulaana Qaa’im ul-Qeyaamah, the entire ring of the Time is controlled and supervised by the Representative of Allaah i.e. Imaam uz-Zamaan (as)
  • The Quantum of the ‘Ilm-e-Ladunni which Allaah revealed on every Rasool is Constant.  No Knowledge is New and no Knowledge is Wasted.  No Past will remain Past and No Future will remain Future.  “Was”, “Is” and “Will be”, are mere time-frame in which Knowledge never fits
  • The Chest of the Imaam is filled with the unlimited Knowledge which one cannot imagine and every Imaam asks people before leaving this World that, “Ask me before you see that I am no more.”
  • Ustaaz Juzar was the Key figure during the time of 11th Faatemi Imaam Maulaana ‘Abdullaah al-Mahdi (as) | Syedna Qaazi No’maan bin Mohammad at-Tamimi al-Maghribi served 4 A’immat, from Imaam Mahdi (as) to Imaam Mo’izz (as) and complied 46 books on Isma’ili tenets, doctrines, jurisprudence, justice, ethics, morals, history etc.
  • Maulaana Salamaan al-Faarsi’s descendant and the Waaris of his Hikmat, Syedna Hebatullaah al-Mo’ayyad fid-Deen ash-Shiraazi was Da’i ul-Balaagh during the time of 18th Imaam al-Mustansir (as) and he lectured 800 Majaalis divided into 8 vols.  He was also the Ustaaz of Syedna Lamak who led the way in giving Tarbiyat to Syedna Zo’aib, the first Da’i ul-Mutlaq after the Istitaar of 21st Imaam at-Taiyeb (as)
  • “Salaf”, are the Predecessors-Du’aat ul-Balaagh during the Time of Imaam-e-Zuhoor (The Manifest Imaam) who became the Ustaaz of "Khalaf", the Successors-Du’aat ul-Mutlaqeen during the Time of Imaam-e-Satr (The Imaam in Concealment) and propagated the ‘Ilm-o-Hikmat from one time to another, from mouth to ear.

18th Shawwaal, Friday

  • The use of Mobile and Internet and the things related to it by all type of people
  • Everyone has the inbuilt tendency to ask, search, test, enquire and scrutinize things before using be it Drinking Water or any Gadget or Instrument
  • “Sundooq ul-‘Uloom” meaning the Cabinet of Knowledge are the Hujjat and Haadi (Proof and Guide) of Allaah who are the Masters of Life on this Land and in Heavens
  • Life is nothing but ‘Ilm-o-‘Amal (Knowledge and Deeds) so one should come to its Master before acquiring anything
  • ‘Ilm from Allaah Ta’aala is unadulterated from the Day one till the Last Day and it has been bestowed upon His Da’i uninterrupted through Fayz, Ta’eed and Salaam for showing Siraat-e-Mustaqeem to mankind in every places and time
  • This Da’wat of Allaah is the treasure trove of all Sciences and Faculties, a mumin should always feel peace in asking things to his Da’i for which he is Ignorant but with nobility and pureheartedness
  • “Ikhwaan us-Safaa”, The Brethren of Purity, is the book written by 9th Faatemi Imaam Maulaana Ahmad al-Mastoor (as), the encyclopedia of all Sciences
  • Like this there are innumerable books on different topics in Da’wat-e-Shareefah
  • Du’aat ul-Balaagh who were prolific writers and distinguished orators worked extensively for the ‘Ilmi Khidmat of Da’wat and they submitted their works to their respective Hujjat who in turn forwarded it in the Hazrat of Imaam and in this way the Huge Faatemi Library came into being in Cairo during the time of 18th Imaam Maulaana Mustansir Billaah (as) in 480 AH

11th Shawwaal, Friday

  • Shukr-o-Ihsaan of Allaah Ta'aala that Mumineen completed 'Ibaadaat of Shahrullaah with deep devotion and under the Sayaa of Da'i uz Zamaan and making themselves prepared to follow the Paak Seerat and Surat
  • The chain of succession of Du'aat is based on Nass. 44th Da'i ul Mutlaq Muqaddas Maulaa did Nass-e-Jali on Aqaa Maulaa and appointed him as 45th Da'i ul Mutlaq
  • Since 532 AH, when 21st Imaam Maulaana Taiyeb (as) went into Satr, the first Da'i Saiyedna Zo'eb saheb was ascended on the holy throne of Da'wat as Da'i ul Mutlaq and from then onwards this Silsilah of Du'aat began
  • All our Faatemi Imaams and Da'is are the Waaris of Allaah's Deen and this Wiraasat gets transfered from one Saheb to another Saheb on account of Nass
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