Buzurgaan e 'Alaviyeen (Alavi Senior Citizens conclave)
Venue: Moti Farm
Organized by: Baroda Cyclopedians Ladies' Wing - 17/12/2023


Seniors always have upper hand on their Juniors. Their seniority remains intact when they readily and sincerely accept and accomodate the new perspectives and ideas of the new comers. Everything expires, so does the old system of handling things. But at a given point of time, the old and successful system always stands as a backup and rescue plan if the new system that has been pushed forward to show its ability suddenly crashes or stops functioning properly.

As everyone of us knows this famous quote, "Old is Gold".  So let’s put these words into practicality by giving our Elders their place of respect and importance.  When we browse through the Qur'anic verses we come across the word "Ihsaan" often used to explain the role of our senior family members and their sacrifices.  Ihsaan here means, we should be polite with our elders (parents), give them due respect, ask or consult them, make them feel special, allow them to do things with which they find comfort.  Rasoolullaah SAWS said, "Barakat (blessings) is with your elders".  That house lacks great blessings which is without elders.  Intelligent and caring elders become a binding force and healing solution for various relationships among family members.

In the third leg of Buzurgaan e 'Alaviyeen (Alavi Senior Citizens conclave) organized by the Ladies wing of Baroda Cyclopedians held on 17 Dec 2023/5 Jumaadi II 1445, Sunday, at Moti Farm, a whole day program in which above 275 seniors mumineen-muminaat participated got an opportunity to interact with the people of their same age and to engage themselves in knowledge and fun based activities.  Aqaa Maulaa Saiyedna saheb TUS joined the gathering at noon and with the Imaamat namaaz of Zohr-'Asr, Maulaa touched all the points related to the role and responsibilities of elders in their families.

Maulaa said that, "Having the age of 60-65 doesn't qualify you as an elder, but your morals, relations, thoughts, actions, experiences, advices make you eligible for Seniority.

  • Don't self-retire yourselves
  • Engage yourselves in activities
  • Interact and maintain friendship with same-age persons
  • Inculcate true life values in your children and grandchildren
  • Go for a walk or outing
  • Keep yourselves physically active
  • Make an habit to do your work by yourselves
  • Don't hand over entirely family and business affairs to your sons.  Keep yourselves financially independent
  • Talk and remind your good-bad experiences and sacrifices to your younger generation
  • Keep yourselves busy by putting your room and your personal things tidy 
  • Maintain healthy physical relationship with your spouse
  • Often talk about the moral values and traditions of your family
  • Impart appropriate knowledge to your younger ones about the things that give real and lasting peace, happiness and harmony in life
  • If you are single or have lost your partner and you are capable to deliver all responsibilities of your new partner with or without your family members, then don’t waste time and proceed for nikaah


Alavi Senior Citizen
Venue: Swarg - Maru Gam
Organized by: Baroda Cyclopedians Ladies' Wing - 20/11/2022


When Seniors are considered really Seniors then things get better, hopes get organized and justice becomes desirable.  Elders hold the key of our traditional values and rightful actions governed by mature thoughts.  They become bridge between the past and present generation.  Forbearance, experience, patience, forgiveness and etiquettes has now the become the norm of their lives.  They have accepted that these are the last years of their lives and they want their loved ones to be near them and get benefitted.  They want to get audience from their family members, so that their words could be reiterated to their younger ones.

To give space and audience to our Seniors, an outstanding event of outing was organised at a place near Vadodara where about 280 Alavi Seniors participated.  Aqaa Maulaa Saiyedna saheb TUS was present for some hours and gave necessary hidaayaat by encouraging them to play a key role in maintaining the unity of their families.

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