Alavi Senior Citizen
Venue: Swarg - Maru Gam
Organized by: Baroda Cyclopedians Ladies' Wing - 20/11/2022


When Seniors are considered really Seniors then things get better, hopes get organized and justice becomes desirable.  Elders hold the key of our traditional values and rightful actions governed by mature thoughts.  They become bridge between the past and present generation.  Forbearance, experience, patience, forgiveness and etiquettes has now the become the norm of their lives.  They have accepted that these are the last years of their lives and they want their loved ones to be near them and get benefitted.  They want to get audience from their family members, so that their words could be reiterated to their younger ones.

To give space and audience to our Seniors, an outstanding event of outing was organised at a place near Vadodara where about 280 Alavi Seniors participated.  Aqaa Maulaa Saiyedna saheb TUS was present for some hours and gave necessary hidaayaat by encouraging them to play a key role in maintaining the unity of their families.

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