Deeni Quiz Contests like “Deen si Duniyaa Jeeto”, “Kasauti Aqal Ki”, “Ilmwaale Jeet Jayenge”, "Mishkaatwaalao no Muqaabelo" etc. have been organized on the several occasions by Markaz-e-Tarbiyat-e-Mumineen, al-Vezaarat ul-Alaviyah till now. Each of the Quiz Contest drew immense interest among the mumineen and the students of Madrasat-e-Taiyebiyah. With the increasing inquisitiveness, curiosity and zeal of the mumineen about the Deeni Maalumaat, an outstanding number of mumineen are now well versed and well informed about all the basic and necessary Deeni Maloomaat. The daras conducted by Raasul Hudood every Sunday in Masjid un-Nooraani premises has opened new opportunity for the mumineen to acquire the Deeni Maloomaat. This daras is open to all mumineen and Raasul Hudood specially emphasizes to teach Lesaan ud-Da’wat and Arabic language to them. The Deeni Maalumaat of the mumineen has multiplied manifold with the additional fountainhead of the information in the form of Al-Haadi Newsletter, Taqaareer and Bayaanat, and of course our Alavi Bohra website. With all these means, we can now say that every mumin of our community has come in the divine shadow of the Elaahi Knowledge.

Now mumineen comes forward and participates in all the Deeni proceedings, may it be in the Quiz Contests, Bayaanaat etc. we are moved by the overwhelming response and feedback in the ‘Crossword’ of Al-Haadi Newsletter. We regularly receive huge number of correct replies and we publish the name of the winner in the forthcoming issue of the newsletter.

Looking at this zeal and eagerness of the mumineen we have now started to distribute Questionnaire of more than 15 points in both the masjids on different faazil ayyaam and nights. Along with the queries its answers are given at the end so that mumineen could judge their knowledge by themselves. Different grades are given as per the correctness. These questions will be formed as Quiz in which each one will be given with 4 options having one correct.