There are various organisations attached to ALAVI COMMUNITY CENTRE, Wadi Badri Mohalla among which ALAVI BOHRA TEACHERS’ ASSOCIATION (ABTA) is one of it.  Alavi Library is housed in this centre.  ABTA organizes various competitions during every summer vacation. In the year 2012, it had organized a Drawing Competition in which prizes were awarded to winners in respective groups. ABTA has also organized a seminar on “Stress Free Life and Preparations for Board Exams” at Vivekanand Memorial Centre for the benefit of the students of SSC and HSC.

This year in May-June 2013, ABTA has organized Handwriting and Drawing Competition on 25th Rajab 1434 AH/3rd June 2013, Monday at Huseni Hall,  Wadi Badri Mohalla, Vadodara. In all, there were 68 entries, out which 32 were for Handwriting Competition and 36 were for Drawing Competition. Also there were children who have participated in both competitions. The children were divided into three groups namely group A (std. 1 to 4), group B (std. 5 to 7) and group C (std. 8 to 10) for both the competitions. Trophies were awarded to the winners in each group. Saiyedi Mukaasir ud-Da’wat il-Alaviyah Mohammad Nuruddin saheb (dm) graced the occasion with the respected judges and they awarded trophies to the winners.

Mukaasir Maulaa did naseehat to the participants that, "Writing with ones hands is best for mental balance and health. This art of expression is slowly dying in the race of technological advancement.  The focus of using hands in new generation is becoming limited to pressing buttons.  In such times of grave scenario you should follow the time long tradition of our Du’aat-e-Keraam (ra) who have enlivened the art of writing and it is still the part of routine in the farzandaan of Da’wat-e-Shareefah."

The students were given to write a paragraph in 15 minutes for Handwriting competition and they were given a choice in language i.e. English/Gujarati. The children were judged by Mrs. Ritaben Shah, Proprietor of Chintamani Education trust. She gave ABTA various guidelines for organizing Handwriting Competition.  Mr. Husenibhai Parchigar, a retired Art teacher of Zenith school offered his service as a judge for Drawing Competition. He gave the children of group A to colour the portraits which he had prepared. For group B and C he gave various topics for drawing as well as colouring which are as follows:

  1. Natural Scenery
  2. Balloon man selling Balloons
  3. Scene at Railway Platform
  4. Sister and Brother going to School
  5. My Favourite Festival
  6. My Dream World 
  7. Vegetable Market

The list of winners for the competitions is as follows:

The winners of Handwriting Competition:

  1. Marchawala Zaibali Nadeali
  2. Boxwala Aliya
  3. Lokhandwala Sakina Anisbhai
  4. Lokhandwala Abbasali Anisbhai
  5. Electricwala Nafeya Aliabbas
  6. Rangwala Husena (consolation price)

The winners of Drawing Competitions:

  1. Parchigar Amanali
  2. Vohra Amena Fazalalibhai
  3. Lokhandwala Sakina Anisbhai
  4. Battiwala Ayman
  5. Poonawala Vazira
  6. Motabhaiwala Zeenat
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