Du'aa (supplication) is the voice of the sorrows and pains of the heart. No matter, whether a man is in sorrow or happiness, his feelings and thoughts find their way out through his speech, which is du'aa. Allaah Ta'aala says in the Qur'an, ‘Perform du'aa in my way and I will acknowledge it.' Rasoolullaah (SAWS) has said that, there are 99 attributes of Allaah; the 100th being “Allaah”; and the one who performs the glorification of Allaah (tasbeeh) by these names then indeed he will enter in the Paradise . These names are there in Qur'an. Saiyedna Qazi un-No'maan (AQ) describes these attributes of Allaah in the book of Isma'ili faith, Mukhtaser ul-Aasaar. Supplication done along with these names is acknowledged and accepted. If we seek anything from Allaah with these names then verily it is granted. If a mumin recognizes the blessings of acceptance of his supplication then he performs it with faith and clean heart. Each attribute (name) of Allaah has an unique numeric value.

"How to Calculate the Numeric Value of your Name with the Attributes of Allaah"

When you type your name (not more than 20 characters) in the text-box given below, the numeric value of your name will be calculated automatically when you click on "Get Details" button. Thus to know which attribute of Allaah corresponds to your name in accordance to its numeric value, you have to select "Name - Get Value & Names of Allaah" given under "Select Option" and then click on "Get Details" button. You will get details of what you have typed, number of characters, its break-up along with its numerical value, total value of the text and different Allaah's Names (al-Asmaa ul-Husnaa) equal to the total value of your name. Remember that your surname or any other thing is not required with your name to get its numeric value. If you do the tasbeeh of these selected Names of Allaah as many times as you can, which is equal to the value of your name then Allaah will give intellectual, physical and spiritual powers to you and this action is helpful in any of your difficulties. When you recite Allaah's Glorious Names you should prefix each name with "Yaa".

"How to Calculate the Numeric Value of an Arabic Text"

If you want to know only the numeric value of your name or some Qur'anic Aayat or Arabic Text then after typing the text in the text-box you have to just click "Get Details" button. The desired result will be displayed on your screen. If you want to know the numeric value of your name and you are unaware of which Arabic letters comes in your name, then you don't have to worry. Just ask this on "numeric.value@alavibohra.org." we would help you out in typing your name.

To type the desired text, please click the buttons shown below as an Arabic Alphabet Keyboard

Select option:
  • To use this feature (Abjad Calculation) you should be acquainted with the Arabic writings.
  • There is no value for "space bar" i.e. if you type a space in-between the text it will not carry any value.
  • While typing the text, the dia-critical marks ('eraab) i.e. zabar, zair, tashdeed etc. is not required.
  • The numerical value of each Arabic Alphabet is pre-assigned to the alphabet key.  The alphabet and its value will appear above.
  • The value for "alif" and "hamzah" is same i.e. 1.
  • This Calculation do not support Persian Alphabets i.e. "Chaa", "Paa", "Gaaf" etc.
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