Volcano – A Geological phenomenon and a Sign of Allaah


Few months ago, half of the World was under siege when the news of volcanic eruption in Iceland flashed on the World-wide News channels. Initially, it was thought that the things would come under control in a short time. This incident made Iceland famous all over. One couldn’t even imagine in his wildest dreams that a volcano could cause so much destruction. As the days passed, the ash clouds of the erupting volcano spread over major part of UK. Thousands of flights got stranded resulting into losses running into billions of dollars and mounting the worries for millions of people. With Allaah’s grace, the ash clouds didn’t spread much. Experts say that the ashes from a volcano can change seasons, maroon the industrial and residential areas, destroy the standing crops, etc. According to them, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes are the most powerful geological forces that can change everything on the face of the earth.

If we unmask science and compare it with the realities of Shari’at, we’ll find that Allaah describes these destructive forces with admonitions in the Qur’an as,

  • Wa bussat il-jibaalo bassa (Surat ul-Waaqe’ah) – When the mountains would be crushed.
  • Wa homelat il-arzo wal jibaalo fadukkata dukkatan waahedatan (Surat ul-Haaqqah)- When the earth and mountains would be lifted and destroyed at once.
  • Wa takoon ul-jibaalo kal ‘ehnil manfoosh (Surat ul-Qaare’ah) – When the mountains would be made as light as puffed cotton.

In the above verses, Allaah Ta’aala describes the very scenario of Qayaamat (Day of Judgement). When all unexpected things will happen along with volcanic eruptions, all of them will run for safe haven.  But all of these natural shortcomings will take place within no time. Volcanic eruption, thus, is only one of such many precursors that give us an idea about the happenings of the Qayaamat. If a volcano is able to unfold such a destruction of Earth, how would the Qayaamat be when everything will perish? At that testing time, mumineen would profit neither from earth nor from the sky. Their dependency would only be on the Walaayat (love and acceptance) of Hujjatullaah Imaam-e-Aal-e-Mohammad Maulaana Qaa’im ul-Qayaamah (as).

During a volcanic eruption, molten rocks in the form of lava gush out from the crater (mouth of volcano) along with the ash. In other words, what was buried under the crust of Earth comes out on the surface with great force.  The force of ashes, which was locked up under the earth forms clouds and showers on the land. The unexposed gets exposed. Volcanoes have ravaged the earth since ages. It is a continuous process by which the constituents of earth’s crust keep on changing from time to time.

Earth and its atmosphere is the foundation of Life. Only Allaah knows the secret behind its changes. Rasoolullaah (saws) says in his Hadees-e-Shareef that, “al-Arzo Ummokum wa heya Bekum Barratun”Earth is your mother on which you walk, roam and benefit from the crops grown on it.  The earth absorbs you after you die. Earth is enough for us in everything. It is the blessing of Allaah. If the Sky is Rasoolullaah (saws) then Earth is Maulaana Ali (as). Allaah has showered His infinite blessings through the earth. Thus, respect the earth. Allaah Ta’aala says “La tufsedu fil arze”You don’t create disputes on this earth. Earth can bear violence to some extent but when it becomes unbearable, it creates havoc for everyone residing on its back. Considering these signs of Allaah, it is advisable to lead our lives honestly and let others live with tranquility.

If we talk about earthly volcanoes, then there are man-made also which seems to have erupted due to our own misdeeds in the society with large-scale moral degradation and erosion.  According to Shari’at, a woman should cover their bodies from ‘ghayr mehram’- a man with whom she can do marriage. But today blindly following modernism and western culture, we see girls and ladies alike roam around with tight outfits and unislaamic clothes, publicly chat in groups with improper manner and misbehave by touching each other. Their mannerism and attire clearly reflects their mind and bond with the Ta’leemaat of Ahl ul-Bayt (as).  Today, whatever is supposed to be unexposed is exposed under the influence of progressive lifestyle.  Women exposing their shame and indecency in front of ghayr mehram are like dangerous volcanoes in the society.  Along with this, there is another malpractice of leaking secrets among each other.  It is as destructive as lava and as dreadful as ashes.  This results into quarrels and distrust. If a secret gets revealed amongst more than two people, than it becomes a dispute. All subtle social relationship has its foundation on trust and secrecy.  Our religion commands us to stay away from such vices and plug the unsocial flare-ups which will tarnish the beautiful social fabric.

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