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  Allaah: The Most Sublime, the Lord of the Universe

Imaam Ja'far us-Saadiq (as), the fifth Imaam was once asked, “Does Allaah’s existence have any meaning or reason?  Was He there since the beginning of everything? We know that the universe, the planets and all living beings didn’t exist at all until they were created. Could we use this explanation of the formation of the universeto justify Allaah's existence?  Does the creation of the universe give recognition to the oneness and omnipresence of Allaah?”

To which Imaam Ja'far us-Saadiq (as) replied, “O my dear brother! Every living being in existence has two equations to face. One where he says, “I have created myself.” and the other who says, “Someone else has created me.” If I created myself then I should know where I was before, which I do not know. If I created myself then I should also have control over death, as then I’d be aware that I won’t last long. But I know death isn’t in my hands as well. If I am truly convinced that I created myself then I should have the ability to create others too. But that is far from my abilities as well. Even he who says that he was there from the beginning then there is no question of his birth. But he who contradicts the above statement by saying he didn’t exist before, then how can he grant life to others when he hadn’t even drawn his first breath?”

“If I believe that I haven’t created myself, then I realise that I am not alone. There are others like me. They don’t have the ability to create me as well. We are all like each other. So it is evident that the one who created me and others is the same. He who gives us life and takes it away is only One. This divine and all-prevailing being who gives life to others is always Living and is so strong that He can take life and give death and also give life to the dead. What exists can be wiped out by Him and what disappears can be brought back by Him. Thus, O my dear brother! The one who has the whole universe under his control is no one but Allaah Subhaanahu wa Ta’aala.”

Allaah has the exact knowledge about his creations. There was once a mischievous man named Ja’ad bin Darham. Even when his knowledge was unripe he would roam around with a swollen ego that he knew everything. In order to achieve position and status among the people he would spread misconceptions and tried to change their opinions about faith on Allaah, His wisdom behind the creation and His decree. One time he propagandised that, he could create beings just like Allaah. Everyone was equally surprised and curious when they heard him. Ja’ad bin Darham went further to prove his point by gathering people around him. He took a big vial made of glass and deposited some wet soil in it. He placed the container for some days in such a way that there was a small hole where air could enter.

Few days later, small insects emerged from the soil and started crawling on the walls of the vial. Ja’ad got consumed by his inflated pride and he looked at his fellow spectators as he said, “See everyone! As you know earlier there was nothing in the soil but due to my efforts there are now insects crawling in it. I am the creator of these creatures.” When Imaam 'Aali Maqaam got acknowledged with this piece of event he said, “If he truly is the creator of those insects then, Ask him, how many of them are male and how many of them are female? What is the weight of every creature? If he created those insects then tell him to create something else!”

So the people went and bombarded him with these questions but he wasn’t able to answer any of them. He became speechless and it seemed that he was tongue tied. Everyone looked through his hoax and ran to catch him but ..... such deceitful people are a lot in this world and many people have been led astray by their false claims. This sentence leads to another separate incident which took place in a huge jungle where Allaah has created numerous insects and ants that resides there from the time unknown. This was asked to Ali ul-Murtazaa (as), “Does Allaah have knowledge of the number of small and tiny creatures in the jungle?”  To which Maulaa answered, “Their only owner and creator is Allaah but from the knowledge He has granted me, I can say that I know how many of them are there and how many are male and female. I know their weight and how long they’d live and also what they eat and how much is their capacity.”

During this turbulent time of Covid-19 (Corona virus) which has gripped the entire world, we as a believers should keep strong faith in this hard test thrown upon us by the decree of Allaah Ta’aala.  It is a golden opportunity for us to rediscover, revamp and rewind ourselves when we are unwillingly caged in our homes.  In absence of our presence outside our homes every other creatures, trees, ponds, lakes, fields, oceans, jungles are returning to their beauty, glamour, youth and grandeur.  It seems now the turn is theirs to rule the world.  The mighty humans are today are helpless and horrified.  What is in the store no one knows.  Allaah Ta'aala and Allaah's Wali have the knowledge and wisdom of all these things.

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