The Divine specialists of Allah i.e. Awliyaa-ullaah has described that the heart of an unfaithful is a reversed or over turned heart, which does not contain any goodness in it. Such a heart is digressed from its primordial nature, it does not look towards the blissful upper heavens and keeps itself enliven and pre-occupied into the worldly affairs and pleasures, and therefore it does not witness the existence of Allah and eternal world. It lacks the proper imagination of honesty, generosity and pious deeds because these deeds can reach the stage of perfection and Allah’s Nearness only in cases when they are performed with sincerity and with the intention of attaining His favors. But since an infidel has reversed his heart, he does not observe faith in Allah any more, nor does he do any righteous deeds to please Allah, and therefore he does not have any other aim, except this world and all its pursuits.

Such an heart in his elemental nature was blessed with esoteric eyes which now have been blinded because, he cannot witness the most explicit shining realities i.e. the creator (Allah) of the universe, He is blind and will be raised as blind in the next world also. In this world he is attached to the worldly affairs, and will be raised in the next world possessed with the same attachment, but since the eternal world lacks these worldly pleasures, he will burn with the fire of separation. In such a heart the light of faith and belief has been extinguished and therefore, it is totally filled with absolute and utter darkness.

Just opposite to the heart of an unbeliever is the heart of a perfect righteous believer, whose doors are open towards the upper heaven and unseen world, is illuminated with the light of faith which will never extinguish, and through its two esoteric eyes witnesses the mysteries of the hidden world. Such a heart continuously strives for achieving thorough perfection and beauty and salvation and seeks Allah’s bliss and blessings. Since his aim is to reach in Heaven he continuously strives to move in the direction of Allah by performing religious deeds and good conduct. Such a heart is wider than the celestial sky and Divine thrown, beautiful than the paradise, is the divine treasure and center of manifestation of heavenly light, his earth is enlightenment, his sky is faith, his sun is enthusiasm for Almighty’s countenance, his moon is Almighty’s love, where the wisdom rules and absorbs the rain of Divine blessings for producing the fruits of prayer and obedience, is filled with absolute light, joy, cheerfulness, purity and will he raised in the next world in the similar state.

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