Zul Qa'adat il-Haraam 1437 AH

Sahifah of Wuzu and Namaaz – Sahifat ul-Wuzu was Salaat

Sahifah of Wuzu and Namaaz  Sahifat ul-Wuzu was Salaat Sahifah of Wuzu and Namaaz  Sahifat ul-Wuzu was Salaat

At the time when Aqaa Maulaa was Mazoon e Mutlaq, from 1405 to 1419 AH, there was a single Arabic Sahifah named “Tarteeb ul-Wuzu was Salaat” from which Alavi Children took Dars in Madrasah.  After that as per the need of time, Saheb-e-Da’wat decided to print it again but with proper Tarteeb and Tehseen.  In 1419 AH, it got printed and named as “Tohfat-o-Ad’eeyat is-Salaat”.  This effort and expenses were carried out by the Miyabhai Lala Family.

This time too, Saiyedna saheb (TUS) gave Razaa Mubaarak to the Lala Family – Azimahbu M Lala and Shaikh Abbasbhai M Lala to print and publish a special Sahifah in Lisaan ud-Da’wat that will cover the Du’aas of Daily Usage.  This Exclusive Sahifah for Tahaarat and Namaaz is primarily meant for the Tullaab (Students) of Madrasah Taiyebiyah.  It covers each and every Du’aa for Wuzu and those recited after offering Namaaz.  It starts with the bayt composed by Saiyedna Fakhruddin saheb (QR), “Ilm ne Sikho Aal-e-Mustafaa si, Ye par Utru Janaab-e-Kibriyaa si.”  It ends with the Mubaarak names of A’immat-e-Taahereen (as) and Du’aat-e-Akrameen (aq) with their period of Da’wat and Tareekh-e-Inteqaal.  This Sahifah named, “Sahifat ul-Wuzu was Salaat” will be distributed first in the Madrasah and then to all Mumineen along with the Calendar 1438 AH, “Hadiyatan”- free of cost.

On 24th Zul Qa’adah 1437, Friday, during the Zohr-‘Asr Namaaz, Huzoor-e-‘Aali (TUS) did Rasm-e-Ijraa, Releasing Ceremony in Masjid-e-Nooraani.  Shaikh Abbasbhai M Lala offered Sahifah to Huzoor-e-‘Aali (TUS) and did ‘Arz for publishing it among the Mumineen.  Shahzaada Sa’eed ul-Khayr Bhaisaheb (zi) did bayaan in this respect and explained mumineen the Fehrist and Content of this Sahifah and the importance of Recitation of Du’aas.  It was readied quite some time before in Sha’baan, but due to some additions its release got delayed and this was completed at the earliest due to the pain-staking efforts of Mukaasir ud-Da’wat, Shahzaada saheb and Hadd saheb Badruddin.



  • Bayaan of Bayt ul-Khalaa
  • Bayaan of Wuzu
  • Bayaan of Ghusl
  • Bayaan of Tayammum
  • Importance of Namaaz
  • Bayaan of Masjid
  • Imaamat
  • Niyyat of Namaaz
  • Various Du'aas during Namaaz
  • Du'aas of Jomo'ah
  • Du'aa of Pehli Raat
  • 'Aql-e-Awwal - Baawiso
  • Du'aa of Roza Iftaari
  • Du'aa of 'Azzamallaah
  • Faateha of Mumineen
  • List of Imaams and Da'is
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