Lecture of the Fazaa'il

•  Saiyed ul-Mursaleen Mohammad Rasulullah (SAWS) was sent by Allah as the blessing and kindness for this universe. He is the last Prophet and fifth Naasekh-ush-Sharaae' (the one who erases the previous shari'at). There are 100 names of Rasulullah (SAWS) in the Qur'an.

•  Rasulullah (SAWS) has been compared with Shajarat-e-Tooba or Shajarat-e-Taiyebah (the blessed and sacred tree) of Paradise . Where Saiyed ul-Kaunain Rasulullah (SAWS) is the roots; Maulana Ali ul-Murtaza (AS) is the trunk; Maulatana Faatemah (AS) is the branches; Imaam Hasan (AS) and Imaam Husain (AS) are the fruits of the tree and all the faithful and loyal mumineen of Ahl-ul-Bayt (AS) are the leaves of the tree. The tree will keep on bearing the fruits till the Day of Judgement in the form of Imaam (AS) from the progeny of Imaam Husain (AS). And the leaves which are attached to the tree could always get nourishment from its roots through the trunk and branches i.e. a mumin who is always attached to the walaayat and misaaq of Da'wat-e-Ahl ul-Bayt (as) could always get ilm, hidaayat and noor from Saheb-e-Da'wat which are necessary for the for the purity and Tahaarat-paakeezagi of the soul (nafs). The leaf which falls from the tree looses its originality and is carried away by the wind and lastly gets disappeared and mixed in the dust. The spiritual existence of a person who looses his faith in Da'wat gets completely void and his deeds happens to get lost in the wind of ignorance.

•  Rasulullah (SAWS) has been transformed (naqal) from the pure backbones (aslaab) to the pure wombs (arhaam). All the four ranks; Risaalat, Wasaayat, Nubuwat and Imaamat meet in Rasulullah (SAWS) from the progeny of Hazrat Ishaaq and Hazrat Isma'il, the son of Maulana Ibraaheem Khaleelullaah (AS).

•  Allah Ta'aala has put ten fires in the Bani Adam (human being). These ten fires are:

  • Fire of carnal appetite (desire)
  • Fire of Jealousy and greed
  • Fire of lustful intention
  • Fire of tongue
  • Fire of negligence (ghaflat)
  • Fire of disobedience (nafarmaani)
  • Fire of ignorance (jihaalat)
  • Fire of genital organs
  • Fire of hunger
  • Fire of hearing

Rasulullah (SAWS) says, ‘Follow my shari'at and practices which will help you to extinguish all the fires in you, and truly he is the true believer who does this.'

  • The fire of desire can be put off by fasting
  • The fire of jealousy and greed by remembering death
  • The fire of lustful intention by remembering the torture of Hell
  • The fire of tongue by repentance (taubah)
  • The fire of negligence by listening to the advices of intellectuals
  • The fire of disobedience by recalling the Day of Judgement
  • The fire of ignorance by acquiring knowledge
  • The fire of genital organs by getting married
  • The fire of hunger by eating lawful (Halaal) things
  • The fire of hearing by listening to the Qur'an and naseehat