Rasoolullaah (saws), Dream and Da’i

Qul Howallaaho Ahad - Say, (O Mohammad Rasoolullaah (saws)) He is Allaah, the One

The region of Yemen has been an excellent and preeminent area for the dissemination, propagation and stability of Da’wat-e-Haadiyah, be it in the era of noble Prophets-Ambiyaa (as), or the times of illustrious Imaams of Aal-e-Mohammad or the Golden memorable days of the Faatemiyeen Du’aat-missionaries. In this whole period of ‘Ilmi Jihaad whenever the seeds of Faith and Truth had been sowed in the empty hearts of Ignorant people, then there came up a good harvest of Believers full of Knowledge and good Deeds. Because of this endeavor of Du’aat, the blessings of the Da’wat had been manifested towards Hind and Sindh as the holy land of Yemen is bordered with it.

The way the price of the plot increases manifold when a precious stone mine is found at the place, like wise Yemen is the mine of Just and Noble people. It is home to finest believers who are like priceless jems of beautiful shapes and colours which reflect their Tarbiyat and Ta’leem. As pearls and gems adorn the crowns of kings, in the same way the believers are engraved in the bright and illuminate persona of the Imaam of the time-Imaam uz Zamaan (as). Just as the Red Ruby occupies a distinct place among the gems, so is the place of a true and pious believer among the people. The region of Yemen has produced unique and unparallel Rubies in the form of believers-mumineen.

Amongst them there lived a Mumin of dignity and respect, in the beginning of the 4th century AH (after Hijrah), that is, in the era of Imaam ‘Abdullaah al-Mehdi’s (as) blessed time. He was pious and had a noble character, had pure manners and morals. He was residing in a small village of Yemen and used to spend his time in prayers. He wasn’t wasting a single moment in laxity. He was well respected and was held in high esteem. He was a Staunch Believer of Rasoolullaah (saws). He was so fortunate that, due to the Gracefulness of Rasoolullaah (saws), his every prayer was answered by Allaah Ta’aala. He was under a special benefaction and Rahamaat of Rasoolullaah (saws).  As a reward for his devotion and dedication, every year, in a particular night he used to see and talk with Rasoolullaah (saws) in his dream. This continued for years together, and people used to envy him.

Incidentally, 11th Faatemi Imaam Maulaana Mehdi’s Da’i Abul Qaasim came to Yemen at that time. To persuade and call people to the Righteous Path of Da’wat-e-Haadiyah and to instruct them to the Truthfulness of the Just and Rightful Imaam.  He came to this particular village, in which this Noble Mumin was residing. In that particular night, Rasoolullaah (saws) graced his dream and began saying that, “O Brother, Wake up! What a sleep of Ignorance you are in? Go and see that the Da’i of my Imaam Mehdi, the emblem of my progeny, the just and rightful representative of my Aayat, has come to your village. He is not familiar with your region. If you want your salvation then go to the Da’i, serve him and help him. Enter into the Da’i’s covenant, because he will bring you to me in the world Hereafter. I will recognize you because of this Da’i, and would guarantee you the reward of all your prayers.

That pious Mumin inquired Rasoolullaah (saws) as to where to meet the Da’i of his Imaam? Where do I look for him? And how do I recognize him?  Rasoolullaah (saws) explained to him certain signs, and instructed to him certain scholarly questions along with their answers, and ordered him not to forget them, but to memorize these important questions and their answers. He added that, after leaving your home, you may go out near a particular place.  There, if you see this particular thing, then keep on going that way. Then, at some distance you will see a mountain. Enter the cave of that mountain from this particular side, and there you will see my Da’i. Sit near him, tell him that why you are there and ask him the questions that I have taught you, and you will get the same answers as I have given to you. If this happens, then be sure that this is the person who is my Da’i, the person of respect and the one who is holding the truth. Bow down at his feet and take his right hand into your hands. Put belief in him and offer him your covenant.

The dream got over and the Mumin woke up with the fine Memories of his dream and the conversation with Rasoolullaah got itched in his mind and soul. As ordained by Rasoolullaah (saws), he went out of his village. He went on seeing the signs showed in his dream, and continued his way. He came close to the mountain and started to go towards the cave. Incidentally, before he could reach there, the Da’i saw a large army of a king who seem to be the enemy of believers and hence fearing for his life, Da’i Abul Qaasim hide himself in that cave.

By the time he approached the cave, he became very much tired and he slowly entered into the cave. When he saw the Da’i, he could not believe his eyes as he was in front of an Old Man, with a shinning face, sitting in a corner of the cave with his very limited belongings. He wore a white turban and held a stick in his hand. He went to the Da’i Abul Qaasim and enquired about his well being. Remembering what was in heart, he also asked the questions that Rasoolullaah (saws) had taught him. Da’i Abul Qaasim replied with the same answers as those which were given to him in his dream by Rasoolullaah (saws).

Then and there the man recognized (knew) that this Old Illustrious Man is the person of Truth, and that this is no one but Da’i Abul Qaasim, who represented the Aal of Rasoolullaah (saws) i.e. Imaam uz Zamaan Maulaana Mehdi (as). He bowed down to his feet, kissed his right hand and offered his covenant to him. He became his close aid, intimate friend, supporter, student, associate, and obeyed him from head till feet. Gaining the knowledge with every bit of passing time, and as a result of his Strong and Pure Intention, Da’i went on elevating him in the degrees of faith and beliefs. Along with the Da’i, this Noble Man looked after every aspect of the Da’wat in Yemen and guided the believers to the right path.

This dream, and meeting with Da’i Abul Qaasim, the emissary of the Truthful Imaam, proves the Truthfulness of the Da’wat-e-Faatemiyah Husainiyah. The Du’aat, carrying the lantern of light of truthfulness on behalf of the Faatemi Imaam, graced the region of not only Yemen but also Hind and Sindh.  Be it Maulaai Jullam bin Shaybaan in Sindh at around 360 AH, in the era of the 14th Imaam Maulaana Ma’ad al-Mo’iz (as) or Maulaai Ahmad in Hind in 480 AH in the era of the 18th Imaam Ma’ad al-Mustansir (as). The sole purpose of all these emissaries was to bring people together under the Spiritual fold of Trust and Justice and to make them acquainted with the Imaam of their time and to guide them to the Right Path of Truth.

Because of this continuous endeavor, thousands of people became believers and true faithful to the Faatemi Imaam, and thus set right their life in this World and Hereafter. Because of these endeavors, many of the emissaries-Du’aat were targeted by the infidels, evil people and enemies. They sacrificed their own lives to serve the Rightful Religion of piousness and pureness. Got themselves obliterated, rather than allowing the Light of the Evident Religion of Steadfastedness to be put off. What a devotion and sacrifice shown by these Du’aat to which no parallel could be brought. May Allaah Ta’aala grant them the succor from the House of Shelter and Safety and make them stay forever.

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