“Whatever actions Allah's creatures perform in this world will appear before their eyes on the Day of Judgement.”


Video cassettes or CDs or computer sets, which are man-made, retain sounds and words, movements and actions which might have been recorded some years back. A film on which actions and movements are recorded can be retained for a very long time, perhaps indefinitely.

When man, who has been created by Allah, can invent such devices, we can easily understand how wonderful and precise Divine records of man's actions are.

The devices of the World of Creation are so accurate and sensitive that they retain all the accounts of man's actions, words and thoughts.

Hazrat Ali (AS) has described this symbolic recording apparatus in the following words: “Allah records whatever action man performs in this world in detail. One the Day of Judgement, He will embody those actions so that each person will see with his own eyes and remember what he had done in the word. Then he will understand that Allah will reward or punish everyone in accordance with his good or bad deeds.

On that Day, the worst perdition will be revealed before the eyes of those who indulged in bad actions in the world.

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