Parliament of the World's Religions
  Raasulhudood Dr Zulqarnain Hakeemuddin Saheb ZI had a privilege to attend an interfaith meet and dialogue of various religious leaders organized jointly by, The Convent of Jesus and Mary School and The Parliament of World Religions on the occasion of 75th Independence Day.  Leaders of the respective religious sects shared their ideas and importance of Independence Day for our Country.  Representing Alavi Bohra Community, Raasulhudood Saheb highlighted the difference between Independence and Freedom.  World was Dependent on our Country before British invasion. They entangled our minds in the chains of differences and divided us at all levels.  Once our Country was called Golden Sparrow. We need to regain that title because Britishers have disintegrated or Gold into different metals. We need to unite again to form Gold.

Alavi Bohras: Parliament of the World's Religions, Ramkrishna Mission, Vadodara Alavi Bohras: Parliament of the World's Religions, Ramkrishna Mission, Vadodara

Parliament of World Religions along with the Ramakrishna Mission organized an Interfaith Meet on the Harmony of Religions in Vadodara on 2nd October 2018 commemorating the 125th Anniversary of the Swami Vivekananda's Speech given at Chicago in 1893. To grace this occasion Huzoor e 'Aali TUS was invited to share his valuable thoughts on the Harmony of Religions. He gave Raza to Ra's ul Hudood Saheb DM and Shahzaada Sa'eed ul Khayr Bhaisaheb to represent our community in the event.

Heads from various communities participated in the event. Shahzaada Sa'eed ul Khayr Bhaisaheb recited Aayat ul Kursi before the speech. Ra's ul Hudood Saheb in his speech stressed on the fact that Harmony is Health and Disharmony is Disease. We all are Doctors of our respective communities and know the disease our followers are suffering from. We need to change ourselves first before expecting change from others. We should know ourselves first - our scope and limitations. Knowing our Self is Knowing Our Lord - Rasoolullaah SAWS has said. Creation and Destruction are two sides of a coin. We're heading towards Destruction. This fact must be borne in mind.

  Tilaawat of Aayat ul Kursi:

Alavi Bohras: Annual Meet of the Parliament of the World's Religions, Social Works Deptt. MSU, Vadodara
Alavi Bohras: Annual Meet of the Parliament of the World's Religions, Social Works Deptt. MSU, Vadodara

The Parliament of World's Religions organised an Interfaith meet on 7th February 2018, where religious leaders of different sects and faith participated and shared their views.  Under the guidance of Huzoor  e 'Aali TUS, Ra’s ul Hudood saheb participated in the meet and represented Alavi Bohras for the first time.

He emphasized on the point that,

“Humanity is the greatest Religion which should be practiced by all. It's the need of time to educate the masses about the Human values that are based on peace, cooperation, compassion and tolerance.  Islam is the religion of peace and it is practiced by the people of Heavens even before the creation of human beings.  Islam is above humanity as it teaches and reaches to the minutest capabilities and responsibilities of each and every being.”

He highlighted the fact that,

“Before Prophethood was bestowed upon Rasoolullaah SAWS at the age of 40 yrs, He was known among the people of Makkah as the most Truthful, Trustworthy and Honest - which are the basic Human ethics, values and attributes related to the Supreme Being.  People kill the very soul of Islam and their respective faith because of personal grudge, greed and gain.  Religious leaders should inculcate the sense of Human Values first among their followers, even before Religious Teachings.  We should first educate our masses as it is from here that any bad movement of evil agenda starts.”
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