Moharram ul-Haraam 1446 AH


Ghamm e Husain ke ho saath Saal e Naw ki Khushi,
Khudaa ke Dar se badi Ne'matain Hame hai mili,
Ye Ghamm se hoyenge Jannat mai Hum Qadam-ranja,
Khushi hai kitni badi, phir Jahaan mai kya ho Ghammi.


Allaah kare Tamne Mubaarak Jadeed Saal,
Tena Shukur ne saath jamo pur-Lazeez Thaal,
Na bhooljo Husain hata Bhooka ne Pyaasa,
Te Karbalaa ne Yaad Tame raakhjo har Haal.

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  The Speaker of Qur'an e Hakeem: Naatiq ul Qur'an is Maulaana Imaam Husain AS

Reading and speaking are fundamental to Islaamic teachings. The first command given by Allaah Ta'aala to the Prophets was to read, then to understand, memorize, and propagate it to the people in its true sense and manner. Reading correctly and guiding others to do the same, then helping them understand, is the core of educational excellence.
Qur'an is the best book that teaches us about the things seen as well as unseen.  This best book should be learnt from the best person.  This could only be the person from the house of Rasoolullaah SAWS on whose heart Qur'an was revealed.  If Qur'an is a divine heavenly book then the one who explains it should also be divinely appointed.  Qur'an is a silent book, it requires someone who reads from it.  The one who is authorised by Nabi to read the Qur'an is called Naatiq ul Qur'an.  All rightly appointed Imaams from the house of Rasoolullaah SAWS are Speakers of Qur'an.

Maulaana Imaam Husain AS is Naatiq ul Qur'an after the Shahaadat of his brother Maulaana Imaam Hasan AS.  His whole life depicts the verses of Qur'an and his last Sajadah on the plains of Karbalaa gave new Life and everlasting Light to the book of Allaah Ta'aala, the Qur'an.  Each and every surah of Qur'an weeps and recalls the Haqeeqat of Karbalaa.  We can say the Waaqe'ah of Karbalaa is in itself the Tilaawat of Qur'an.  Qur'an stood as a witness to the great mission of Maulaana Imaam Husain AS and that was to do jihaad for Bay'at and Haqq.

Our Husaini majlis is Qur'anic majlis.  Each and every word reflects the light of Qur'anic aayats.  After 150 years, by the farmaan of Aqaa Maulaa Saiyedna saheb TUS, the face and the place of the Moharram majlis got its new identity and it got transferred to the Qiblah of Masjid e Nooraani.  Every change is for good things that is felt only by the passage of time.  Patience is the key to accept changes.  Mumineen-Muminaat in these limited Husaini days should live full life based on Husaini Seerat and paak habits.


Parcham-Flag: The Recognition of Respect and Sacrifice


Parcham-Liwaa-Jhando creates an identity and uniqueness of a group that owns it.  People's possessiveness of their flag is based on the love and respect attached to it as it gives the enthusiasm of Victory and Power.  Anyone who holds it gets the feeling of the greatness of his group or nation.  Where does this come from?  It has its roots in Nooraani World where each Nabi will lead his obedient people by holding Nooraani parcham.  

Above all, Maulaa Ali AS will be leading Ummat e Mohammadiyah with Liwaa ul Hamd, the 'Flag of Praise' in his right hand while entering the door of Paradise.  Mumineen will be greeted by angels saying Salaam and this becomes the foundation of our Deen Islaam which is nothing but the Security for all Creatures on this earth and in the skies and between these two extremes.  This Liwaa ul Hamd will be the greatest among all other parchams of Ambiyaa.  This Liwaa will be having 7 dimensions depicting the 7 pillars of Islaam.

The Islaamic Flag of our Faatemi A'immat e Taahereen AS was white texted with Kalemat ush Shahaadah.  The text along with Tawheed e Rabbaani revealed the Haqqaaniyat of Mohammad ul Mustafaa SAWS and Ali ul Murtazaa AS.  This Faatemi Flag of Cairo exalted the true meaning of Islaam.  It has its roots deeply laid down during the battle of Karbalaa.  M. Abbaas Alamdaar held the Parcham e Husaini against the black flag of the evil Yazidi forces.  This white brilliant flag of Husaini army expressed their belief in Obedience, Sacrifice, Patience and Truth.  The few faithful Husaini people mounted the Parcham e Haqq in such a way that even today the coolness of its blissful shadow is felt in every corner of this world in form of Majlis o Ma'tam.

The Da'wat e Husainiyah that we follow is truly under the saaya of this Parcham e Haqq.  We mention this in the Du'aa of "Azzamallaah".  Today we must remember that, Parcham-Flag is not the thing that we should hold it in our hands, but our deeds, actions, thoughts and relations are like our parcham.  It should have the light of Truth and Justice.  We don't have any battlefield, but we have to fight with Shaytaani forces having weapons of pure faith and clear intentions.  This will become our real Husaini Parcham.

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