Moharram ul-Haraam 1445 AH
  Happiness and Celebration often makes us forget the reality that it is because of pain, sorrow or grief we wait for the moments of merriment.  The cheerful and healthy life of a child is related to his first cry on his birth.  Likewise, the pain of this world will get rewarded with the success in Aakherat.  The celebration of our Hijri New Year 1445 is graced with the days of mourning-ma’tam of the Shahaadat of our 2nd Imaam Maulaana Husain AS.  The wailing of the Husaini Mu’min in these initial 10 days of Moharram will bear for him the eternal fruits of peace and progress in the rest of the year.  It is the best spiritual medicine for all the ailments and sickness for the entire year.
  Maulaana Imaam Husain AS: The Saviour of True Faith and the "Mohammad" of Karbalaa

Saher ki Baat gayi, Shaam ki who Baat gayi,
Jise ye Ghamm nahi us Shakhs ki Hayaat gayi,
Ghamm e Husain hi se Kaayenaat Baaqi hai,
Ghamm e Husain gaya puri Kaayenaat gayi.

  Let's Begin...

With the Ma'tam and Aah o Zaari on the Masaa'ib of our Maulaa Husain AS, these things should be kept in our mind.....

  1. Let's offer Namaaz regularly
  2. Let's give priority to Namaaz over Ma'tami Majlis
  3. Let's not make mourning or Ma'tam e Husaini a tool of show off and demonstration
  4. Let's not make the aupiciousness and dignity of Ma'tam e Husaini to be paraded on streets with unethical clothes
  5. Let's not make these Mubaarak days only to have niyaaz food, snacks or sharbet, but to remember the 'amal of Sabr o Shukr of Shohadaa e Karbalaa SA
  6. Let's not skip any of the Aqaa Maulaa Saiyedna saheb TUS's wa'az mubaarak for any mean or frivolous reason
  7. Let's not wander or roam in the places other than ours.  Instead of improving it will corrupt our faith
  8. Let's not take any unlawful or intoxicating things  on our tongues as we utter with it the Nidaa of "Yaa Husain"
  9. Let's make our conversation or talk pure, meaningful and accountable.  Promise of Truth is the key to Jannat, the Dars Shohadaa taught to us
  10. By acknowledging the sacrifice of our Maulaa Husain AS, let's follow his principles and practices
  11. Let's make Namaaz our routine even after Yaum e 'Aashuraa
  12. Sabeel e Husain should only be a part of Moharram aa'maal and not for inappropriate display or niyaaz wastage
  13. Let's not limit the Ash'aar of our Aqaa Husain AS only for majlis but its meaning should be mirrored in our day to day life
  14. Let's propagate the message of Karbalaa to everyone near us.  It bears the gravity and sensitivity of Human values to encompass the people of all ages
  15. Shohadaa of Karbalaa are the epitome and peak of Nobility and Patience.  Let's inculcate in us the spirit and enthusiasm of sacrifice against falsehood and hypocrisy for building strong, smart and stable Alavi Bohra Jamaa'at

  4 Great Things

Allaah Ta'aala created meticulously and gracefully 4 things out of which 3 are Ghayb – invisible real world and 1 is evident and visible.  These are: 1. Jannat ul Firdaus 2. Qalam-Pen 3. Lawh-Writing board and 4. Aadam.  

We are from the Aal of M. Aadam Safiyullaah AS.  He has all the qualities and attributes that Aadam possessed when he was created in another world.  Out of this Aal-children, Allaah Ta'aala bestowed and granted special status to Husaini Mumineen.  Our beloved Imaam Maulaana Husain AS treasured in his spiritual status all the attributes-awsaaf of Ambiyaa and Awsiyaa right from M. Aadam Safiyullaah AS till Maulaana Ali Ameer ul Mumineen AS.  This is the reason that when we do Zikr of our Aqaa Husain AS, we are summing up the entire spiritual world.

We, as the Husaini Mumineen are the best of Aadami.  For us Allaah Ta'aala has beautifully created Jannat ul Firdaus.  It is written on the Lawh by the tearful ink through the Pen of our actions.  These actions are confirmed and endorsed by the Imaam.  Da'i e Husain remains witness to it.  Not a single action of a Mu'min is rejected when it is a part of the Sirat of our Maulaa Husain AS.  All these mubaarak actions are stored on the Lawh. The best deed of all is to mourn on the Shahaadat of our Maulaa.  Its Reward is nothing but Jannat ul Firdaus 

During the Day of Qeyaamat, Allaah Ta'aala will give preference to Husaini Mumineen over billions of people whose accounts of actions were without the Ma'tam of Maulaa Husain AS.  Tongues will be sealed but actions will speak.  Hands and Legs will stand as a witness.  None will be of any help but our actions.  So, an intellectual Aadami is that who does his homework with dedication to get his best Hadiyah as Jannat ul Firdaus in Aakherat by the hands of his creator Allaah Ta'aala.

  Sublimity in Merits and Extremity in Trials

Maulaana Imaam Husain AS held the zenith of Imaamat and the throne of Martyrdom-Shahaadat right from the time of his grandfather Mohammad Rasoolullaah SAWS.  The greatness of spiritual status always invite the severity of oppression-Zulm and the target of enmity.  The unruly Islamic world during the dark time of Yazid's autocratic rule and Fir'aunic powers was buried under the debris of false propaganda against the Purity and Spirituality of Ahl ul Bayt AS.  Right now the same thing is mirrored and one can seldom find the essence of nobility and virtues in true sense.  Imaam e Haqq sanctioned and appointed by Allaah Ta'aala is the only way of refuge, solace and safety which people search for in the times of mental and financial turbulence and imbalance.  We as a Mumineen truely know who is the Imaam e Haqq and Yazid e Zaalim of our time.

People are struggling to escape the heavy stench of religious corruption covered in dirty and stinky political rags.  And this situation will worsen with every passing day.  Our beloved Nabi Mohammad Rasoolullaah SAWS has guarenteed us that these nasty worldy things will never afflict us as we find peace and feel the fragrance of Paradise in the Zikr of Maulaana Imaam Husain AS.  Due to this our Merits are Sublime so are our extreme Trials.  More the Hardships, more is the Heights of its Reward.  Rasoolullaah SAWS said that, "Allaah Ta'aala has granted 3 outstanding merits to my grandson Husain which no one will hold till the Last Day. 

  1. Cure-Shifaa is in the soil of his grave-Qabr.
  2. Fulfilment-Ijaabat of Supplication-Du'aa beneath his mausoleum-Rawzah.
  3. Imaams-A'immat from his progeny-Aal till the Day of Qeyaamat.

We have the distinction above others that we are graced with these 3 merits of our Maulaa Husain AS.  Hundreds of our Mumineen take these Barakaat every year by attending Majlis e Aqaa Husain AS or by visiting Karbalaa e Mo'allaa.  The Shahaadat of Maulaana Imaam Husain AS at Karbalaa made it one of the holiest place in Shi'i world as it is believed to the land of Paradise.  Last year in Shawwaal 1444 AH, Aqaa Maulaa Saiyedna saheb TUS along with 72 mumineen-muminaat did Safar e 'Kun' (Karbalaa & Najaf) and got blessed with the eternal bounties-Ne'maat of our Maulaa Imaam Husain AS.  May Allaah Ta'aala accomplish all our Du'aa and Iltijaa by the Wasilah Husainiyah.



With the advent of every Nabi Haqq got its new bright attire and Baatil was blackened by its dirty robes.  Haqq-Truth and Baatil-Falsehood can't coexist or remain simultaneously with one group of people.  Truth is with Hizbullaah, the faction of Allaah and Falsehood is with Hizb ush Shaytaan, the group of Devil.  "Yaa Haqqo" is one of the attribute-name from 99 Asmaa e Husnaa of Allaah Ta'aala.  "Haqq" is made from Haa and Qaaf.  "Haa" is derived from "Hayy" and "Qayyoom".  Hayy means ever alive and gives life to others.  Qayyoom means ever prepared to act and guide others do the same thing by the Will of Allaah.

Hayy is Nabi and Qayyoom is Wasi.  When both comes together it gives birth to Imaamat.  Imaamat is Haqq, will remain alive and guide people at Allaah's wish and will.  Haqq is constant.  None can interfere or surpass in its spiritual institution.  Haqq needs Maulaana Ali Ameer ul Mumineen AS for its survival.  Haqq revolves around his Aal-Imaams.  Rasoolullaah SAWS said, "Ali is with Haqq and Haqq is with Ali." 

Aqaa Maulaa Saiyedna saheb TUS often addresses our gathering as, "Haqq na Mumineen", means Believers and Faithfuls of Truth.  Truth is nothing but Imaamat.  Imaamat is the centre of our Shari'at.  All the huqooq (pl. of Haqq) or religious taxes that are compulsory or voluntary on us are offered to our Imaam uz Zamaan AS who is related to Hayy and Qayyoom.

Imaam Husain AS is Haqq.  His Ma'tam is Haqq.  His Shahaadat is Haqq.  Shohadaa e Karbalaa did wasiyat to each other of Haqq by reciting Surat ul 'Asr.  We are Haqq na Mumineen, Husaini Mumineen.  We are created for Haqq, by Haqq, of Haqq and will always remain with Haqq.  We enjoy this right as we fulfill all the rules of Bay'at of our Imaam e Haqq.  Haqq will make us eternal-Baaqi, otherwise all other thing will vanish in the blink of an eye.

Husain Naam ki Barakat Jahaan pe chaayi hai,
Khudaa ne Jannato ko Is liye sajaayi hai,
Jinho ne Majlis e Husain ko rachaayi hai,
Unhi ki Jannato mai jaane ki rasaayi hai,
Ghamm e Husain ki Ne’mat hai Jannat ul Firdaus,
Rah e Husain ki Manzil hai Jannat ul Firdaus.

Qur'an e Kareem's smallest chapter is Surat ul Kawsar.  "Kawsar" means in abundance that never ends or stops or diminishes.  Kawsar is a beautiful stream flowing beneath Jannat and passing through the pillars of 'Arsh.  Its water is more sweeter than honey, more softer than butter, more whiter than snow.  Its owner-maalik is Maulaana Ali Ameer ul Mumineen AS who will allow his mumineen to drink from it.  Aal e Ali will be its custodians.  We always quote that, "Aakherat ma Maulaa Ali Ameer ul Mumineen AS humne Aab e Kawsar nu jaam aapse."

A person is a Kawsar of that Saheb who appoints him for any special task of Da'wat e Haadiyah.  Maulaa Ali is the Kawsar of Rasoolullaah SAWW.  All the Imaams in the chain of succession of Aal e Mohammad SAWW are Kawsar of one another.  That is the reason, why Surat ul Kawsar is said to be in Shaan of Aal e Ali AS.  This surat is an answer to all those enemies who belittle the status of Mohammad Rasoolullaah SAWW, by saying that, "Being the last and most influential prophet of Islaam, he died without leaving his legacy in the form of his children."

They all are unaware of the fact that, the Imaamat after first 3 Major Prophets, M. Aadam, M. Nooh and M. Ibrahim SA, continued through their sons who became their Wasi-deputy.  But, for another 3 Major Prophets, M. Moosa, M. 'Isaa and Mohammad Rasoolullaah SAWS, the Imaamat continued its line of succession not through their sons.  Rasoolullaah SAWS elevated his grandsons M. Hasan and M. Husain to the status of Imaam in his presence, as he considered both of them to be his own sons.  We will find the same situation with M. Moosa and his wasi M. Haroon.  The son of Wasi born to the daughter of Nabi is called the Aal of that Nabi.  Hence the sons of M. Ali who were appointed by Rasoolullaah SAWS and born to his daughter M. Fatemah were called as Aal e Mohammad SA.  They are Kawsar to Rasoolullaah SAWW.

Rasoolullaah SAWS said that, "All lineage, relations and children will end or terminate someday, but my aal-lineage or the succession of Imaamat will never end till the Day of Qeyaamat (the day of judgement)."  All Imaams are Kawsar of their times.  The Faithfuls are promised with Aab e Kawsar as they never leave Imaam or go beyond his command.  If anyone becomes thirsty then he goes in search of pure water.  Likewise, to quench the thirst of knowledge and wisdom, a faithful goes near his Imaam or his Deputy-Da'i.  If anybody wants to feel the purity of Kawsar then this is the best way.

  Ali ki yaad mai Kawsar ka jaam peeta hu,
Usi mai Doob ke Mai Subh o Shaam jeeta hu.



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