Moharram ul-Haraam 1445 AH

Maulaana Imaam Husain AS: The Saviour of True Faith and the "Mohammad" of Karbalaa


It was the Seventh Century AD; Europe was still in a state of wilderness. Rome and Greece were still pagan, the Christian creed emanated from the welding of the monastic Christianity with the pagan cult of Rome, affected by King Constantine of Rome, after about 300 years after the departure of Jesus-'Esaa Nabi was still ignorant of the elementary knowledge about the world. Its knowledge even about the earth was childish for even centuries later it had yet to pelt stones on Columbus when he told them that the earth was round. This was the state of Europe when Islam had already preached the truth about the Universe as a whole; the truth, which even to this day is the highest, and the modern scientists with all their claims of wonderful advancement and amazing discoveries have yet to arrive at the Islamic disclosures already made through the illuminating verses of Holy Qur'an.

America was yet to be discovered and it was the part of the earth unknown to man.  Africa was called the Dark Continent. Man there had yet to learn the necessity to cover its body and the people were still shrouded in shameful nudity.  India was a country with petty kingdoms ruling small states drowned in idolatry and rituals extending to slavery or human sacrifice.  China was led by the impracticable and emotional creed of Buddhism; of the total renunciation of the earthly life which even the people claiming to be staunch Buddhist by creed, could not as a whole practice their basic faith.

The only hope lay in the most practicable and the most reasonable Faith, Islam and its tenets-practices, but, with the alienation of the Ahl ul Bayt AS from the paramount authority over the affairs of the people, started the corruption in the faith and with the Umayyads in Syria on the throne, began the ever progressive adulteration of the Faith and the unwanted innovations in its practices.

The only hope of the pagan and uncultured world getting on the right track of civilized society was in Islam, but with Yazid on the usurped throne declaring disbelief in the bonafide apostleship of Mohammad Mustafaa SAWS and the Holy Qur'an being the revealed Word of Allaah Ta’aala, all hopes of the redemption of humanity from the abyss of material degradation and the lack of the truth about the real Creator of the Universe and the position and the commitment of man in it, were at stake.  On the hands of deceitful Yazid, the sanctity and Merits of Islam were going to be compromised and tainted with the fact that Maulaana Imaam Husain AS was holding the sublime responsibility of Imaamat in Madinah and Imaam was fully aware Yazid's venomous and malicious schemes against the spiritual authority of Ahl ul Bayt AS.

In short, the same atmosphere of darkness was once again, impending to shroud the Islamic world that prevailed half a century ago among the People of Book (Ahl ul Kitaab) which had demanded the advent of the Mohammad Mustafaa SAWS, the seal of Prophets. However, no prophet-apostle was to come after him, for the final code and call of the necessary knowledge and discipline for man on earth that had been given clearly in the Holy Qur'an. However, the situation demanded one like “Muhammad” to brave the forces of falsehood and re-establish the Faith, Nobility and Truth once again so that never may it again be shaken or disturbed by the like ones of Yazid.

When no apostle was to come, the only one to play the role of an apostle was Husain, the grandson of Mohammad Mustafaa SAWS, the Imaam of the Age, who was in the place of the Apostle, the Hujjat-Vicegerent of Allaah on earth. Only in view of the unique position of Imaam Husain, and the duty identical with his grandfather, which Husain was destined to discharge, that Mohammad Mustafaa SAWS had said: “Husainum Minni wa Anaa min Husain”, meaning, “Husain is of me and I am of Husain.”

It is for this duty of the imperative demand for the rescue of the True Faith that the All-Knowing Allaah had reserved the 'Zibh e ‘Azeem' and ‘Saiyed ush Shohadaa’, a great sacrifice and the master of Martyrs for Imaam Husain AS.

Letters inviting Husain to handle the situation began to pour in from all parts of the Arab world, particularly from Kufah, imploring Husain to proceed to guide the people. There were promises from the people, saying that strong armies were waiting to act under his command. Nevertheless, the invitations contained the taint of political aim and territorial ambition and Husain was not for it at all. He knew the Hour was getting nigh and waited exclusively for a pure and plain call from Allaah Ta’aala.

Imaam Husain was fully conscious of the heavenly objective of his very advent in the world being nothing but to meet this situation and to rescue Islam, Allaah's revealed faith and to elevate humankind to the glorious heights of the heavenly bliss. Husain knew the divine task of safeguarding the glory of Ahl ul Bayt AS assigned to him. He lived all these days in waiting for the hour to act as per his commitment to his grandfather. He also knew when to respond to the call from the people.

If Husain had any desire to gain any temporal power, the hundreds, rather thousands of the letters with the strongest promises and assurances from the people to march under his command, were more than sufficient to stimulate an ambitious mind. Like his father, he hated the world as a rotten bone of a leper's corpse in the mouth of a dog.

If Husain had taken any initiative to act of his own accord at the invitations from the people, with the assurance of the armies ready to act under his command, the sincerity or the purity of his purpose would have been marred. His intention in leaving Madinah would have been misunderstood by the world and doubted by the general public attributing to it selfishness and ambition to gain the political power for himself. He waited for a call from the situation purely in the name of Allaah for the righteous cause of saving the faith one day that he knew, was sure to come from heavens.  And this call saw the light of the day and Husain got martyred in the plains of Karbalaa on 10th Moharram 61 AH fulfilling all the responsibilities in saving Islam and its teachings from the falsehood of Yazidi forces till the Day of Judgement.

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