Moharram ul-Haraam 1444 AH
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The Neglected Pillar of the Great Sacrifice of Karbalaa: Bay'at (Misaaq, Permission)
  Rasoolullaah SAWS bestowed the Darajah of Imaamat by the Divine Decree to his beloved grandson Maulaana Imaam Husain AS.  This Darajah continued in his progeny and will be there uninterruptedly till the Day of Resurrection-Yaum ul Qeyaamah.  Aal e Husain AS are Ashaab e 'Ismat means the infallible people in whose hands lies the shafaa'at-intercession of their followers-mumineen.  Imaamat guarantees Shafaa'at.  Due to the purity and infallibility of an Imaam, he is assigned a great responsibility of accepting oath of Fealty-Misaaq (bay'at) and total conviction of Islamic tenets from his subjects.  Due to this oath-bay'at he knows his real believer.  Imaam is the only authority who takes Bay'at and around whom the Ahkaam-do's and don'ts of Shari'at revolves.
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Ye Aasmaan ke tale koi Jagah nahi,
Insaan par na aaye koi Balaa nahi,
Har ek Balaa se gar koi kuch sikhta nahi,
Shaayad woh Zindagi ki Rawish jaanta nahi,

Hai Karbalaa Balaao ka Aa'eenah, dekh lo,
Ghar mai Husain ke use rakhkha hai, dekh lo.


Mazoon ud Da'wat Saiyedi Sa'eed ul Khayr Imaaduddin saheb DM delivering Wa'az Mubaarak on 4th Moharram in Nooraani Masjid


Allaah Ta'aala says in His Aayat that, "We have brought everything into life from Water, if they could understand this reality and have faith in it." Aqaa Maulaa Saiyedna saheb TUS says in his wa'az that, "The pure knowledge given to us by Ahl ul Bayt AS is like life-giving water for our Souls-nufoos.  And it is this pure knowledge on which the ship of Shari'at floats.  Those who drink this water and quench the thirst of their soul will never feel helpless and lonely in this World-duniyaa and the Hereafter-aakherat.  Water holds Life.  Nothing is without Water."  

"The Martyrdom of Maulaana Imaam Husain AS is like giving life-saving Water to the Shari'at which had become lifeless in the hands of Yazid LA and his ignorant supporters.  These days of Moharram is to remember the Ihsaanaat of our Imaam e Mazloom, who has given us the pure water of Sabr o Haqq to make our lives, the real lives.  Our life here in this material world is a staircase towards the permanent life of Aakherat which has been promised by our Imaam e Mazloom.  The only point is that we have to make our lives float in the Ship of Shari'at controlled by the waters of Ilm e Ahl ul-Bayt AS."

Marsiyah-khwaani by Shahzada saheb on 3-4-5th Moharram
Mukaasir ud Da'wat Saiyedi Mohammad Nuruddin saheb DM delivering Wa'az Mubaarak on 6th Moharram in Nooraani Masjid

Sabr o Razaa ka Raasta paaya Husain se,
Imaan o Haqq ka Aayena dekha Husain se,
Payghaam 'Adl o Shukr ka aaya Husain se,
Armaan jo tha Dil ka woh maanga Husain se,

Haajit-rawaa hai aur hai Mushkil-kushaa Husain,
Aafat mai har Zabaan pe aata hai Yaa Husain.

Ra's ul Hudood saheb Dr Zulqarnain Hakimuddin ZI delivering Wa'az Mubaarak on 6th Moharram in Nooraani Masjid
  Wasilah: Yaum e 'Aashuraa

Allaah Ta'aala says in Qur'an e Kareem that, "O Believers! Observe Taqwaa and when you wish to come towards Allaah Ta'aala then take Wasilah as the best way of Return."  Every thing born in this world will face death and it will return to its origin through the cycle of birth and death.  Everything or Everyone will sure require a strong medium to get this goal and to become the perfect being like angels and 'Aql (intellect).

Nothing could be done without medium-Wasilah.  The Wasilah of Qur'an is M. Jibra'il AS.  The Wasilah of Aakherat is Duniyaa.  The Wasilah of Jannat is Faith with Good Actions.  The Wasilah of the Purity of Soul is Body.  The Wasilah of Shari'at is Ambiyaa.  The Wasilah of Barzakh is Qabr.  The Wasilah of Imaam uz Zamaan AS is Da'i uz Zamaan TUS.  The Wasilah of Haqq is Ameer ul Mumineen Maulaana Ali AS.  The Wasilah of Shafaa'at is Ahl ul-Bayt AS.  The Wasilah of Clouds is Oceans.  The Wasilah of Rains is Clouds.  The Wasilah of every living being is Earth.  The Wasilah of Life is Water.  The Wasilah of a New-born is the Mother's Womb.  The Wasilah to reach Rabb ul Izzat is His Awliyaa.

In Paradise, there is a fresh-water stream named "Khayr" which originates from Kausar.  Along the banks of this Khayr there is a beautiful Castle named "Taqwaa" and this castle is surrounded and graced with the blissful garden named "Wasilah".  al-Khamsat ul Athaar Panjatan Paak AS along with Awliyaa, A'immat and Du'aat will have a Maqaam at this place.  They all will give Da'wat to Mumineen and from here they will be assigned Jannati Khidmaat and will be designated their place of permanent dwellings in various Jannats.  This is the reason that we take Wasilah in our Du'aa and make it respectable and acceptable by remembering the names of Awliyaa-Ambiyaa.  These Mubaarak Names are in true sense the Wasilah of al-Asmaa ul-Husnaa, the 99 names of Allaah Ta'aala.

Yaum e 'Aashuraa is the day of Wasilah Mubaarakah of the entire Roohaani 'Aalam.  This Roohaani 'Aalam is the Spiritual Universe of Allaah Ta'aala encircling His vast Creation.  This day has a distinction of granting Salvation-Najaat to all those who mourn on the Masaa'ib-hardships of Maulaana Imaam Husain AS and recognise his Shahaadat.  The Martyrs-shohadaa of Karbalaa, Imaam and his Ansaar-supporters became the greatest Wasilah because through this Wasilah, Allaah Ta'aala eased the hardships of all Awliyaa-Ambiyaa.  On Yaum e'Aashuraa, this Wasilah will work for all Mu'min who possesses the faith on Ahl ul-Bayt AS in its simplest way.

  Yaum e 'Aashuraa:
  Night Ma'tami Majlis: Nooraani Masjid


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