Moharram ul-Haraam 1443 AH
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Each and every thing in this World from the sublimity of Heavens till the depth of Earth, whether living or non-living, remember its Lord, the sustainer and supporter.  The ways and words are different.  But the aim and goal is same.  Any of the moment should not be devoid from the Zikr of Rabb.  Tasbeeh is in a circular form where a Mu'min recites the holy names of Allaah Ta'aala or His representative in a stipulated time and place.  It should be kept in mind that, doing Tasbeeh invokes and activates spiritual strength and we should do it by facing Qiblah and in complete Tahaarat – after performing Wuzoo.

Rasoolullaah SAWS says that, Qur'an e Haqq is Du'aa and Du'aa is a weapon of Believer.  Doing Tasbeeh is a part of Du'aa.  No Namaaz is complete but with specially assigned Tasbeeh.  We as a Humans could understand or comprehend the things that we learn or what our brain processes.  We see what our eyes make us visualize.  Beyond this we are left helpless.  But the creation of Allaah Ta'aala has complete different story to tell.  What we hear, see or understand is limited to our human capacity and faculty.  There are many many creatures and things that do Tasbeeh day-night and communicate with their Lord for better return and salvation.  The entire universe is under the sacred umbrella of Tasbeeh.

Barakat has been bestowed in 4 things of Maulaana Imaam Husain AS.  Those people whose sirat-surat matches with that of Maulaana Imaam Husain AS could get the privilege for the Barakat.  Only Ma'tam is not sufficient for this purpose.  But our inner & outer selves should be alike our Imaam.  Its tough task to maintain decorum and sanctity of the lessons we learn from the Shohadaa e Karbalaa AS.  Barakat in 4 things include, Aal-progeny, Du'aa-wasilah, Khaak-cure in the land of his Turbat and Ma'tam-aah o zaari.  All these are related to our Imaam.  We take barakat from the smallest deed we perform in the name of our Imaam.

These efforts in the name of our Imaam is indeed doing Tasbeeh.  It is to seek nearness to our Lord Allaah Ta'aala.  During this Asharah Mubaarakah, we pray for Shifaa in every aspect of our Imaani life.  Du'aa and Ma'tam is the purest form of seeking Shifaa.  It has been ordered by Rasoolullaah SAWS that, Remembering the hardships of my Ahl ul Bayt AS is the best way to repent and to defeat our enemies.  In these days of remembrance and repentance, we should engage ourselves in Tasbeeh-Ma'tam of our Maulaa Imaam Husain AS.  “Yaa Husain” is surely as great as “Tasbeeh” for us.

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