Moharram ul-Haraam 1441 AH

Da'wat e Hadiyah ni rasam mujab har saal Nawaa Waras-New Year na mauqa par Fa'al jowaama aawe che. Waras no pehlo din kayo che ehna par Fa'al hoi che. Ye Fa'al ma je bhi cheezo aawe che ye alag alag zamaan ane waqat ni Nishaani hoi che. Zaroori nathi ke saghli cheezo ekaj saal ma jowaa mile ya bane.

Aa waras 1441 AH ni shuru'aat Yaum us Sabt ya'ni Saniwaar - Saturday thai che. Saturday no sitaaro Zohl che ya'ni Nahs che - Kharaab che.

  • Aa saal Climatic changes ghani drastic ane intense hase. Cyclones wadhaare aawse. Winter intense hase.
  • Agriculture ma nuqsaan thaase. Pests ane jiwaat na sabab crops fail thaase.
  • Cattle ane bija jaanwaro ghana mari jaase.
  • Commodities ni costs wadhse.
  • Children, Youth ane Aged ni maut zyaada thaase.
  • Talaaq zyaada thaase. Abortions zyaada thaase.
  • Wars, Civil unrest ane Civil war thaase.
  • Koi mhoto badshah guzri jaase.
  • Hajj ni mausam ma Hujjaaj ne aa waras khatro chhe.

Huzoor e 'Aali TUS ye aapna Bayaan ma aa haqeeqato ne madd e nazar raakhine Moharram ul Haraam na Maulaana Imaam Husain SA na ayyaam ma Allaah Ta'aala thi tamaam Nabiyo, Wasiyo, Imaamo ane Du'aat no Waseelo laine Du'aa farmaawi ke Mumineen har haal ma Amn o Amaan ma rahe. Aameen.

  Faraameen of Da'i uz Zamaan (tus)
  • Elders should behave like elders and keep a close watch on all the family members
  • Mumineen should abstain from taking intoxicating drugs, alcohol or tobacco products
  • During Shaadi mumineen should not bring Band-waaja
  • During any occasion mumineen should opt for simple Jaman
  • Pre-wedding photo-shoot or any such activities should be stopped
  • Encourage business and trading and don’t rush towards attractive financial investments and interests
  • Safeguard your cash and income and do not reply blindly on banks
  • Do mindful and necessary expenditure
  • Mumineen should always do Du’aa for the ta’meer-reconstruction of the Qabr of Maulaatona Faatemah az-Zahraa (as) in Jannat ul-Baqee’ and Saiyedna ‘Ali Shaheed-e-‘Aazam (aq) in Ahmedabad
  • Visit to the graves of your relatives on the night and day of Yaum ul Jomo’ah
  • Make an habit to recite at least 10 times “Qul Howallaaho Ahad” on the Qabr
  • Mumineen should be cautious in dealing with those who have left our community
  • Offer Namaaz in any circumstances
  • The first step of obedience is to wipe out any doubt regarding our principles
  • Maintain discipline and unity in the community
  • Transform your lives as per the lessons taught by Shohadaa e Karbalaa
  • Don’t do job or service in night shifts
  • Acquire knowledge of Ahl ul Bayt whether it be in its slightest form from Saheb e Da’wat
  • Don’t ruin your spirituality by attending majlis not meant for you
  • Spare your time for children and family.  Treat children affectionately
  • Strict measures should be in place to prevent parents those who knowingly marry their daughters to non-Alavis
  • Don’t discuss or disclose our religious matters and community affairs either personally or on social media with outsiders
  • It’s very difficult to check the authenticity of any message, so the best option is to follow what is said from the office of Da’wat-e-Shareefah
  • Respect the dress code of our community during the Ayyaam of Moharram.  Black colour is the tool of Shaytaan as it leads to darkness
  • Education is must for boys and girls equally, but before opting for higher studies for your Dukhtar, engage her with a Farzand of parhaizgaar family of our community
  • Every Alavi should have the knowledge of our mother tongue i.e. Lisaan ud Da’wat.  At home speak in our mother tongue
  • You are a master of your skill.  Be an entrepreneur and avoid odd jobs
  • Every time you do a work then ask yourself that the said work is in accordance with the principles of our Shari’at
  • Everyone who is born in our community is not an Alavi unless he/she gives an oath of allegiance to Da’i uz Zamaan on the age of puberty
  • Recognize those who are not from us.  A hypocrite often gives an impression of a true follower

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