The whole Indian diaspora is celebrating Deepawali or Diwali in their respective concepts, customs and practices. By most Indian communities, it is believed to be celestial, eternal, religious and social milestone which heralds a new beginning. Hence, it is also called Festivals of Lights. Our Laylat un Nisf (Shab e Bar'at) has higher boundaries and goals of Light and Purity than any of the other Religious Celebration. Because, light signifies self realisation, devotion, knowledge, guidance and happiness with inner satisfaction. Darkness is a passive thing which do not need any efforts but it is mere absence of light. But, Light needs efforts. Hence, celebrating festivals like Deepawali is a positive effort to remove negative effects of darkness.

Our Du'aat e Kiraam RA said, "Respect and love the people of the land where Allaah Ta'aala has bestowed upon you His rizq and sustenance."  In India we live in between non-Muslims.  And hence its our social liability to stay together and willfully share our feelings and greetings in their festivities.  A peaceful nation could only stand firm against every odds through pluralistic approach and prismic vision. Festival of Deepawali and it's celebration continues for several days and every single day has it's own significance. There are characteristic names of days observed for auspiciousness before and after Diwali. A day after night of Diwali is a new year day followed by bhaidooj, third, fourth and the fifth day of Laabh Paancham -the fifth day of Goodness and Benefits.

After a long vacation of Deepawali, the fifth day of new year - Laabh Paancham is the day of re-opening the businesses with new hope and zeal. The concept of "5" is also eternal to our religion, Islam. Because, the esoteric indications of Qur'anic verses and wisdom says that, Multiplication of 5 with 5 may lead to different digits but, the digit 5 always remain as the last number. And multiplication of 5 with any number may lead to any number but the last digit will be either "0" or "5".

"5" in Islam is the Glory and Noor of Khamsat ul Athaar or Panjatan e Paak AS. This Panjatani Noor is created by Allaah Ta'aala even before the creation of universe. Hence, their Noor is the cause of all creations. It is through the wasilah-mediation of Panjatan e Paak AS that we earn our rizq-livelihood. Our birth and death in this world has a meaning, goal and the way of return because of them. So, as the digit 5 is the day of re-opening business and beginning of new ventures: the wasilah of Panjatan e Paak AS is a new beginning for us which brings blessings, abundance, etc. for the believers.  So, one can assert on a interesting point that, "For us 'Shubh' and 'Laabh' are associated with 'Paancham', i.e. the 5 holy personalities of Khayr and Fayz."

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