Homosexuality or Lesbianism: An act towards Ruin

  What remains (Goodness & Peace) with Allaah Ta'aala is better for you if You are Believers

When the World came into existence and all its beings were doing efforts for their survival and livelihood, at that time everywhere was peace, purity and goodness. But since the time humans started distancing themselves from the very rules and ways of respecting environment or nature, only to show off his ability, superiority, power and status symbol and to reveal themselves the most intelligent being than others, there started damage, destruction, harassment, cheating, corruption and hypocrisy among themselves and nature. Bad intentions sow the seeds of bad actions.  To buy the worldly pleasures and to get things in his favour, he began to cheat and rob others. By thinking that Deen – Religion is like a toy he kept playing with it according to his own wish and will. Since then ethics, patience and respect, its all limits got over, its platform got shattered and the evil shadow of shamelessness overpowered it.

Today remorseless emotions are on the top. The place from where people once hoped for justice and those courts that helped them by delivering unbiased verdict has now made an untamed, indecent, unethical and undisciplined act of Homosexuality-Lesbianism-Single parenting for so called modern society, as legal and lawful . This kind of unhealthy disastrous relationship has been made lawful for the generations to come. Each and every strata of the society will get adversely affected by this immature act of marital adventure.  Many – many decades old institution of marriage is under threat and proceeding towards decay.

The heinous act of Lawaatat-Homosexuality where Men having an unrighteous physical relationship among themselves and Sohaq-Lesbianism where Women having an irreligious physical relationship with each other is not a sin or crime in the eyes of law anymore. These types of people can marry and start their family and can now become a part of mainstream society. All over the world in many countries, this type of an illegal relationship has been made legal some time back and now our country has made this evil act legal too.

Once a woman asked Maulaana Imaam Ja’far as-Saadiq (as) a question on Sohaq, O my Maulaa! You are the heir-maalik of our life and livelihood and which is why in today’s world there still exist the Deen-e-Muhammad as true and pure as it has to be and will no doubt remain till the Day of Resurrection. You are the true Qur’an-e-Kareem, its real companion and interpreter, and its soul and centre.  You are every bit of intellect manifested in Qur’an-e-Kareem.  You know everything present in it and nothing is hidden from you. By the reference of Qur’an and the Ahaadees of Rasoolullaah (saws), also what we hear from you, we come to know the severe punishment of Zinaa-fornication and its adverse effect on our society, but Maulaa, where I stay people commit different types of sins engaging themselves in unnatural sexual relationship known as “Sohaq”.

This ugly face of society is such that, A woman stays with another woman and they suppose it to be a normal family without any male member and involve into shameful activities to the extent of conceiving child through sperm donors.  They don’t marry under normal conditions and required rituals as prescribed by the Shari’at and sunnah of Rasoolullaah (saws).  That woman asked Maulaa that, “These women quench the thirst of their sexual urge through Sohaq and the same is the case with men.  With all this societal disintegration and moral collapse, pious people are feeling helpless to counter such dirty acts.  Maulaa!  How does Qur’an deal with this shameful social vice like “Sohaq”?

Maulaana Imaam Ja’far us-Saadiq (as) says in his reply, “Allaah protect you and your children from this badi and disgraceful character.  In Qur’an, Allaah mentions about Ashaab ur-Rass. There were 12 villages of Ashaab ur-Rass and in that place, there was a huge tree named “Sanobar” planted by Yafas bin Nooh Nabi. These people worshipped this tree. To stop this kind of practice Allaah sent many Nabi among this people but they killed them all and they never adhered to the guidance of Ambiyaa.  Amongst the community there were women who practised “Sohaq-Lesbianism”. Whoever Nabi or Nobles tried to stop them they were either killed or they were forced to leave the place due to torture and harassment.  This way this badi became a common practice at every place. But the torment of Allaah Ta’aala did not spare this badkaar community, severe punishment and azaab was thrown upon them.

The woman asked Maulaa, what was the punishment of this badkaari?”  Maulaa answered, “Sohaq practitioners will go to hell. They will be placed in the fierce hot waves of the fire of Yaum e Qiyaamat  and the clothes they wear will also be of blazing fire. The badkaari places, private parts will be filled with fire and with their heads upside-down will be roamed around in the hell. The women of Ashaab ur-Rass were the most characterless and shameless women and like them no one will be till the Day of Judgement. The same way Maulaana Lut Nabi’s community was involved in Lawaatat-Homosexuality.  The result of this type of unnatural act is only destruction and wickedness. Fornication, Lawaatat and Sohaq are the worst sins. The punishment for this is severe azaab by Allaah Ta’aala. Rain of stones from the skies and even the earth will not accept the dead bodies of this badkaar people. This type of people should be dumped to an unknown place. There is no forgiveness for them but as per their sins beating with whip, rajm (to be stoned to death) and killing is prescribed.  May Allaah keep Mumineen in peace and protected by such evil acts.

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