Cleanliness of Body and Clothes

Imaam Ja’far us-Saadiq (AS) said, ‘Body or clothes soiled with the impurities like urine, excreta, semen, blood, liquor, or pus should be thoroughly washed and cleaned. The clothes which are spoilt by urine should be washed twice. But for other impurities, if the spot where it is spilt is known then only that particular spot need be washed. But if it is known definitely that some impurity has soiled the cloth and the exact spot is not known, then the whole of the cloth should be washed three times; each time it should be rubbed, washed and squeezed properly. The clothes that are spoilt by the child’s urine should be washed by pouring water over it in such a way that it drips from the other end of the cloth. A person who is suffering from boils or any skin ailment or if he has inflicted injury and there is continuous discharge of pus or blood from that part then he should wash his clothes and wear it at the time of prayers. If the pus or blood discharges during prayers then it does not harm the prayers.’

“Wallaho a’zaro le’abdehi ezabtalaaho.”

“Allah is going to pardon the excuse of His believers when He gives illness (ailments) to His believers.”

Ahl-ul-Bayt (AS) has said, ‘Similarly if a person is suffering from the urinary incontinence, then he should take a bag or pad of cloth and after making it wet, he should tie it to the genitals and offer prayers. During prayers if he passes urine then he should assume that the wetness is the same which he had before. Same is the case for the person who has indwelling urinary catheter. He should wash the catheter externally at the time of ablution and he should offer prayers at its time.

A person, who has soiled his clothes with the impurity, offers prayer unknowingly, and then his prayer is valid. If however, he knows about the impurity on his clothes and forgets to wash the clothes at the time of prayer and offers prayer and recollects after the prayer, then his prayer is invalid and he has to offer it afresh.

It is not compulsory to wash the clothes polluted by the droppings and urine of all the animals the flesh of which is lawful to eat. The mud stains caused by rain do not pollute person’s body or cloth until and unless it contains the kind of dirt which could pollute water. The body should be washed when it gets impure by the same kind of filth for which the washing of the cloth is prescribed.
If a person, who has purified himself treads first on the polluted ground and later walks on ground which is clean; his steps are purified thereby, since a part of pure land purifies a part of impure land. Before offering prayers in the places like synagogues, churches or the houses of polytheists, one should first sweep the place and sprinkle the water over it.’


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