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  Video of the Majlis at Masjid-e-Nooraani before the Inauguration of ACC

Progress and prosperity of any community is dependent upon the education of its youth. Youth forms the future foundation of the community. It is their contribution in various fields which shapes the community. A force is needed to channelize the potential of the youth. A leader, a guide or a teacher is essential everywhere to impart the right guidance to young blood. And we are blessed with the Ne’mat of Da’i who is the guide, teacher and a leader of all in every way. It is he who, under the Ta’eed of Imaam uz-Zamaan (as), envisages the future and the progress of the community. His efforts and encouragement requires the co-operation of the community and the youth. If these forces blend together, the progress of community reaches new heights in no time.

With the passing time, the scenario of the education of the community has changed drastically. Now our children are opting for the higher education which was never dreamt off in the past. Our community which was localized in the cities like Vadodara, Mumbai and Nadiad, has now spread to the new cities and countries. And this is what time demands at present. Along with the education in the school, college, university and madrasah; a library is very essential for the general mass of the community. The foundation of the Library in our Jamaa’at was done in February 2002 when Alavi Library was inaugurated at Ajwa Road under the aegis of Alavi Bohra Teachers Association. The same year witnessed the worst riots in Gujarat. Efforts were made even after the riots to maintain the library but its energy got exhausted very soon. This was not an end to our hope. Duraiyabu Imtiyaazhusain Motiwala made our hope to see the light of the day. She granted her property of Badri Mohalla in the cause of Learning and wished a library and centre for cultural activities to be started in her property.

By the Razaa Mubaarak of Huzoor-e-‘Aali (tus), Mazoon saheb (dm) inaugurated Alavi Library  on 18th March 2012, Sunday at 10:30 am in the presence of eminent members and teachers of the Jamaa’at.  The library will  be manages under the head of Alavi Community Centre which will serve various purposed apart from Library like undertaking classes and meetings.  At present, library has vast collection of books consisting of dictionaries, encyclopaedias; books on religion, science, history, Qur’an, literature, grammar, news dailies, magazines, general knowledge etc. in English, Gujarati, Hindi and Urdu languages. This centre will be helpful to the students who don’t have access to any library or don’t have reading place at their homes. We request the mumineen to donate the books to the library if they have them and are useful to others.

In his Bayaan Mazoon saheb (dm) stressed on the following points:

  • “Read in the name of your Rabb”, these ever-guiding words of the first Qur’anic revelation bonds every believer with books.
  • Like different furniture and modern amenities, an Alavi mumin should always take care to make a study corner from where children could get encouragement for reading and studying.
  • Books are the best companion for a man, in solitude and ignorance.  But every book is not worthy of it.  Some guides and some misguide.  Wisdom is the lost thing which a clever person has to find in reading the book.
  • “A treasure of knowledge is the progeny of Maulaa Ali (as), one who seeks it is rewarded with Jannat”, this couplet of Saiyedna Fakhruddin saheb (aq) is true for all ages and places.
  • A community where there are 105 tutors, not a single stretch should remain untouched in the way of promoting education and learning.  I hope that you all teachers should again work together and bring back the Teachers Association activities on its track by making new body.
  • A library should become hub of academic and youth activities which would help in bringing people of all walks of life.

Address: Alavi Community Centre, Badri Mohalla, Wadi, Vadodara-17.
Email: alavi.library@alavibohra.org
Timings of the Library – 1000 to 1230 hrs and 1630 to 2030 hrs. (Friday closed)

Here books of two categories which consist of certain interesting titles are given. Apart of it there are other caregories namely School & College Academics, English Language and Literature, Computer Education and Programming, Arabic & Urdu Learning, Islaamic Learning in diff. Languages, Biographies, Stories & Fiction, Philosophy & Psychology, Quiz & Science, Health & Medicine, History & Politics etc.

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