The principles and tenets of Deen or the Religion of Allaah are not confined to the physical limitations of Time and Space. They are not subject to change. They are perpetual and constant. It's because of our changing thoughts, feelings and perception that we feel that everything is changing.  Thus, the goal and the meaning of the Deen; its ideals and the deeds, which we have to do so that we get closer to Allaah and which the Quran explains will never change and holds true for every period of this world. Similarly, Hadees of Rasoolullaah SAWS and his Practices (Sunnah) remain unchanged. Though we may feel some of his Words and Practices irrelevant to the current scenario but when we study them thoroughly keeping all intricacies in mind, they are perfect for all times and places.

Let’s take one Hadees of Rasoolullaah SAWS – He says, “Apply ‘Itr-Fragrant oil before going to Masjid on Friday or before leaving house – as it is the Practice of all Prophets of Allaah. To be more precise, Rasoolullaah SAWS has said, Allaah Ta’aala has bestowed 3 things to every Prophet or there are 3 Practices of Prophets – first is to apply ‘Itr, second is to clean your mouth and third is to Marry.  It is from the sunnat of Rasoolullaah SAWS that you should make an habit to apply ‘Itr as it bonds with the person you meet or the place you visit.  Keeping your teeth clean by always brushing at least once in the morning during doing Wuzu and before going to bed at night will bestow you with health and longevity.  After taking lunch or dinner you should do gargling and the same Prophets used to do and keep their teeth clean. A person who is hale and hearty, who understands the responsibilities of personal as well as married life should only marry a woman of good character, who is pious and understands the thin line between decency and boldness and also between vulgarity and shamelessness.  Marrying a simple and selfless woman is the Sunnat of Ambiyaa.  Therefore, you should follow these three Sunnat with pure heart and spirit.

To any layman, these three things may sound very trivial and a daily routine. Nothing sounds special or distinguished in these three things. But when we look in its Wisdom, it says a lot. It forms the very foundation of one’s personality and character. Let’s focus on ‘Itr – non alcoholic exotic perfume which we apply on the back of our palms. We have heard so many things abour Aromatherapy these days. Different Aromas have their respective effects on the Mind and Body. Some aromas are known to soothe the mind. Some aromas are known to improve Mood. Aromatherapy was nonexistent during Rasoolullaah SAWS’s time. But he foresaw its multidimensional usefulness in future. However its implication is not limited to a therapy. Deeper inside, it means to adorn the fragrance of Virtuousness and Good Conduct which is like an ‘Itr.

Cleaning the mouth by brushing the teeth is our routine. There’s nothing special about it. We do know about the health benefits of brushing the teeth. We also know how it is related to our Heart’s health. But there is a deeper meaning inside. Cleaning the mouth means to be truthful and use the tongue judiciously. Nevertheless, it is the boneless tongue which hurts more than the Sword.

To get married is a Social Obligation. It’s a memorable occasion of one’s life. Who would not like to marry? Married life, here, doesn’t merely mean keeping physical relation and propagating further generations. But it is to shoulder the Familial and Social responsibilities. One attains maturity in these aspects after marriage. Modesty and Humility is an integral part of married life. Allaah Ta’aala protects us from 66 Evils of Shaitaan by Nikaah. Remaining evils are kept at bay by conforming to the Shari’at or Deen. Hence Marriage saves 2/3rd of our Deen.

These three Sunnat - Practices are known as Sunnat-e-Mo’akkadah. There are many other Practices but greater emphasis has been put on these three Sunnat. During the marriage season in our community, families of bride and groom come for fixing the marriage date at Devdi Mubaarak or Daar us Salaam where Huzoor e ‘Aali TUS addresses them with various issues related to married life. We give a special speech to them highlighting the significance of married life. We emphasize how the edifice of a house is based on the foundation of sacrifice and understanding.  These Sunnat-e-Mo’akkadah have intellectual, physical, spiritual benefits and are also important for social and married life which nobody can deny.

Huzoor e ‘Aali TUS always strives to help the Mumineen achieve success of intelligence as wells success of our Nafs – Soul through his holy words. He always calls us towards the pure and rich Deen of our Ahl ul Bayt SA. He helps the Mumineen understand the true meaning and the message that the Hadees of Rasoolullaah SAWS seeks to convey. Keeping in mind the hard times which are prevalent today, it is necessary for the Dai to explain to the Mumineen good and bad deeds which he does and will continue to do so.

Radiance and beauty is always associated with these three Sunnat. After putting ‘Itr the body feels radiant because the ‘Itr becomes a part of the body. Brushing the teeth is for the beauty of the face and tongue. Any person with a bad odour from his mouth will never be appreciated. The purity of the face is essential for the overall health of the individual. Since it is by the tongue that we recite the Qur’an, offer Namaaz which requires it to be kept clean.  A woman with good character from whom radiates religiousness and love is the beauty of the house. The sweetness and beauty of being in a relationship will only be experienced by marrying a righteous and pious woman.  Without marriage, human relations will always be incomplete.

From the perspective of Hikmat, we can conclude that ‘Itr is Haqq. Brushing is having patience, with which we can always be true to our word. Nikaah is Taqwaa, by which we can forge a healthy relationship with our wife. If we will follow Haqq, Taqwaa and Sabr then our lives will be filled with purity, tranquillity and eternal happiness.

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