Jumaadi ul-Ulaa 11, 1444
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Saiyedna Shamsuddin Ali bin Ibraheem ash-Shaheed (aq)
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Ad-Da'wat ul-Haadiyat ul-'Alaviyah (A'lallaaho Manaaraha wa Zikraha)
The Official Website of the 45th ad-Da'i al-Mutlaq al-Haqq Haatim ul-Khayraat, Rabee' ul-Barakaat Saiyedna Abu Sa'eed il-Khayr Haatim Zakiyuddin saheb (tus)

This mubaarak writing is of 37th Da'i ul Mutlaq Saiyedna Shaikhali Shamsuddin saheb AQ presenting the couplet of Qaseedah of Saiyedna Ali saheb AQ composed by 31st Da'i ul Mutlaq Saiyedna Hasan Badruddin saheb AQ in 1075 AH in Ahmedabad.  It means, “O Lord! Protect Da’wat e Alaviyah and its ashaab-people wherever they are in different cities-towns, with the waseelah of Rasoolullaah SAWS, his progeny and his loyal associates who are his most chosen and blessed.”
Lectures: Laabh Paancham - The Perspective of "5"

Our Du'aat e Kiraam RA said, "Respect and love the people of the land where Allaah Ta'aala has bestowed upon you His rizq and sustenance."  In India we live in between non-Muslims.  And hence its our social liability to stay together and willfully share our feelings and greetings in their festivities.  A peaceful nation could only stand firm against every odds through pluralistic approach and prismic vision. Festival of Deepawali and it's celebration continues for several days and every single day has it's own significance. There are characteristic names of days observed for auspiciousness before and after Diwali. A day after night of Diwali is a new year day followed by bhaidooj, third, fourth and the fifth day of Laabh Paancham -the fifth day of Goodness and Benefits.

65th Milaad-e-Haatemi of Aqaa Maulaa Saiyedna saheb (tus)
8th Rabi' ul-Awwal 1444 AH/03-10-2022, Monday
Akhbaar e Muneer of the Rusoomaat of Milaad e Haatemi and other memorable Alavi Events
Rabi' ul Awwal & Rabi'ul Aakhar 1444 AH: Issue 170 - 20th Year
Mishkaat ul-Haadi Newsletter
  Main Topics:
  1. Upbringing of the Soul
  2. Hunaidi, Hindustaani or Hindu - Part 4
  3. Permission and Graciousness of Imaam e Haqq AS: Part 4 (Book: Tanbeeh ul Ghaafeleen by Saiyedna Haatim saheb AQ)
  4. "O Qais! Listen to me", said Rasoolullaah SAWS
  5. Isma'ili Jurisprudence: Lawful and Unlawful Acts of Shari'at: Illness Part-7
  6. Alavi Principles: Part 22 (remaining matter)
    39-After the Intiqaal of Rasoolullaah SAWS, Maulaana Ali Ameer ul Mumineen AS kept Silence, cornered himself for some years (Wasaayat) and then took wise decision to fulfill the responsibility of Khilaafat openly.
  7. Which Mosque? Part 1
  8. Haatemi Pen and Alavi Knowledge: Part 2

The Bottom-line has a special feature for us.  We are different and special.  Common people have little to compare with us.


Hunaidi, Hindustani or Hindu?
Unveiling of distorted and unauthentic accounts of Isma’ili-‘Alavi history in Gujarat

Maulaana Aadam SA was born on the island of present day Sri Lanka – better known as Sarandeep in the ancient times. He spent his early life on this auspicious land. He continued to receive spiritual blessings of the Deen of Allaah and His Oneness-Tawheed. The birthplace of Maulaana Aadam SA – Hindustaan was attributed to the name of Hunayd AS, who appointed Maulaana Aadam SA to the rank of Nabi by the Spiritual Decree of Allaah. The birthplace of Maulaana Aadam SA was a vast land divided into three main parts at that time – large mainland as Hunaydistaan (Hind), then two small parts namely Sindh and Yaman – which were interconnected divinely, commercially, culturally, geographically and politically, linguistically in the respective times.

  Akhbaar: Yamani Scholar
Amro Ma'ad Yakrab Husain al-Hamdaani meets Saiyedna saheb (tus)

He became Mehmaan e Khusoosi of our Maulaa Saiyedna Haatim Zakiyuddin Saheb TUS. He is a member of Shuraa Council of Yaman. Also, he is the rector and research scholar of the Hamdaani Institution and studies the Isma'ili literature in depth by the assistance of Saiyedna saheb TUS.  He has a special interest in Isma'ili studies and has typed, edited and printed many Isma'ili books of our Yamani Du'aat.  He accepted our invitation and came to India all the way back from Yaman to meet Saiyedna saheb TUS in Vadodara, India. He expressed his gratitude and wish to meet Hudood e Da'wat in the Nooraani presence of Maulaa.  To fulfill this to build the feeling of mutual understanding and healthy cooperation, a special majlis was held in which he opened up with his interesting experiences and views of our Maulaa and mumineen.

Mukaasir Maulaa at Dars-e-Haatemi  

500th Dars-e-Haatemi at Daar us Salaam
1 Safar 1444 AH/28 August 2022 AD, Sunday

Dars e Haatemi is a small part of this endeavour.  Aqaa Maulaa TUS always thought to make every Mumineen to become a part of this vast treasure of Ilm e Haqq.  Before the commencement of this Dars, being Ma'zoon e Mutlaq, Aqaa Maulaa TUS conducted many such ilmi Duroos in Nooraani masjid.  Maulaa granted Razaa to Mukaasir Maulaa DM to hold such dars-assemblies of Mumineen to make the understanding of our Deen more easy and accessible.  Dars e Haatemi started on 4th Safar 1429/10th Feb 2008 at Nooraani Masjid.  This is till date a weekly Dars and this year it has reached its 500th ilmi gathering.  In 1438/2016 it got transferred for a year to Musanji masjid, Fakhri Mohalla.


Flag Hoisting Ceremony: 76th Independence Day 2022

Ma'zoon ud Da'wat Saiyedi Sa'eed ul Khayr'Imaaduddin saheb DM headed the program and said that, "Its our prime duty to remain loyal to our Nation.  To work together with other communities for its progress.  The land which has given us safety and sustenance, is to be deemed in high respect.  Tricolour is a sign of National Integrity and Communal Harmony.  This is a peaceful zameen of our Da'wat and Rightful Deeds."

We say something special for our National Flag, Tiranga.  Orange colour on the top is Fire (anger, enmity).  The White colour in the middle is Air and Water (peace, love).  The Green at the bottom is Earth- land (livelihood).  The Ashoka Chakra in the middle of the Flag is the intermingling of air and water in proper proportion to balance the effect of fire on the land.  This is when the land turns green and liveable.  All four elements of life could be seen in our Flag.


Urs Mubaarak
Saiyedna Nooruddin Noorbhai bin Saiyedi Shaikhali (QR)


Ma'zoon ud Da'wat Saiyedi saheb DM said in his bayaan e mufeed that, "Our Maulaa is the Saheb of Two Noor, one is for Duniyaa and the other is for Aakherat.  It is because of this Noor that Maulaa is for us, Ne'mul Maulaa and Ne'mul Naseer, the best of Maulaa and the best of Assistant in hardships.  He became the Da'i in the tasbeeh of Du'aat e Mutlaqeen AQ, due to his loyalty and khidmat of 34th Da'i ul-Mutlaq Saiyedna Jalaal Shehaabuddin AQ.  When Surat mumineen started believing him as their Da'i, Maulaa revealed the reality and he took all mumineen to Vadodara and entered all of them into the fold of Bay'at of their Maulaa Saiyedna Jalaal saheb.  Thereby, warding off misunderstanding among the Surat mumineen."

  Moharram ul Haraam 1444 AH
Maulaana Imaam Husain AS knew the immorality and misconduct of Yazid LA.  Imaam was ready for any consequences against the ill-intent of Yazid as he was relentlessly demanding Bay'at from the Imaam.  Imaam chose Martyrdom-shahaadat but never accepted Yazid's orders.  Martyrs of Karbalaa e Mo'allaa engraved on our hearts a demarcation line between True Husaini Islam and False Yazidi Islam by the by the integrity of Bay'at which they offered wholeheartedly to Imaam during the Ibaadat of the night of Yaum e 'Aashuraa.  Their martyrdom shielded the Purity of Islam against the blatant attacks of Umayyads on the sanctity of Ahl ul Bayt AS. Full Article...


Urs Mubaarak
Saiyedna Ali Shamsuddin bin Saiyedi Ibraaheem ash-Shaheed (QR)

Tareekh-e-Shahaadat: 23 Zul-Qa'adah 1046 AH, Ahmedabad

During the majlis, Aqaa Maulaa said that, "Every person is recognised by his book-kitaab, children-aal and grave-qabr.  And if this is related to Saheb e Haqq then it carries extraordinary importance.  If there is a book which our forefathers wrote, then their writings are the astounding legacy that reminds us their life struggle and sacrifice.  Being their children our responsibility is to carry forward their vision and character.  Grave-tomb is the reminiscent of their nobility, peity and sincerity towards the khidmat of Mumineen.  The mausoleum-rawzah shareefah of Aqaa Ali Shaheed e Aazam is the Aayaat e Baiyenaat of his Haqq-truthfulness.  Though his enemies has destroyed his qabr, but no one can change its place.  Even today the very place of Maulaa's qabr is our refuge for Du'aa and Wasilah."


1) World Environment Day - 5-6-2022
2) Vadodara Garden Lovers' Kokedama Workshop - 19-6-2022

On 19/6/2022, Sunday, 7:30 am, Daar us Salaam (Vasna road, Vadodara), Vadodara Garden Lovers' organized a "Kokedama" workshop with 30 participants in which Alavi Nature Group members took part in learning this unique Japanese technique of growing indoor plants.  Kokedama is a ball of Akedama - kind of soil, a ball covered with Sphagnom moss, on which some dwarf plant grows finely bonded with jute-string.

On the occasion of World Environment Day on 5th June 2022, ANG members were felicitated for their efforts in the initiative “Free the Tree” in the presence of huge crowd of environment enthusiastics.  The creator and mentor of this group, Mukaasir ud-Da’wat Saiyedi saheb DM remained present on this great moment.


Akhbaar- Madrasah Taiyebiyah
Mulaaqaat e Mufeedah of Madrasah Teachers with Aqaa Maulaa Saiyedna saheb (tus)
11-11-1443 AH/10 June 2022 AD

Aqaa Maulaa Saiyedna saheb TUS fondly remembered his days in the Madrasah when he took special classes of grown-up students nearing to the age of Bay'at.  Maulaa vividly explained the method of teaching at that time.  Those students are now parents and they cherish those years when Aqaa Maulaa being on the darajah of Ma'zoon, still gave such dars o ta'leem that is hard to forget.  He further elaborated to the defects and flaws of the present mu'allims in teaching pattern, weakness in adopting innovative techniques, reluctance in building rapport with the students and their parents, negligence in imparting the basic ma'lumaat for faazil days and nights etc.


Akhbaar- Sports Activities
Alavi Women Badminton Tournament
22-5-2022 - Waghodia Sports Complex

Baroda Cyclopaedians as a community group have successfully organized various events driving societal change.  In recent years they have organized Alavi Cyclothon 2020, Alavi Cricket Premier league 2021 (ACPL) and now Alavi Women Badminton Tournament 2022 (AWBT).  Its motto is for physical and mental fitness along with motivation and involvement in sports and related activities.  This tournament is organized to promote sports in Alavi Women, bring out their hidden talents, encourage and empower them for the future yet to come.


Photos, Videos, Audios
Shahrullaah il Mo'azzam 1443 AH

At Devdi Mubaarak, Huzoor e 'Aali Bawaji saheb TUS bestows every Mu'min who comes to offer Huqooq ul Waajebaat of Shahrullaah with the Tughraa Mubaarakah of Aayat ul Kursi.  The Shahaadat of Ameer ul Mumineen Maulaana Ali AS makes this month more holier and spiritual.  Aayat ul Kursi is the collection of Qur'anic verses whose majestic baateni meaning and wisdom is assigned to Ameer ul Mumineen Maulaana Ali AS.  Rasoolullaah SAWS is 'Arsh and Maulaana Ali AS is Kursi.  Likewise is the case with Skies and Land, Body and Soul, Water and Air, Sun and Moon etc. 


Exclusive Meet with Nature: VCC
Daar us Salaam 27-3-2022

Recently VCC has achieved a great milestone of completing 500 weekly cycling trip uninterrupted in and around Vadodara. Mukaasir Maulaa Saiyedi saheb DM is associated with this club and actively involved with its weekly cycling adventures. Vadodara city enjoys the distinction of having village culture within the radius of 25 KM from its centre. It is dotted with many lakes, fields, natural habitat, ravines, jungles, historical monuments etc. The motto of VCC is to make cycling exciting with short trips encapsulated with the awareness of Natural treasures and its conservation. Cycling should now become a household activity and an integral part of physical fitness.

Yaa Ali   Akhbaar
Ziyaaraat of Karbalaa-Najaf-Kufah 30-7-1443
Mukaasir Maulaa with al-Firdaus group

During the Majlis-e-Wadaa', Aqaa Maulaa said that, “You are visiting that place which is the holiest and it is a piece of land of Jannat. It is the place of sacrifice and endurance.  It is the centre of Malaa’ikat e Roohaaniyeen, where  no Du’aa remains unheard and unaccepted.  The Shart is that it should be with pure intention, devotional heart and tearful eyes.  You are very Naseebdaar that, Mukaasir saheb is accompanying you and he will sure make you perform and carry out all the rituals, rusoomaat, du’aa, aadaab, arkaan of Ziyaaraat in the most rightful way.  There remains no point of worry as every namaaz and majlis will take place at right place, time and tariqat.  May the Barakaat of Rawzah Alaviyah and Rawzah Husainiyah descend upon you all and make your deen o duniyaa nooraani and qudsaani.”

Najaf e Ashraf and Karbalaa e Mo'allaa are the most pure, spiritually vibrant, esteemed and revered places after Makkah Mo'azzamah and Madinah Munawwarah.  Out of the 5 ashaab of Panjatan, three are buried in Madinah viz. M. Mohammad ul Mustafaa SAWS, M. Faatemah az-Zahraa AS and M. Imaam Hasan AS.  Najaf e Ashraf is distinguished with the Rawzah Mubaarakah of M. Ali ul Murtazaa AS and Karbalaa e Mo'allaa is graced with the Rawzah Mubaarakah of M Imaam Husain AS.  Those Mumineen who have fulfilled the obligation of Hajj e Baytullaah, should do niyyat for the Ziyaaraat of Maqaamaat e Muqaddesaat of Najaf and Karbalaa.  Rasoolullaah SAWS has bestowed special maqaam to these chaste pieces of land and termed it as the holy places of Paradise.

Bay'at e Imaam uz Zamaan-Oath of Allegiance for Faithful Life
19/7/1443 AH

Mazoon saheb gave hidaayat and naseehat to boys about the intricacies and importance of misaaq embodied in the daily life of a Mumin. What they should do so that the misaaq they are about to give, brings with it certain obligations and responsibilities for them. They should commit themselves to this misaaq every time in any condition through out their life-time.  They should renew it time and again when Saiyedna saheb TUS takes misaaq on the Occassion of Ghadeer e Khumm. Ra's ul Hudood saheb gave  naseehat centered to the girls and explained their moral obligations towards the misaaq. 

  Akhbaar - at-Taiyebaat
Alavi Bohras Special Traditional Recipe Competition - KHARAAS RECIPE

Kharaas is always coupled with Mithaas.  It is made from vegetables, mutton, chicken or fish.  Served in a single plate or pieces that suffice all of the invitees sitting in the thaal.  As it is salty/oily in nature, care is taken that its quantity does not exceed the need.  Chicken dishes are favourite and evergreen.  It could be prepared with variety of combinations and taste.  As it is easily available and the ease in its making puts it on the top charts. Mithaas-Kharaas are the two inseparable sides of a single coin of Maa’edat e Aal e Mohammad (sa).  Likewise the beautiful coin of the Zindagi e Mu’min has two sides of Ghami-Khushi.  The moment of celebration is coupled with the moment of sadness.  Both are important and good to face and bear with gratitude and solidarity.


Very Few People

“Remember the Shohadaa (martyrs) of Karbalaa e Mo'allaa, how many Husaini Jannati were there and how many Yazidi Jahannami?  Who was in minority and who was in majority?  With whom was the Truth and who was with falsehood?  Who demanded Bay'at and who was Saheb e Bay'at?  Ponder upon it.  The world is like the plains of Karbalaa.  In this battle of truth, Muqaddas Maulaa holds Liwaa e Husaini-Flag of Imaam Husain AS and the rest are always restless and vehemently try to deface and disrespect our Flag.  False Majority is in a false thought that they can/will easily dislodge a True Minority.  But as per the Divine Law, this is never going to happen.  Da'wat e Haadiyah is always governed by a small number of true believers.”

Allaah Ta'aala says in Qur'an e Haqq about this fact that, “They believe very little", “They remember Allaah very little", “Little do they mind the Shari'at", “Little do they offer thanks to Allaah", “With very little price they have purchased this worldly comforts against the permanent graceful life of Aakherat".


Maa'edah and Salawaat of M. Faatemah az-Zahraa (as)

From today onwards this majlis will be included in Rusoomaat e Haatemiyah named as “Maa'edat o Salawaat e Faatemah az-Zahraa AS."  In the past it was called Mithi Shitaabi that was defaced with bid'aat and customized as per the whims and fancies.  What you all witness today here is as per the Rusoomaat e Da'wat endorsed by Aqaa'id and Faatemi principles.  I hope that by the esteemed wasilah of our Maa Faatemah AS this majlis e Salawaat will become an annual event.

Audio of Salaam, Qaseedah and Naseehat 1443 AH

1. Husain Day Webinar - Message of Humanity - 23-09-2021

2. A Neo-Fatimid Treasury of Books: Arabic Manuscripts among the Alavi Bohras of Baroda - 30-9-2021



Alavi Bohra Women - Towards Liberty and Progress

Each woman has to play several roles during her lifetime. It includes the role of a daughter, sister, wife, mother, daughter-in-law, sister-in-law and so on. Allaah Ta'aala has blessed every woman with innate strengths such as patience, compassion, multitasking, humility, creativity, optimism etc.  Family is protected by the outwardly intellectual strength of business and livelihood of Father and by the inwardly emotional strength of relations and home-making of Mother.  Imbalance in this creates discord and disturbances in a family.

In one of his bayaan, Aqaa Maulaa Saiyedna saheb TUS said that, “Till now we were following a tradition and has become a social norm that in order to get engaged a proposal is sent from a boy (dikro) side to a prospective girl (dikri)."


Chehlum (Arba'een) of Imaam Husain (AS)

As the majlis commenced, the Zakereen-e-Da'wat recited kalaam giving a devotional tribute to Aqaa Husain AS and his Ashaab for their truthfulness and sacrifice while remaining without water and food for 3 days. Following this, Khayr ul Anaam was recited by Hudood e Da'wat and the excitement  was felt in the air as physical majlis was taking place in Masjid after a long period of time. Despite heavy rainfall, there was a noticeable increase in the number of Mumineen-Muminaat than expected.  Attending the majlis of Da'i-e-Husain is the answer to the Da'wat of Aqaa Husain AS for reward and salvation.


Nature Walk at Daar us Salaam - Alavi Nature Group
Batch 3: 12-2-1443/19-9-2021

A Nature Walk at Daar us Salaam, Vasna Road, Vadodara was organized on 19th September, Sunday, in which apart from the regular Nature Walk, many sensitive topics related to plants-care and trees were also discussed deeply and thoroughly.  The event was energised and beautified by heavy rains.  It was attended by members of Alavi Nature Group and Garden Mantra.  There has been graceful eyes of Rain Angels on Vadodara for the past ten days, in this rainy atmosphere how do the plants or trees express themselves and respond to excess natural water, and also in this exclusive environment how should we take care of the pot-plants in our house was also dicussed.


Parliament of the World's Religions

Raasulhudood Dr Zulqarnain Hakeemuddin Saheb ZI had a privilege to attend an interfaith meet and dialogue of various religious leaders organized jointly by, The Convent of Jesus and Mary School and The Parliament of World Religions on the occasion of 75th Independence Day.  Leaders of the respective religious sects shared their ideas and importance of Independence Day for our Country.  Representing Alavi Bohra Community, Raasulhudood Saheb highlighted the difference between Independence and Freedom. 


Workshop by Garden Mantra at Daar us Salaam

GARDEN MANTRA (Vadodara chapter) organized this event in which nearly 50 participants got benefited as now there is an urgent need for the duplication, propagation and caring of the rare species and types of plants.  Through air layering technique we can easily develop and replant the specific species which require special attention and care.  These monsoon days prove the perfect environment and needed humidity to apply the said technique.


History: 4th Da'i ul Mutlaq
Saiyedna 'Ali bin Saiyedna Haatim al-Haamedi (QR)
25 Zul Qa’adah 605 AH (Sana'a) – 30/5/1209 AD

Most distinguished work during the period of his Da’wat was to resolve the internal conflicts among the different groups and tribes of mumineen. He urged them to forget their generational pride and arrogance and lead life in the Khidmat of Da’wat and conform to the path of Allaah. Elevating the mumineen from the worldly matter and guiding them towards their destiny was an unparalleled task which Saiyedna ‘Ali (aq) successfully executed though he faced many challenges and difficulties.

In the last days of his life Saiyedna ‘Ali (aq) called his Hudood and companions in the Fort of Zamarmar and did Nass-e-Jali and appointed Saiyedna ‘Ali bin Mohammad al-Waleed (aq) as the 5th Da’i ul-Mutlaq after him. After his death, his body was brought to Sana’a city in a palanquin (palkhee). There is also an account stating that Saiyedna ‘Ali (aq) was martyred by poisoning him.

Kitaab ul Wasaaya  

Da'wat-e-Haadiyah Publication
Kitaab ul Wasaaya: The Book of Moral Teachings
Number of Shi’as does not matter but their qualities do

The Shi'a of Ja'far are only those who have learned to restrain their tongues, who act in the way of their Creator, who hope good from their leader and fear Allaah until they become like the arc of bow from the frequency of Namaaz they offer; like a trembling and weak from the fear, like a blind man from the degree of submissiveness; like a man emaciated by excessive fasting and like a dumb man from lasting silence.

The Imaam describes the physical attributes of the Shi'as vividly with respect to their appearance, code of conduct, devotion in worship and maintaining relationships with their fellow people. Lastly, the Imaam gives a very important instruction that if anyone from the hypocrites approach you with repentance and pure heart accepting his mistakes, then forgive him and take him in our fold. 

Shining Stars
  • Zainab Haashimali Vohra (Nadiadwala)
  • Lokhandwala Alefiyah Shamsuddin


Our Population
Our Jamaa'at Population - What was, What is and What should be? The Onus lies in our Hands

We faithfully recollect our Muqaddas Maulaa’s wise words pertaining to this worrying trend, “Previously houses were smaller in size but members were large in number,  still there was support, love and Barakat in the house. But in the present situation, houses are large in size with too many rooms but members are few to occupy it. Too many walls in the house acts like barriers in the hearts of the family members. Only namesake love prevails and there is no trace of Mahabbat-o-Barakat in the house. This is a reality of revolution with decaying family values.”

  Tasbeeh with Transliteration, Translation and Unserstanding
DU'AA-o-Kashf il-Karb

If Allaah Ta'aala were to afflict you, there is no one who could stop the affliction but He, and if He were to bestow upon you some favour, He has power to do all that He wills.  We have revealed through the Qur’an for the believers what is the best for them as far as Wellness and Mercy is concerned.  There is no being but has a guardian over it.  We have adorned the lowest heaven with the beauty of the stars and have guarded it against all rebellious demons.  If the disbelievers turn away and don't heed to the advice then tell them, Sufficient for me is Allaah Ta'aala.  There is no God but He.  In Him do I put my Trust.  He is the Lord of the Mighty Throne.

Alavi Heritage Walk
15-6-1441 AH/9-2-2020 AD

By the joint venture and efforts of ad-Da’wat ul-Haadiyat ul-‘Alaviyah and Heritage Trust of Vadodara, on 9th Feb 2020, 15th Jumaadi ul-Ukhraa 1441, Sunday evening, the Alavi Heritage Walk was organized in which around 50 heritage enthusiastics participated.  They got a great opportunity in knowing the cultural, historic and religious aspects of our Alavi Bohras.  Apart from Devdi Mubaarak and Nooraani Masjid, the group visited different houses that were constructed before 80 years during the time of 42nd Da'i ul Mutlaq Saiyedna Badruddin saheb (aq).

Saiyedna saheb Aqaa Maulaa (tus) addressed the gathering at Devdi Mubaarak and said that, “We should work as a Team for the preservation of our city Vadodara’s rich and unparallel heritage.  You all people of Heritage Trust are doing well-planned great job by culturally bringing all the communities of Vadodara together and spearheading the awareness drive for the importance of safe-guarding our splendid heritage.  Our city is 2000 yrs old and so its historical impact on Indian social arena.  I hope, you and we have a common path to see our city throbbing with cultural liveliness.”

Madrasah Taiyebiyah - Self Defense Training Program   Akhbaar: Madrasah Taiyebiyah
Self Defence Training Program
4 Rabi' II 1441/1 Dec 2019

The Coach gave the Technique of how to hit in this Line of Pain. After that gave the basic Safety guidelines of being safe every day which includes:-

1. Children should know their Parents Mobile Numbers and Area Police station numbers by heart.
2. Children should not hesitate in Calling Police for Complaint.
3. Children should not go out without informing their parents and should give phone number of 2-3 friends to their parents.
4. Children should always walk on the opposite side of the Traffic. So it becomes very difficult for anyone to attack from back.
5. Rather use your common sense as per the situation and Run if you feel that you can't escape or Fight with the attackers.

Green Award Winner 2019 - Garden of Daar us Salaam
Divya Bhaskar (Vadodara) - 4/4/1441 - 1/12/2019

On this Mubaarak day 4th Rabi' ul Aakhar 1441 AH/1st December 2019 AD, the 917th Saalgirah of Imaam uz Zamaan AS Imaam Taiyeb AS and 91th Milaad of al-Maulaa al-Muqaddas Saiyedna Taiyeb Ziyauddin saheb AQ, the Beautiful Garden of the Residence of Aqaa Maulaa Saiyedna saheb TUS "Daar us Salaam" has been conferred the best Garden of Vadodara under the title "Green Awards".  Plants of great numbers of Fruits, Vegetables, Medicinal Plants have been grown in the city area. Involvement of the owner of the garden, zero use of pesticides, home-made manure and cleanliness were the main criteria of judging the best garden.

Life Inside Out - A Spiritual Overview
College going Saalehaat - Daar us Salaam 25-10-2019

After Maghrib Namaaz and Misaaq, Aqaa Maulaa addressed the gathering collectively that, “This is the ‘azeem karam of Allaah Ta’aala that mumineen are spending wholeheartedly in the noble cause for the Didaar and Arkaan of these Maqaamaat e Muqaddasaat.  Otherwise, people lavishly spend lots of money for outings and exploring new tourist destinations only for worldly pleasure and to get some break from their routine work.  But before getting indulged in such a huge expenditure, mumineen should first think of something that gives them spiritual boost by undertaking blissful and soulful journey.  This is called wise spending.   Spiritual gain is far more long-lasting than physical comfort as it has a direct relation with the life hereafter.”

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The Window to Wisdom

Shari’at, the divine canonical law that powers a Believer to attain ascension in all fields of life, is the path of Purity and Mercy to be treaded only at the hands of Divinely endorsed Authority.  It is this authority that sets the perfect match between knowledge and actions.  Between these two things there comes the intension of a Believer based on the strong faith on Divine Authority appointed by the Holy Progeny of the Divine Prophet.  The Prophet gives full command and rule to his appointed authority-missionary over the entire life of a Believer.  This authoritative person trains and teaches his followers in acquiring the rightful knowledge and the righteous actions based on it.  If this happens then, it is said that, For a Believer his Master has opened a Window of Wisdom. 


Inauguration of Saiyedi Musanji Masjid
23 Sha'baan 1440/28-4-2019

“Since the time immemorial, the mumineen of Jamaa’at ul Haqq are associated with the masjid, where “Haqq na Saheb” offered namaaz along with mumineen and this remained in the centre-stage for building Imaani environment and social progress.  This masjid stands witness to the challenging time of our community when 32nd Da'i ul Mutlaq Saiyedna Ziyauddin saheb (aq) left Ahmedabad and settled in the outskirts of this Vadodara city named “Miya Mehmood Wadi”.  At the entrance of Badri Mohalla, Maulaa built Ziyaai Masjid whose Mehraab and Qiblah were on the same pattern as that of Musanji Masjid.  Before 50 years during the Da’wat of 43rd Da'i ul Mutlaq Saiyedna Y Nuruddin saheb (aq), that Ziyaai Masjid got replaced with the newly built Nooraani Masjid.  But, for this Masjid, each and every thing has been retained and restored while beautifying it with Sang-e-Marmar.”

Aqaa Maulaa reciting Du'aa in the Rawzah Mubaarakah of Saiyedi wa Maulaai Fakhruddin Shaheed saheb (ra) - Galiyakot  

Akhbaar: Memorable Visit of Aqaa Maulaa at the mazaar of
Saiyedi Fakhruddin Shaheed saheb (ra) - 20-21/7/1440

Aqaa Maulaa said that, “You all are my family, my ruhaani farzando.  I am your Waalid and I treat you equally and affectionately so I too expect from you that you all work together for the holy cause of Da’wat and the deeni progress of mumineen.  Unity, understanding and selflessness is the stepping stone to defeat the evil forces and plans.  Truth is with us, with the followers of Ahl ul Bayt (as), their Imaams and Da’is, but the need of time is that we should reveal our truthfulness at right place and time.  A simple way of precise dialogue is enough to uproot and shatter the baseless arguments of bid’ati people.

Lisaan ud Da'wat group went for outing with Mukaasir Maulaa - 6-8-1439

Lisaan ud Da'wat - The Language of the Alavi Spiritual Mission and the most versatile dialect of Alavi Bohras has its interesting history and long journey of expression and development dates back since the Imaamat and Caliphate of Faatemi Imaams in Cairo i.e. 1100 years.  It originated from its mother language Arabic with the help of its supportive languages Urdu and Persian.  Its structural and grammatical formation largely depends on Gujarati language.

Reasoning and Religiosity of Esotericism
Tanzeel-تنزیل or Tafsir-تفسیر (outer meaning or commentary on the Qur’an) is completely based of Ta’weel-تأویل (inner meaning) without which Tanzeel becomes void and meaningless.  The everlasting beautiful outward appearance is from inside and that which could not be seen and could not be understood by everyone.   The belief that each and every Qur’anic verse has both outer and inner meaning as the same is the case with the sayings of Prophet Mohammad which are applicable and acceptable in all times till the last Day of Doom.

Our Community Application "Ahl uz Zikr"

Ahl uz Zikr is an Exclusive Mobile Application of Alavi Bohras. It is available on Google Play Store as well as Apple iTunes Store. By the Razaa of Huzoor e 'Aali TUS it was launched in Shahrullaah 1437 AH. There are 1800 Mumineen users at present. This is a major update after the launch of the Application.

New Features of this Update includes...

  • Exhaustive Collection of Ahaadees
  • Date Converter
  • New User Interface
  • Tasbeeh Counter
  • New Categories of Messages are Classified
  • Mumineen can advertise their Skills, Profession, Home Business etc through the Application

Further Details of the New Features will be updated regularly through the App itself. This is an introductory Video of the New Features. Mumineen should DOWNLOAD our Application now...

In the Past : Wallaaho bekulle shayin Aleem

The succession of the true and blessed Da'wat, which exists on the facade of the earth from the beginning of creation till the Day of Resurrection (Qayaamat) , continues to disengage us from the bodily confinement and personifies our deeds, abiding to the shari'at, and ascends us to the sanctity and sacredness through the path of salvation (najaat). The competent authority of Allaah (Hujjat) is always present on this globe below the skies, either publicly (zaahir) or in the veil (satar, baatin). Allaah Ta'aala says in the Qur'an that, ‘This practice (sunnat) has been continuing from timeless periods and there is no possibility of change or alteration in it; and in every era there is a fiend, infernal and hellish Satan (Shaitaan) against the divine and saintly authority of Allaah (Hujjat).'

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