Maulaatona Zainab binte Maulaana 'Ali Ameer ul-Mumineen (A.S.)
Her Gracious Life
Rawzah Mubaarakah - Misr

Maulaana ‘Abdullaah bin Ja’far (ra), the husband of Maulaatona Zainab was in Madina at that time when Ahl-e-Bayt-e-Husain (as) returned from Shaam after they were imprisoned there for 9 months and 6 days. His sorrow saw no bounds, when he was his wife M. Zainab (as).  He cried openly. He knew that his sons, 'Awn and Mohammad had embraced SHAHAADAT in Karbalaa, but he wanted to know further details about the day of ‘Ashuraa. He enquired about other SHOHADAA in Banu ‘Abdul Muttalib. When he heared the whole episode, he did MA’TAM for Maulaana Imaam Husain (as) and for his family members and ashaab. One of the slaves of ‘Abdullaah was present there. When he heard all this he lost his sanity and said ,”We have been put into these difficult times because of Imaam Husain ibne ‘Ali”.   When ‘Abdullaah heard this remarks from his slave, he got very angry, he removed one of his shoes and threw it towards him.

“Silence!” he roared , “How dare you speak like this for my Maulaa Husain (as), Wallaah! If I would have been present in Karbalaa I would have definitely laid down my life for Imaam ‘Aali Maqaam. Wallaah! I am pleased that my sons have embraced shahaadat in Karbalaa. Infact, they have solved all my difficulties.”

It has been reported by the historians that, many a times Umm ul-Banin the mother of ‘Abbaas ‘Alamdaar (as) used to go to Jannat ul-Baqee’. There she would wail for the happenings in Karbalaa, and for her four sons- ‘Abdullaah, Ja’far, Usmaan and ‘Abbaas - who embraced shahaadat in Karbalaa.  Her weeping and wailing would bring tears to the eyes of strangers passing by. Once Marwaan bin Hakam (la), when he was crossing that place heard her Nauha. He was an enemy of Aal-e-Mohammad, but when he heard these verses, he was full of tears.

Maulaatona Rabaab was the daughter of Imra ul-Qais.  M. Sakinah was her daughter. She was very dear to Maulaana Imaam Husain (as).  Maulaana Imaam Husain (as) had once said ,”Whenever Rabaab stays I Love her and I love even the walls of her house”.  Maulaatona Rabaab could console herself on the loss of her dear Shawhar (husband). For one year, she did not sleep under any roof and ultimately passed away to the other world because of her sorrow.

Maulaatona Zainab did not want her brother’s shahaadat to be forgotten. Misri (Egyptian) historians have written that she was planning some action to be taken against Banu Umayyah.  It was her sincere wish that she should spend the last days of her life in the neighbourhood of the last resting place of Rasoolullaah (saws), but Banu Umayyah did not like this idea. They feared that, if she would stay on in Madinah, Zikr-e-Shahaadat-e-Husain would continue amongst the people of Madinah. Perhaps one day they would rise in revolt to take the revenge. Infact, after the Zulm-o-sitam in Karbalaa, not only the whole Hijaaz (Arabia) but also Iran was in turmoil.

The relatives of Maulaatona Banu (as) in Iran wished that Maulaana ‘Ali Zayn ul-‘Aabedin (as) should come to Iran and take up the reins of his kingdom there, but Imaam ‘Aali Maqaam turned down their offer and continued to live in Madinah.  However, Maulaatona Zainab could not remain in Madinah, after Karbalaa,for a long time. According to one of the historians, she returned to Madinah on 8th Rabi’ ul-Awwal 62 AH. After a short time, an order came from Yazid that the remaining relatives of Imaam Husain (as) should disperse from Madinah. They were told to go away to different places.  Accordingly Marwaan bin Hakam ordered Maulaatona Zainab  (as) to go away from Madinah to a place of her choice.

Initially Maulaatona Zainab resisted this attempt. She became angry and retorted, “Wallaah! We have faced many difficulties, our brave Ashaab and family members have been slained. Others, who were left, were taken from one place to another. We, ladies from Aal-e- Mohammad, were also taken from one city to another, without any Ridaa. I shall not leave Madinah even if you try to Kill me”.    Many honourable ladies from Banu Haashim, including Zainab binte ‘Aqeel came to see her.

“That we represent Haqq is beyond any doubt. Whether we stay in Madinah or anywhere else, make no difference to us. Whereever we go, the earth of Khuda becomes our Legacy and Heritage.  Allaah Ta’aala shall definitely punish these Zaalemin”.  “Yaa Saiyedah! Please go away to a place where you shall remain in security and peace”, remarked one of the Zaalim.  This compelled Maulaatona Zainab (as) to leave Madinah.  She chose Misr as her destination and went to Qaaherah and remained there for the rest of her life.

Maulaatona Zainab (as) in Misr:

Misr has been visited by many of the Prophets. Ibraahim Nabi had come to Misr from Falastin (Palestine) via Harraan.  His wife M. Haajarah was from Misr. Ya’qoob Nabi and Yusuf Nabi had come to live in Misr.  Yusuf was made the King of the Misr. Moosa Nabi, Haroon Wasi, ‘Isaa Nabi and M. Maryam ul-Azraa had came to Misr. Many of the famous civilizations came up in this area, and also went down with the passage of time.  Mohammad ul-Mustafaa Rasoolullaah (saws) had invited Qaysar (the ruler of Misr at that time) to embrace Islaam.  In the mark of respect, he had sent two noble and beautiful women khaademah to Rasoolullaah (saws). They were Maariyah Qibtiyah and Shireen. Both of them accepted Islaam at the instance of Haatim who played the key-role in conveying message to Qaysar for the Truthfulness of Rasoolullaah (saws).  Rasoolullaah (saws) had married M. Maariyah. Thus the inlaws of Rasoolullaah (saws) were from Misr.  Even the great grand-father of Rasoolullaah (saws) Maulaana Ismaa’il was from Misr. M. Ismaa’il was the son of Haajarah, who hailed from Ba’elbak in Misr. Maariyah Qibtiyah gave birth to Ibraahim. Rasoolullaah (saws) had sacrificed Ibraahim for the life of Imaam Husain (as).

Just to the south of Misr is Habshah (Abyssinia or Ethiopia).  Maulaana Ja’far ut-Taiyaar was the first to invite the people of Habshah to the realm of Islaam. He met the Najaashi King and gave him the message of Islaam on behalf of Rasoolullaah (saws). ‘Abdullaah, the son of Ja’far was born in Habshah. ‘Abdullaah later on married Maulaatona Zainab (as) and at the end of her life Maulaatona Zainab (as) prefered to come to Misr, to spend the rest of the days of her life.

Madinah Munawwarah is in Hijaaz. Yaman is to the south of Hijaaz. The export route from Yaman to Fustat, (Qaaherah of today) passed through Hijaaz, and further to Petra (a city at the border of Falastin) to ultimately end in Fustat. From Fustat the goods passed on to Iskandariyah (Alexandria) and then to Mediterranean ports of Europe. This was the export route for all the Qaaflahs (caravan) and it is conceivable that Maulaatona Zainab, also must have passed through this route, to reach Fustat in Misr. These travels stretched on to more than nine hundred miles, and after the journey of Maulaatona Zainab from Madinah to Karbalaa then to Shaam and then to Madinah and from there again to Misr, this journey must have found her quite tired and worn out.  

It has been mentioned that Maulaatona Zainab reached Misr in 62 AH. The Waali-e-Misr, Muslim bin Mikhlad Ansari welcomed her to Fustat. Besides him there were other prominent citizens present for her welcome. The prominent amongst them were ‘Abdullaah bin Haris. When she met the prominent ladies from Misr Maulaatona wept openly. They tried to console her. Maulaatona Zaianb controlled herself and said the following verse from Qur’an-e- Majid. “Haaza ma Wa’adar Rahmaano Wa Sadaqal Mursaloon”, - This is the promise of Rahmaan (the Merciful) and the Prophets have said the truth.

“Maulaatona Zainab was a brave lady. She used to tend to the wounds of young as well as old from the Ansaar-army of Imaam Husain (as) who readily embraced shahaadat for the cause of Islaam and Imaan. She was least bothered by the Mazaalim and Sitam tormented from Yazidi army. She knew that all of them had lost the thread of Grace and Humanity, in their hours of the so called Victory.  Many of the children were slained, right in front of her but still she was not afraid of the consequences. She faced all this calamities with her great bravery, Sabr and Shukr and it was solely because of her, that Yazid was compelled to release the Ahl ul-Bayt (as) from Prison.”
Death of M. Zainab (as):

Maulaatona Zainab came to Fustat (Qaaherah) in Sha’baan 62 AH. She remained in Misr for six months or eleven months and fifteen days. She passed away to the other world on 25th Safar or 14th Rajab 63 AH. She was buried where she used to live. She was 57 years old at that time.  14th Faatemi Imaam Maulaana Mo’iz Le-Deenillaah (as) constructed a special building in that place. Imaam ‘Aziz Billaah (as) gave away that place and adjoining Masjid in Waqf. He also constructed a Zarih at that place.
Birthday Celebration:

The Misri people look up to Maulaatona Zainab (as) with great honour and respect. Her birthday is celebrated every year with great zeal and fervour. Every year many people -men, women and children gather at the mausoleum of Maulaatona Zainab. The whole Rozah gets decorated with different coloured bulbs. Thousands of people visit the shrine during this period and people continue to throng the place even at the night, right up to the early hours of the morning.  These celebrations are held in honour of the Birthday of Maulatan Zainab (as). Her name and fame shall last till the day of Qeyaamat.  During this period, the air around the locality of the mausoleum is filled with the loud voices of people reciting poetry in praise of Maulaatona Zainab. They were busy in expressing their true Mawaddat and Ulfat for Maulaatona Zainab (as).

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