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  Allaaho Noor us Samaawaate wal Arz: Allaah Ta'aala is the Noor of the Heavens and Earth (24-35)

Sky's charisma on Land 


       The soul is from the sky-heavens and the physical body belongs to the land-earth. When the soul returns back to from where it had come, it attains peace and spiritual progress. Similarly the body attains peace after its death only when the soul residing in it attains success and salvation. Success and salvation is attained only after going through tough efforts, trials and grievous situations. Our souls are at its peak when we accept the fact that, Rasoollullaah (saws) is the sole master of the sky and Ameer ul Mumineen Maulaana ‘Ali (as) is the sole master of the land. Sky is Zaahir-open whereas land is Baatin-closed.

      Just as a prophet trains and teaches his successor, in a similar way the Sky with all its Treasures and strengths bestows teachings to the land which is lying below it. A successor follow and accompany his master-prophet in all his motives and undertakings, similarly even smallest part of the land is influenced by the sky. Due to this influence of sky the land has hidden treasures in it just as Maulaana ‘Ali’s (as) chest had the treasure of Mohammad's (saws) knowledge and wisdom.


Land as a grave...


       Since millions of years the life cycle of birth and death is going on. This shall continue till the day of judgement arrives. What happens to the body after death? The body decomposes and becomes a part of the soil from where it has originated and took nourishment. That same person will be Reborn from the same land as per his faith, intentions, deeds and services. No doubt all the processes of the Land revolving round the Birth and Death are connected to the glorious Sky.

       The graves which we see presently either in the graveyard or somewhere isolated are not the only ones. But since many many years people are being buried in this land which then becomes a part of the sand-soil or sometimes spread across vast distances through wind and water. It may be possible that the remains of one dead body are spread over millions of kilometers in tiny particles may be atoms in different forms and figures. As time passes these particles may then derive different forms of nature so that they may be blessed by Allaah and may be Reborn as a human in this world with the same Soul and Body.


Sky is achieved by the intercession of the Land!


     Human being belongs to this land. During his worldly life he derives and decides about everything on the land where he spends his material and temporary life. After his death the soul returns back to the place from where it had come. Just as the body needs food for its sustenance similarly the soul needs true knowledge to keep itself fresh and fit for the ascension in Da’wah. Only then the soul shall reach its correct place or else it will be lost between the heavens and the earth.  It will be left cursed with no peaceful place to stay.

       The soil, coal, rocks, magma etc. are formed by the decomposition of fossils/dead bodies taking place millions of years ago and this process is still going on. Thus in every part of the land be it higher or lower, covered by seas, deserts or forests, the remains of millions of dead bodies are hidden. So, it is haraam to taste any soil except the holy soil of Karbalaa (Khaak-e-Shifaa) at the shrine of Imaam Husain (as). Every part of the land is a grave, hidden or evident. In order to reach up to the sky it is necessary to go beneath the land. The journey to the skies is possible only with the partnership of the land. After death the land of Graves becomes an intercession to reach the lofty skies .Thus the soul Rises and the body Falls, the sky and the land take its own share.


The Sky nurtures the Land


         Maulaana Ali Ameer ul Mumineen (as) is the master of the land. In every part of the land we can witness the radiance and charm of the sky, similarly the charisma of Rasoollullaah (saws) can be seen in Maulaana Ali (as).  The sky takes the help of the land in order to show its Zenith, glory and beauty. Only the true followers of Maulaana Ali (as) who are residing on Ali's land will be able to truly glorify the beauty of the sky i.e.  Rasool e Khudaa (saws). Every soul shall taste the bitterness of death. Land - the bosom of Ali (as) is for every person who dies on it. If his soul is pure then he will be made to a precious stone and will be guarded in palaces, or else his remains will just reduce into an ordinary stone with no value at all just like uncountable stones lying everywhere.

         We are thankful to Allaah Ta’aala that, he has made us human beings who are the followers of our master Ali e ‘Aala (as). Since we are his true believers we have a strong Belief in the honor, reward and prosperity of the grave. A Grave has the capacity of preserving the bodily remains lying in it for centuries together. In a similar way, Maulaana Ali (as) has preserved every teachings of Rasoollullaah (saws) in his heart and among his true followers, Shi’ah. And these teachings along with the guidance of Maulaana Ali (as) will be carried forward among the Shi’ii-Isma’ili-Taiyebi generations till the Day of Judgement.



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