Maxims of Imaam Husain (AS)
Precious Gems For the Life of Husaini Mumin

  • Allah will grant the esteemed favors of Paradise to the one who arranges food for a believer.
  • Do not execute any task for the sake of show off and rewards, and do not give up any good task out of embarrassment.
  • One should thank Allah for the favors He bestows upon him.
  • Do not use forbidden things for the construction of any edifice lest it will be destroyed and abandoned.
  • The one who is not kind can never be faithful and the one who does not keep his words and promises can never be religious.
  • Noble words prolong life, nurtures love and harmony in the family and it is the best way to enter the Paradise.
  • Just as you don't tolerate any agony upon yourself, the same way you should not torture anyone.
  • You cannot value the importance of two things unless it has passed Youth and Health.
  • Do not seek an opinion of miser because they will keep you away from charity and benevolence.
  • Pardon the little mistakes of a kind person because he is guided and helped by Allah.
  • Keep yourself away from lying because it is inimical to faith.
  • The greatest of the assault is that which is upon the religion and faith of a person.
  • Exchanging gifts and presents consolidates the friendship, increases the comradeship and wipes out the acrimony.
  • Converse with the people according to their intellect, so that they can understand your talks.
  • A faithful seeks two things from Allah: 1. Tranquility and satisfaction in the world (gratitude on wealth and progeny) 2. Blessings and favors in the Bliss.
  • A believer can never be a swindler, duplicitous and disloyal.
  • An intellect of a man is never accomplished without abiding to the religion, decrees and veracity of Allah.
  • Do not aspire to the thing, which is not achievable.
  • A coward and wrongdoer are always disturbed and restless.
  • Reverence, happiness and comfort lies in the abstinence.
  • The matter of pride for a man is his independence.
  • A true and noble friend will always stop you from doing wrong things.
  • Do not expect more than the efforts you have put in a work.
  • A hypocrite always commits a mistake and repents on it but a believer neither commits a mistake nor repents for it.
  • Salaam has 70 good things in it, out of which 69 things are for the one who utters it and 1 thing is for the one who replies to it. So never be a miser in saying salaam. He is the most skinflint who keeps himself away from saying salaam.
  • Do not respond to the one who does not begin his talk with salaam.
  • Life is the name of faith and good deeds.
  • Word of a mumin is the mirror of his character.
  • Reveal your needs only to three persons: religious, humanitarian and honored.
  • Always remember three things: 1. Don't get angry on those who betray you, 2. Don't get delighted if someone praises you, and 3. Never lose your patience if someone hurts you.
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