Shahrullaah il-Mo'azzam 1434 AH

Booklet of the Du’aas of Friday Namaaz – Ad’eeyat-o-Salaat-e-Yaum il-Jomo’ah


Weekdays are signified and distinguished on the Names of the Prophets starting from Sunday. Friday is the day of Saiyed ul-Ambiyaa Mohammad Rasoolullaah (saws) where Ummat-e-Islaam gathers for the afternoon Namaaz in the Masjid. Such is the importance of Friday that Allaah Ta’aala (swt) has revealed an exclusive Surah for it – Surat ul-Jomo’ah, in which the importance of the prayers of Friday is emphasized along with the way a mumin should do business and get Rozi from Allaah. There is great Sawaab in performing Naafelat Namaaz in the first half of Friday and performing Du’aa after Zawaal till the Azaan of Zohr Namaaz. It is the exclusiveness of Friday that between the Zohr and ‘Asr Namaaz we recite special Du’aa of Taqarrub (seeking closeness of Allaah) and Du’aa ut-Taqdees (Faatehah) of Du’aat ul-Akrameen (aq). The special Du’aa for Saheb-e-Da’wat, family members, relatives, maghferat for marhumeen of mumineen-muminaat is also recited.  There is great reward in offering Tasbeeh ul-Aa’zam Namaaz on Friday.


The Du’aas of Friday are scattered in various Saheefahs published earlier. Owing to the absence of any special Saheefah of the Friday Du’aas, Huzoor-e-‘Aali Saiyedna Saheb (tus) gave Razaa Mubaarak to the Lala Family – Azimahbu M Lala and Shaikh Abbasbhai M Lala to print and publish a special Saheefah in Lisaan ud-Da’wat for this purpose in the memory and isaal-e-sawaab of al-Marhoom Misbaah ud-Da’wat Shaikh Yunusali M Lala and al-Marhoom Muqarreb ud-Da’wat Zayn ul-Aabedeen M Lala. With the help of Hudood-e-Da’wat, all the Aa’maal (things done on Friday) has been compiled into one book. By the Grace of Allaah, the book has been completed before Ramazaan ul-Mu’azzam, so that mumineen can take its advantage in this Holy month. Insha-allaah this Saheefah will be distributed at the earliest among the mumineen “Hadiyatan”- free of cost.



  • Surat ul-Jomo’ah
  • Du’aa of Salawaat and its merits
  • Du’aas after the Sunnat of Zohr
  • Du’aa of Taqarrub with other Du’aas after the Farz of Zohr
  • Du’aa ul-Taqdees after the Naafelat of Zohr
  • Du’aa after the Farz of ‘Asr
  • Du’aas of the Friday of Shahrullaah having Faatehah Kabeerah
  • Namaaz of Tasbeeh ul-Aa’zam
  • Namaaz of Pander-mudi  and Adhaar-mudi (Friday having 15th or 18th day of the month)
  • Du’aa ul-Jomo’ah of Maulaana Imaam ‘Ali Zayn ul-Aabedeen (as)
  • Du’aa ul-Jomo’ah of Maulaana al-Mo’ayyed Shiraazi saheb (as)
  • Du’aa to be recited daily to ward off evil and misfortune
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