Taaj-ul-‘Aqaaid is a well known treatise compiled by the 5 th Da'i-ul-Mutlaq Saiyedna Ali bin Mohammed al-Waleed (QR) in Yemen . He is also the author of many other works which are regarded as very authoritative and are still studied by the Isma'ilis . The book describes the principles and beliefs, which belong to the practice of Isma'ili religion. The book is divided into a hundred “aqaaids” (pl. of ‘aqeedah meaning belief.). Each belief has its number, and the main subject of the note indicated in a heading. In his introduction the author states that, “as there are many heretical movements in the Isma'ilism , and much danger of the pious falling into error, great need is felt for a work which would give a clear ides as to what is the true religion of the Isma'ili Imams”. All the Isma'ili believes and abides to the principles as mentioned in the book. Here we present you the English translation of the principles ( Aqeedah ) in parts, each quoting 15 principles.


1 - 15  |  16 - 30  |  31 - 45  |  46 - 60  |  61 - 80  |  81 - 100


Note: - Da'i ul-Mutlaq or Da'i uz-Zamaan is the highest rank in the Isma'ili Taiyebi Da'wat after the occultation or concealment (istitaar) of Imaam Taiyeb (AS) from Misr. He is Naa'ib-e-Imaam iz-Zamaan or the deputy of the Fatemi Isma'ili progeny of 21st Imaam Taiyeb (AS). He is the supreme authority or the spiritual and administrative head of the Da'wat enjoying the religious and temporal powers of the Taiyebi Alavi Mumineen.

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