Moharram ul-Haraam 1440 AH - Video
  Salaamun ‘alaa Manit Taba’al Hudaa, wa laa Salaama ‘alaa man Kafara wa ‘Asaa
Salaam is on him who follow Hudaa-Guidance leading to the Ma’refat of Imaam Husain (as) and his Shahaadat, there is no Salaam on him who disbelieves and disobeys his Imaam i.e. disinterested and disowns the Barakaat of ‘Asharah Mubaarakah.
  The Call of Sadaqah in 4 ways
  What is needed for the the Mumin to become Husaini?
  4 things are like Blessings in the Life of a Mumin - Safar (Journey), Kitaab (Book), Dost (Friends) and Bairo (Wife)

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